Looking for cost effectiveness and cost satisfaction?
Try a half-day staycation this holiday season!

“Half-day staycations” have recently become a popular trend. Spending half a day at an easily accessible hotel with a great infrastructure that perfectly suits your taste, is a new form of travel that has evolved to match the modern lifestyle. As you prepare for the end-of-the-year holidays, why don’t you treat yourself to a hotel half-day staycation?  

Hotel vacation

As the pandemic lingers, more and more people are setting their sights to “go on a vacation somewhere.” Choosing the right accommodation is an important part of every trip, and currently, the most preferred type of accommodation among the younger generation is a hotel. Nowadays, hotels are not simply a place for sleeping but rather a venue where people can enjoy the experience of trying tasty food and drinks, special cultural events, and more. On average, the Korean term “hocance”—a combination of the word “hotel” and the French word “vacance”—is searched on Naver more than 50,000 times a month, and the number of “#hocance” hashtags on Instagram has surpassed 2.5 million, showing that the hotel-focused staycation has indeed become a powerful leisure trend.

The idea of a “hocance” continues to evolve. “Bancance” which means “to enjoy a half-day staycation at a hotel” has emerged as a powerful alternative. The “bancance” package was introduced by hotels as a measure for surviving COVID-19, which caused the number of their customers to plummet, and the package turned out to be a welcome cost-effective choice for many consumers. These types of products are usually described as a “workcation,” “daycation,” “half day,” or “day-use” on hotel websites or on travel and leisure platforms and involve people going to hotels, not to sleep, but just to have a good time.

Half-day hotel staycation

There is no standard way to describe a half-day staycation at a hotel. Depending on your personal preference or the product offered by the hotel, a “half-day staycation” can involve any number of things. You can catch up on your sleep in the hotel room, or you can just experience the hotel’s different facilities. If you love food, you can take part in promotional events featuring seasonal ingredients or choose to experience premium food culture with “omakase” (an extended sushi meal) or fine dining. You can also get a taste of European tea culture with an afternoon tea program. Or how about treating your tired and aching body to some spa and sauna treatments or letting off some steam at the fitness center? If you visit a hotel with artworks on display or a unique interior, you’ll also be able to delight your artistic sensibilities and even take some great selfies. With so many things to do, see, and enjoy, hotels are now serving as playgrounds for modern-day people.

A to Z for a half-day hotel staycation

In order to make the most of your half-day hotel staycation—a small luxury in everyday life—you need to be aware of the booking process and everything the hotel has available. First, you need to check the location of your hotel, and choose a hotel and room that meets your vision of a staycation.  You should be aware that packages that include rooms tend to sell out faster than other staycation packages and are sometimes only available for same-day reservations. Generally, with a half-day staycation package, you will have access to the hotel for 5 to 12 hours, but check-in hours differ by hotel, so it’s important to determine the check-in/check-out times in advance. In some cases, certain products are not available on the hotel website, and can only be reserved through apps like Yanolja, and good choice, so we recommended that you search around while planning your stay.

By the Editorial Department