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2020 Smart Move Prize

The 2020 Smart Move Prize was created to select smart and sophisticated Glovis employees! This time,
the awards were bestowed on those who took the lead in practicing the Hyundai Glovis lifestyle by showing outstanding work performance.
Let's listen to the acceptance speeches and stories of the awardees who worked so hard for a better tomorrow,
even in difficult times due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Acceptance Speeches of First Prize Winners

Seong Yeon-jin, Senior Manager in GLOVIS RUSSIA

Over the past two years, our Pioneer colleagues have delivered their best. For this reason, I dedicate this award to my Pioneer colleagues who have struggled while living abroad for a long time apart from their families, and to all those who have supported them physically and spiritually at the head office. In addition, I would like to extend my gratitude to all the people involved, including employees, who are struggling for the company's development overseas, where more COVID-19 confirmed cases occur than in Korea, and I would like to offer the glory of the award to them.

Kim Min-ho, Senior Manager in ADAMPOL

Looking at the stories of excellent awardees on the company's bulletin board at the end of the year, I think it is someone else's story, but I won the honor of being awarded this year. I have an inkling of the meaning of and reason for the award. As the names of the many individuals who worked hard and struggled together in the local corporation can’t be stated on the list of winners, I am here to be awarded representing them. So, I would like to express my gratitude to all those colleagues who have worked together with me.

Yoon Jae-wook, Senior Manager in Finance Team

When issuing corporate bonds for the first time in the history of the company, I have to take care of everything in the process. Thanks to the reputation of Hyundai Glovis that the senior employees and colleagues have built up so far, the issuance of the corporate bonds could be completed successfully. I managed the issuance on behalf of the company, but indeed, it was only made possible because of company-wide efforts and contributions. I would like to express my gratitude for giving me this glorious opportunity. Happy New Year!

Jang Hyeon-joo, Senior Manager in Vehicle Transportation Business Team

There was a scene of an award-giving ceremony held at the end of the year in the drama Incomplete Life, and it suddenly reminded me of the selection of a department member who was in charge of a traditional duty. The CBU transportation business team also performs the most classic and conventional work in the company. Some of the perennial tasks were resolved and improved through a long consultation process, which led to the award winning. I see it as the company's encouragement to continue my work with determination, and I will spare no efforts in this regard.

Kim Byeong-geun, Senior Manager in GLOVIS AMERICA

It is an honor to be able to win such a meaningful award even though it was a very tough year. I think we were able to record good performances with the help of head office and local organizations. In 2020, COVID-19 prevented us from having face-to-face meetings, but we frequently communicated with customers in non-face-to-face style, and we were able to complete big projects by utilizing such means. We will spare no efforts to respond flexibly to the changing market conditions and to achieve our goals.

Park So-hyun, Manager in Global Forwarding Operation Team 2

This honorable award allowed me to end the year pleasantly. Last year, in the pandemic situation that we experienced for the first time, we all experienced many problems and went through hard times. In particular, the members of the Global Forwarding Operation Team 2 have had a really tough time, but I always respect them for keeping their smile despite such difficulties. Thanks to all of you, I have won this award on your behalf. I will move on to year 2021 sharing care for others and respect.

Interview with PCTC Marketing Team which won the first award in the outstanding organization category

PCTC Marketing Team with full of vinegar. Unfortunately,
not all team members were able to be together during the filming due to the unfavorable situation.

Q. Congratulations on winning the Smart Move Prize! Could you make short speech?

Last year, everyone went through a very hard time, but as a result of the best efforts of all Hyundai Glovis employees in their respective positions, we were able to overcome those difficulties. In such a difficult situation, it's a great honor for our team to have received such an award.

Q. Please introduce the achievements of the team that won the Smart Move Prize award.

Duties of my team are largely divided into three categories, and the desired results were achieved in each sector. First of all, in the car carriers planning/operation sector, in a situation where the global volume of cargo fell sharply due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, we actively consulted with ship owners to successfully negotiate early redelivery of existing chartered vessels, postponement of delivery, and re-chartering of vessels after arranging temporary redelivery. And prior to the market recovery in the fourth quarter last year, a large number of mid- to long-term charterers were secured at competitive prices, leading to fixed costs reduction and improved cost competitiveness.

In addition, in global OEM bidding, we concluded transportation contracts with manufacturers such as GM, Volkswagen, and Tesla, securing sales of non-affiliated companies. In addition, Break Bulk Sales organization, which was a newly established last year, contributed to sales expansion and profit maximization by securing cargo with a higher freight rate and load factor than regular cargo through proactive sales activities. .

Q. Of your achievements so far, what would you consider to be the best?

What has made this achievement possible was enhancing carrier operation efficiency ─ a task that was undertaken not only by our team, but also by PCTC Marketing Team and Shipping Business Subdivision. I think that it is more meaningful because it was the result of constant consultations with related departments, such as Strategy & Planning Group and Business Management Group, through the CWT organization.

Q. Last year, which was tougher than any other year, what were the challenges in conducting your work, and how did you overcome them?

As we are always told, making the neceㅌssary decisions at the right time in uncertain market conditions was the hardest and most challenging. In particular, ships that were contracted at the end of 2019 and in early 2020 and were scheduled to be delivered in the first half of last year were unavoidably stored after delivery due to a decrease in shipments resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak. At that time, more careful and strategical responses were required, so we quickly evaluated the situation and organically consulted with the ship owners to minimize damages.

Q.Q. What was the biggest impact on your team's performance, and who played the most important role?

A new organization was established within the team for break bulk cargo sales and reviewing shipment status. Within a short period of time, operation of the organization was stabilized, which became the key factor in achieving the targeted performance. I would like to commend all four team members who contributed to this, and I would like to particularly commend Manager Jong-woon Park for contributing to the creation of performance through shipper development and active discussions with related departments within the company. In particular, Manager Park had been in charge of the operation of PCC until 2019, and based on his work experience, he contributed greatly to achieving the results.

Q. What are the competences and passion of the members of the PCTC Marketing Team?

All members accept accountability for their work conducted in an autonomous atmosphere. In addition, although some work is done within a team, there are many times when they work not only with related departments within the company, but also with related sectors both at home and abroad ─ such as with overseas shippers, shipping companies, and brokers. In carrying out such works, all the talented team members showed their outstanding communication abilities.

Q. What is your message to your team members for the new year?

I hope the team members will take care of their personal health and well-being in situations where non-face-to-face and telecommuting are common. And soon, we will be working in a new environment, so I hope that we will continue to be a team that carries out our duties responsibly in a more free and open atmosphere as we have been until now. I would like to extend my gratitude and encouragement to everyone. You are the best!

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