Gunning for the global used car market!
Hyundai Glovis Autobell Incheon Export Center

The G+ Office Tour takes you around Korea to meet Hyundai Glovis’s most dependable staff members! This time, we visited the Hyundai Glovis Autobell Incheon Export Center, which handles the export of used cars as a leader in the global market. The Center has fearlessly taken on the many challenges of the used car market and has made great advances, greatly improving the status of Korean vehicles worldwide. Even to this day, Autobell Incheon Export Center continues to push itself to become a true leader in the global used car market!

The Hyundai Glovis Autobell Incheon Export Center is responsible for handling all the tasks needed to export used cars overseas. To handle these tasks, the Center had to undertake the challenges of an ever-changing market. These tasks include the careful inspection and management of each vehicle so that only the best-quality cars are released out into the global market. Let’s meet the staff of the Incheon Export Center, who are leading the market while giving 120% of their efforts.

What does the Autobell Incheon Export Center do?

The Incheon Export Center purchases and manages used cars to be exported overseas. We manage the storage and release of the used cars and inspect and prepare each vehicle to maximize its commercial value. In addition, we purchase used cars for export through various channels. In short, we perform all the duties required to prepare vehicles for export overseas.

The status of Korean cars is improving immensely across the globe. The number of used cars being exported is also increasing. We hope to establish the Incheon Export Center as a leader in the used car market by creating a great export environment and sending out high-quality cars that are in line with current trends.

What have been some of the biggest issues related to used car exports?

The used car export market fluctuates greatly depending on each country’s individual situation. Market conditions can vary by the month and car model year. War and changes in tariffs also greatly affect the global market. Last year, due to rapid changes in maritime transportation, securing ships was one of our biggest issues but fortunately the issue has become less severe this year. We at the Center are striving to adapt by identifying changes in market conditions and quickly reacting to them.

What kinds of issues does the used car export market need to overcome? What is the Incheon Export Center doing to overcome these issues?

Used cars do not have a standard quality certification trusted by the public, so the biggest issue is related to quality. We are working to improve quality assurance by conducting performance tests and providing customers with test results and information on the car’s history.

What kind of inspections do used cars go through from storage to release?

When a car comes into storage, we first check the condition of the car. Cars are categorized based on their condition. We then select the cars that need to undergo additional commercialization processing to improve their quality and commercial viability. After this, they undergo performance tests so that we can learn about their condition in greater detail. After the tests, the cars are photographed so that their photos can be uploaded to the global Autobell platform. The cars uploaded to the platform are stored at the yard, and once they are sold, they are transported for maritime shipping.

How is safety managed at the Incheon Export Center?

Safety inspections are performed at the Center every day. In addition, we maintain a safety consultation system in collaboration with our business partners. We also conduct a joint safety inspection every month to identify and improve upon safety hazards at the Center.

What are your future goals?

We want to establish an operating system that raises the quality standards in the used car export market so that we can supply customers with the best vehicles. To this end, we hope that Hyundai Glovis will gain recognition as a leading used car exporter around the world.

Is there anything you would like to say to the staff of the Incheon Export Center?

The Hyundai Glovis Autobell Incheon Export Center is growing as a global leader in the used car market and is raising market standards. Take pride in your work and let’s continue to work hard to reach our goals in 2023. Keep it up Incheon Export Center!

By the Editorial Department