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The Opening of a new Era for Hyundai Glovis in

Hyundai Glovis has moved its headquarters to Seongsu-dong, Seoul, in the surrounds of Seoul Forest and overlooking the
Hangang River and Bukhansan Mountain. The first big step as a leading company that works towards growth and development has started
here in the Year of the Ox. What are the charms of the new headquarters showcasing a high-tech, super-sensual, environmentally friendly,
smart building? So, let's meet the people who were responsible for the design, construction,
and support for a 'soft landing' of the employees at the new headquarters.
Article. Editor’s Office / Photo. Communication Team

Meeting the TFT in charge of design and construction

Hyundai Glovis, a New Landmark in Seongsu-dong

Seongsu-dong, Seoul, with many hot spots such as the ecological park, Seoul Forest, and restaurants and cafes frequented by young people, has gained another landmark. Hyundai Glovis has started anew at D Tower Forest in Seongsu-dong after the Lunar New Year holidays. It is significant in that the relocation of the headquarters has sought changes in the working environment as well as physical changes, introducing an advanced business culture such as free-seating for a horizontal and flexible organizational structure, choice of workspace according to circumstances for work efficiency, and smart work methods through a paperless system. On February 15, 2021, Hyundai Glovis has launched its new era in Seongsu-dong.
There are people who have worked for it for nine months. TFT leader Jeong Seong-wook who took overall responsibility for the construction in June last year, Director Yi Jae-hong in charge of the construction, Director Jeong Yu-chang, in charge of furniture and planteriors, Manager Yi Young-chae in charge of planning and design, and Director Yi Jong-jin who joined the team in October. From November to February this year when the construction work took place on the site, they had to use instant hot packs against the severe cold that froze the thermometer. Nevertheless, they claim that they were the most driven and committed during these harsh times, and there is not a corner in the 21st to 33rd floor, as well as the second basement floor, that hasn’t been affected by their reach.

Get Your Space with New Meanings in Every Corner

The main theme of the new building is “Get Your Space.” First, it aimed to improve work efficiency based on autonomy and responsibility and maximization of outcomes with communicative, centralized, and window seats and focus rooms on each floor of situational customized workspaces. In addition, they paid extra attention to Waves, creative workspaces for better communication. They put Waves in the places with the best view on each floor, and expanded the communication mode by connecting the floors through Maru 26 and Platform 32.

Moreover, they selected G-HUB, a place for rest and recharge installed on every floor from the 21st to 30th floors, as the most unique spaces in the new building, and it is because they are designed to provide rest optimized for individuals by realizing trendy themes in comfortable ways. It is equipped with plenty of rest spaces with various attractions, including Garage with free and creative attractions; Playground that brings back memories with a jungle gym and a cave; Theater in which you can watch and talk about movies; the comfortable Attic under a peaked roof; Tea Room full of aromas; Digital Gallery where you can learn about rising artists and contemporary art; Camping with a caravan in nature; a quiet Library filled with white noise; Forest filled with the songs of birds and smell of moss; and Arcade to relax with racing games, darts, and other video games.

There’s still more to boast of! Rooftop café33, the highlight of the building on the roof garden. The magnificent view of the highest floor encompasses the green Seoul Forest and the wide open Hangang River, releasing your stress and fatigue at once. “We’ve experienced already; the moment with your colleagues sharing the sunlight and wind will remain a precious memory.” The look on their faces absorbing the moment was testimony to it.

It's Time for All of Us to Enjoy the New Building

Where, then, is the best resting place selected by the team members in charge of the construction, who have worked with such dedication on the building? First is the communicative stairs between each floor. The space hidden in the stairs going down from the 32nd to 31st floors, in particular, have comfortable and pretty stools and chairs for you to admire the beautiful views and chill out for a while. The second is the whole glass entrances to the restrooms on each floor. They make great photo zones to take selfies or photos of the view. The third is the three massage chairs on the 31st floor, already famous among the employees. A massage provides a great rest in only a few minutes. In the Forest, Seoul Forest right outside moved in on the 29th floor, you can rest by satisfying all five senses with the pure songs of birds and the smell of fresh moss. These are the responses of the people who know every corner of the building.

To complete preparing this cozy space, they gave up their holidays and worked overtime for almost nine months, working to their fullest for the relocation. However, they pointed out, they are not free to relax just yet. They are determined to work for constant changes and supplement in case of any need to complete the creation of a comfortable and stable space. Meanwhile, they requested that the employees make use of the spaces completed with differentiated significance and devotion. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy! A new building that was built through their efforts, but is to be filled with memories and happiness by all of us.

TFT was disbanded after relocation to the new building; currently, Director Jeong Yu-chang is in Business Supporting Team,
Director Yi Jae-hong, Director Yi Jong-jin, and Manager Yi Young-chae returned to the Property Management Team.
Team Leader Jeong Seong-wook was unable to participate on this day.

Meeting the Business Support Team, the 'Troubleshooters' of the New Building

Pride in Making Hyundai Glovis Worth Working for

There are people who have been busy since June, along with the TFT members we interviewed earlier. They are the members of the Business Support Team who worked to support the various needs of the relocation. The 13 members of the Business Support Team, including Team Leader Ji Dong-woon, have worked overtime and on their off-days for the thorough preparation from briefing to construction, rental of goods, relocation plan, and everyday guide. To increase efficiency, they worked for a long time individually on their tasks, and took the difficulties to their leader to overcome them. Also, they communicated through an open chat room with relevant departments that worked with them in preparation for the relocation, and are still resolving problems as they occur.
On February 15, they started their first day at the long-awaited new building with nervous faces, which soon lit up with pride. The feedback on working life in the new building was instantly positive. On the next day, an employee asked them if they were in the Business Support Team in the elevator, and remarked before getting off, “it's really exciting to work here.” It needs no explanation, but they felt very satisfied and thankful that the employees enjoyed the new building as they expected them to and recognized their hard work.

Improving the Work Level through Hi-Glovis and Teams Phone

What changed the most after moving to the new building is the free-seating system where individuals choose the space and time for work according to its characteristics. There are no assigned seats or lines for employees, and each individual chooses to work at a centralized, communicative, or window seat depending on the task’s characteristics and engagement. By utilizing the focus rooms and meeting lounges for various programs and cooperative tasks, the efficiency through well-timed work progress further increases. This advanced system based on autonomy and responsibility is processed through reservation on the application Hi-Glovis, and the Business Support Team is in charge of it.

Some of the employees may have been worried about having to work in a new way through Hi-Glovis and Teams Phone. However, it appears to have been resolved as they started working. The system is intuitively understandable through a few demonstrations and uses, and adaptive without difficulty. It is evaluated as more work-efficient because it is possible to check where each individual is working on which task. It is also very helpful in making use of the precious lunchtime of the workers. You can check the menu of G-ourmet, the cafeteria on the second basement, and its status such as crowdedness, and spend your lunchtime without time waste.

Experiencing Harmony of work and communication, relaxation and interaction

In addition to these obvious changes, the touch of the Business Support Team can be seen in the corners that you can easily overlook. The air purifiers, toilet bidets, the rented refrigerators and ice-makers in the office pantries − have all been taken care of by the team, and the items in G-Hubs such as aromatic diffusers, old video games, etc. were handpicked. Although they did not take sole credit for it, it was their job to plan for the relocation and guide the employees in adapting to their changed working environment in the new building. The supporting role of the back office such as receiving and sending documents, etc. is also their job.

Because they are responsible for all this business infrastructure support, in addition to the system mentioned earlier, their duties are diverse and detailed. The affection and dedication they put into every aspect can be seen everywhere. Amongst others, there was one place that all of them agreed was the most special: the G-HUB that the TFT also chose. They believe that creating an atmosphere for everyone to flexibly work and freely communicate with each other through the system will start in the G-HUBs. The G-HUB tour mission, already popular among the employees, is expected to boost their energy and spark creativity.

When asked how to enjoy the G-HUBs more efficiently, they first suggested that you inhale the aromatic air of the quiet and comfortable Tea Room. The elegant tea fragrance of the solid diffuser is subtle but lasting. Then, don’t forget to have fun in the Arcade, where anyone can become part of one team through popular video games and dart games. Efficient work and time for recharging will be the life force in the new building. Here, the Business Support Team will always be with you, whether you are aware of it or not.

Only Managers Kim Dong-seop and Choi Seo-jin participated in the interview on this day, out of the 13 members of the
Business Supporting Team.

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