Meet the vehicle transportation and logistics experts

The moment a finished vehicle finally sees the light of day, born of the highest quality, is when the true value of Hyundai Glovis comes into play. The company performs vehicle logistics services quickly and accurately based on abundant infrastructure, networks, and systems. Behind this is the sweat and hard work of members of the Vehicle Logistics Group, who are rewriting the vehicle logistics history of Hyundai Glovis with their unmatched efforts. Meet the individuals who are at the forefront of this this promising sector.

From left: Lee Byung-do, Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team; Kim Jun-hwi, Vehicle Transportation Business Team; Ahn Jun-yong, Vehicle Logistics Business 2 Team; Kang Jung-ah, Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team

What does the Vehicle Transportation Business Team/Vehicle Logistics Business Team mean to you? 

For me, the Vehicle Transportation Business Team is a “place of learning.”

Since the Vehicle Transportation Business Team is where I had my internship and first started to learn about company life, it has been a place of learning for me. Looking back, when I first joined the company, I was like a child first learning to walk, clueless about life at large. Thanks to my supervisors, I learned not only about work but about life in general. I’m now working hard to make our team a place of learning for others who have recently joined the company.

– Kim Jun-hwi, Vehicle Transportation Business Team

For me, the Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team is a like a “turtle ship!”

I recently enjoyed watching movie Hansan: Rising Dragon. I believe our team has been able to keep pressing forward like the turtle ship without giving in to the difficulties caused by the external environment, all thanks to the field staff at local project sites and the personnel from the head office. I would like to express my gratitude once more to all those in the field!

– Kang Jung-ah, Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team

For me, the Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team is like “a flower that blossomed in the battlefield.”

Our team always comes through despite the different daily issues that arise and countless service requests.

– Lee Byung-do, Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team

For me, the Vehicle Logistics Business 2 Team is “Ahn Jun-yong”.

My motto is “to live every moment with joy and happiness”, and I will also do my best to make our team a group that can work in an enjoyable atmosphere.

– Ahn Jun-yong, Vehicle Logistics Business 2 Team

Q. Tell us about the Vehicle Transportation Business Team.

Our team is one of the oldest teams in the company. We transport vehicles manufactured at the factories of our clients—Hyundai Motor Company and Kia—through TP equipment. Our work can be classified into two categories. The first is domestic transport, which moves vehicles from the manufacturing centers to regional delivery centers. The second is transport for export from the factories to major ports. To achieve all of this, the Vehicle Transportation Business Team sets up and implements transport plans, handles accidents and complaints, manages CS improvements and transport quality, settles payments, and responds to labor issues.

Q. What are some of the achievements of the Vehicle Transportation Business Team?

Last year, when the government supplemented and established laws related to industrial accidents, some safety issues emerged as the focus of the Vehicle Transportation Business Team. Accordingly, we looked for ways to prevent accidental falls of TP drivers while working. In this process, we held several meetings with relevant departments such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Transport Safety Authority. This resulted in the development of safety handrails to prevent falls when working on the top of a TP vehicle and their installation on more than 500 vehicles. We also entered the HMG Safety Idea Contest held at the beginning of this year, where our team was awarded the Grand Prize.

Q. What are some unique or strong points of the Vehicle Transportation Business Team?

In the logistics industry, there are countless transport companies besides our own. However, I believe that we do not fall behind any other company in the industry in terms of cutting-edge competencies, speed, and capacity as a team with long-term expertise and large-scale infrastructure. We have set up a network of 555 system equipment units capable of long-distance transport between factories and delivery centers or factories and main ports. We also update departure and arrival times in real time through mobile applications and an RFID tracking system as we fulfill our transport tasks.

Q. What are your tasks within the team?

I’m mostly in charge of Kia TP’s domestic and export operations, and safety tasks. I perform the task of transporting vehicles manufactured in the Hwaseong, Gwangmyeong, and Gwangju factories to eight delivery centers and major ports for export. In addition to the two types of regular transport I mentioned, I also respond to other transport requests such as for specially designed vehicles and test vehicles. Regarding safety, I implemented the safety handrail installation project last year as the safety manager in the Vehicle Logistics Group. I’m currently planning the installation of safety footrests in line with the enlargement of product vehicles.

Q. What are some areas that need to be supplemented for even better transport of vehicles?

We often get calls from customers asking about the arrival schedule for a car they have purchased. I believe we can enhance customer satisfaction and work efficiency if we are always aware of the final delivery date and notify the customer using the production number when we set up transport plans.

Q. Tell us about your mid- to long-term plans.

Our team’s mid- to long-term plan is to implement eco-friendly responses to climate change. Many of the carrier cargo vehicles that transport finished vehicles still use a lot of old equipment, and because fuel efficiency itself is poor, we have been using hydrogen trucks on a trial basis. For me personally, my plan is to acquire relevant certifications in order become an expert in the area of finished vehicles and safety, gain a deeper insight by visiting various field sites, and learn about the different processes of each plant.

Q. Tell us about the Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team.

Our Pre-release Service (PRS) inspection covers the entire process of shipment support before delivering manufactured vehicles from factories to customers. When a vehicle arrives at the delivery center, it is inspected and any necessary work is performed at the vehicle processing center. Afterward, when a customer is designated and shipment is in progress, the vehicle is arranged at the processing center, washed, and accessories inserted. The vehicle is then delivered to the consignor after final inspection.

Q. What are some of the achievements of the Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team?

I believe we will be able to deliver vehicles more efficiently to the final customer with the opening of the Yeongnam Delivery Center and Jeju Logistics Center. We were able to successfully open these centers because each one of us in team completed all prework in time, from unit pricing to workforce and system settings.

Q. What are some unique or strong points of the Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team?

I believe the biggest strength of our team is our stable transport that comes from the group’s companies. What sets us apart is that our target logistics service is for finished vehicles. Furthermore, I believe our team is proud of the fact that we are in charge of the large transport volume we handle for the group’s companies, which are widely known both domestically and internationally among vehicle brands.

Q. What recent issue or task are you mostly focusing on these days?

With increasing customer expectations for better quality, an even higher level of inspection is required than before. To respond to this trend, we now use our inspection sheets in digital format, and are striving to enhance the effectiveness of inspection reinforcement by providing feedback to customers and partners based on digitized data.

Q. Tell us about your mid- to long-term plans.

Our team is currently in the process of converting the delivery center operated by Hyundai Motor Company into our own dedicated operating system. As such, I have encountered a lot of new experiences with the newly added tasks that I hadn’t needed to consider in my previous work, but we are working together at each site to implement the switchover and stabilize the Hyundai Glovis operating system.

Q. Please introduce yourselves.

I’m Lee Byung-do of the Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team.

And I’m Ahn Jun-yong of the Vehicle Logistics Business 2 Team. I joined the company just this year, and as a new recruit, I play the role of adding spark to the team.

Q. Tell us about the consignment delivery work of the Vehicle Logistics Business Team.

We are in charge of the consignment delivery service to safely transport vehicles from delivery centers across the country to the locations requested by the customer by their preferred time. The service can be divided into two categories. One is equipment consignment, which delivers vehicles to customers using TP, a finished vehicle transport unit. The other is road consignment, where the driver of the consignment company drives the vehicle directly to the customer. Our major tasks include providing consignment information such as location value and departure and arrival times, responding to accidents and complaints, and improving CS management, as well as payment settlement, driver and equipment management, fair dispatch allocations, delivery compliance management, and more.

Q. Each team oversees consignment deliveries for the Hyundai Motor Company and Kia. How would you describe the characteristics of each?

The Vehicle Logistics Business 1 Team oversees consignment delivery for the Hyundai Motor Company which has a total of 12 delivery centers across the country. There are also two Hyundai-Kia common logistics centers that serve as bases for efficient long-distance consignment delivery, providing optimum efficiency and top-tier customer service. What makes our work unique is that this consignment delivery is one of the few B2C businesses in Hyundai Glovis. As we are at the front lines meeting a variety of customers, we communicate actively with all players while performing our work, always keeping our customers in mind in order to provide the best services.

The Vehicle Logistics Business 2 Team delivers consignments from a total of nine delivery centers across the country to various branches and retail and product stores. A unique feature of Kia is that we deliver and consign military vehicles and parts produced in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do to military bases, and we also deliver a diverse range of customized products (high-end limousines, etc.).

Q. Any particular achievements you are proud of in the field of consignment delivery?

As it has been less than a year since I joined the company, I’m still a novice. So my personal achievements aren’t quite worth mentioning just yet. However, we were able to open the Jeju Logistics Center, the first business site of Hyundai Glovis in Jeju-do thanks to the hard work of all our team members and local field staff. We expect to be able to deliver superior quality vehicles to customers compared to existing processes.

Q. What are your tasks within your team?

I oversee the overall management of consignment delivery. I also directly allot dispatches for utility vehicles for use outside of regular routes and returned vehicles. I am focusing on internal and external cooperation and communication data analysis to improve delivery services. I also perform settlement tasks for our team’s performance at the beginning of each month.

I oversee domestic consignment delivery for Kia in the Vehicle Logistics Business 2 Team.

Q. When do you feel a sense of accomplishment in your work? 

My job requires constant communication through various means such as mobile phone, team calls, instant messenger, and email, so I sometimes feel irritated without realizing it. However, when I hear a sincere “thank you” from a customer or a partner company, and when such experiences accumulate, I feel a small sense of accomplishment, and think, “Ah, maybe I’m not so bad at my job after all.”

It feels highly rewarding when the improvement plan or policy I submit shows up under meaningful indicators (yield based on delivery standards, accident damage rate, etc.). Closing the delivery is quite demanding. I feel a thrill when I’ve worked through the night to settle payments and the quantities of vehicles, amounts, and the system all line up without any issues.

Q. Tell us about your mid- to long-term plans.

Vehicle logistics competency is essential for the Hyundai Motor Company and Kia factories and delivery centers around the world. I want to study hard and hone my language and work skills so that I can be dispatched overseas to contribute to the transport of Hyundai and Kia vehicles around the world.

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