Hyundai Glovis selected as “Best Supplier” by Novelis

Hyundai Glovis, the global SCM company, announced that it was selected as “Best Supplier” in the non-ferrous metal sector at the first Novelis Global Supplier Awards (GSA) ceremony held in Atlanta, USA, on June 22 (local time).

Novelis is the world’s largest industrial aluminum rolling and recycling company, with annual sales of KRW 21 trillion (as of the current fiscal year). In Korea, it has two factories operating in Ulsan and Yeongju. The Yeongju factory, built in 2012, is the largest aluminum recycling center in Asia with a capacity of 320,000 tons.

Novelis is the world’s largest industrial aluminum rolling and recycling company. As of the current fiscal year, it had annual revenues of approximately 21 trillion won. It has two plants in Korea, Ulsan and Yeongju, and in 2012, it built and operated Asia’s largest aluminum recycling center in Yeongju with a capacity of 320,000 tons.

The GSA ceremony, held for the first time this year, provided Novelis with the opportunity to select and award its outstanding partners from among more than 500 non-ferrous metal and other companies operating in four continents around the world (North and South America, Europe, and Asia), and to express gratitude for their efforts.

This year’s ceremony included categories such as “Quality Performance” (non-ferrous metal sector) and “Partnership” (non-metal sectors such as oil refining and machine parts). Hyundai Glovis was selected as Best Supplier in the non-ferrous metal sector, for providing high-quality services despite the global supply chain problems caused by COVID-19. The company received the highest evaluation among its competitors in aspects such as maintaining an overall high-quality service, meeting deadlines, and thorough inventory management. Considering the fact that Novelis mainly deals with non-ferrous metal products such as aluminum, this award signifies that Hyundai Glovis received the highest evaluation among all suppliers.

Hyundai Glovis has partnered with Novelis since 2013, as a supplier of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum ingots, slabs, and scrap. The annual transaction volume reached about KRW 680 billion last year.

With this award, the scale and capabilities of the Hyundai Glovis trading business has been confirmed and the company plans to continue expanding in the future. It aims to continue collaborating with Novelis, its largest client, as well as to discover new customers in the US and Europe, and to increase the number of items that it handles.

“We believe that our rich experience in non-ferrous metal trading has helped us maintain good relationships with our partners,” said a Hyundai Glovis spokesperson. “We will continue providing resources with a high future demand to all corners of the world, by actively utilizing our global logistics network.”

Writer  Communication Team Kim Jeong Won Manager