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Special Play Celebrating our 20th Anniversary

How about we play a fun game to celebrate the 20th anniversary?
Glovis people and their families showed off their skills as they participated in the Dominoes Challenge.
Let's take a look at the colorful dominoes messages and read some of their stories.

Playing dominoes brought energy

to the whole family

Kim Heesun, Manager in Compliance Team

First of all, I would like to congratulate Glovis on the 20th anniversary! For people, turning 20 means being introduced into society as an adult. It is the age of youth, which represents adventures and opportunities. I hope that our company will grow into an innovative company that expands not only in the logistics field, but also in the future food-tech, based on a flexible mindset and horizontal culture, as they are the characteristics of youth. I was so excited with this year being the 20th anniversary and I wanted to properly celebrate! But, sadly it will be difficult due to the prolonged COVID-19. Since we all have to stay at home, I needed an indoor game to play with my family. So when I heard about this challenge, I applied right away.

Dominoes did not start as a game of building blocks and knocking them down, as we all now know. It is said that the Chinese played it like mahjong. Then, it was introduced to Italy by a missionary, and he accidentally knocked the blocks while playing the game, hence it became known by the name, Dominoes. Anyway, it's a perfect indoor play on a cold winter's day, and I don't think there's anything better than playing this special game to develop concentration and cooperation.

My family had a great time playing dominoes. Placing the small blocks at intervals was more difficult than I first thought, and I took a very long time to do it properly. But I was really proud after putting up the colored blocks following a drawing that my family and I made together. It was a great pastime on a cold winter night for the entire family. It can be played multiple times, too, and I highly recommend playing it if anyone is bored!

Dominoes Event Made Me

Look Back on the Years Spent Together!

Kim Dongkyun, Senior Manager in Smart Infrastructure Planning Team

Founded under the name, Hankook Logitech, on February 22, 2001, already 20 years have passed since, and the name changed from Glovis to the current Hyundai Glovis. As a young man in my mid-20s, I never suffered a hangover, but now I am already in my early 40s and am not always quite so well-disciplined anymore. I also got married and produced avatars who look just like me. My eldest child is going to school in a year, so it seems that the weight of those years is by no means light.

Like many of my senior peers, I am continuing to spend my career with Hyundai Glovis. During that not-so-short period of time, our company moved several times (I think about six times), sales jumped in multiples of that number beyond comparison, and we built our own network at major bases across the country. I am proud to say that we are continuing to expand our business even at this very moment, through fierce struggles.

Today, we look back on the past 20 years, but we will have to think about the time to come and do things that we haven’t done before. Ultimately, I hope our company will reach a hundred years in business. When that happens, I’m sure the name of Hyundai Glovis will be understood as synonymous with logistics/SCM.

Today, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary and prepare to become a 100-year company, I want to thank the company for making me the way I am now and pledge to make the same efforts. In this way, we will all feel proud! Accomplished! and content! right? “Because it is our company!" Oh, please wait! I forgot to talk further about the game of dominoes, since I was so involved in discussing the company. I defeated the disruption of giving birth to my second baby and completed dominoes with the first baby celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hyundai Globis. As much as the joy I felt together, looking back, the past times made me feel new. Just as we were able to overcome great difficulties in the past, I hope that everyone will stay healthy and happy, and grow further in 2021.

A Special Dominoes Event in 2021

Both Meaningful and Fun!

Cheon Se-eun, Manager in Business Cooperation/CSR Team

The dominoes event took place at a time when social distancing was raised to the 2.5 level and I was spending even more time at home. I have been looking for new hobbies all last year and it was time to look for another one when the 20th anniversary event arrived, and the Dominoes Challenge, was just announced.

The problem was that I am not very dexterous with my hands! I really wanted to congratulate Hyundai Glovis on our 20th anniversary, but I was worried that I would not be able to make it successful. Still, I made it piece by piece with a lot of love. It seemed too simple to just set up the number 20, so I made it flashier by putting several heart-shaped layers. It was really difficult to make that shape. I couldn't even take a deep breath because I was afraid it would knock everything down.

Looking at the finished piece, I think it turned out pretty well. I almost felt sad knocking down the blocks. So I took many pictures from various positions. All the family members who played dominoes with me were also proud. It is no exaggeration to say that I have devoted best days of my life to the company, as many of you did, too, I am sure. I have a lot of pleasant memories of my years with Hyundai Glovis. I have grown so much with the company and shared many joys and sorrows. I guess that’s why I couldn't let even a small event pass.

If anyone is feeling tired mentally and physically from prolonged social distancing, how about playing dominoes? I think it helps improve concentration and relieve stress and it's a great hobby you can enjoy indoors. Lastly, I look forward to watching the future dynamic progress of Hyundai Glovis in the coming years and wish all of our executives and employees a happy new year and good health in 2021!

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