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Making a Scale Model and Talking about the New Space

For this special issue, we held a ‘Building a 3D scale model’ event to celebrate our relocation to the new office building and discuss the new space. Although the content was more difficult than ever, many employees participated, and the level of completion was great.
The process and results were meaningful and we all enjoyed this special time.

Everything is so much more fun with my family

Han Jeong Kyu, Manager of the Auto Parts (KD) Engineering Development Team
My wife and I decided on the model together and thought about where to put it. We applied for the event and waited in excitement. When it got delivered, we were surprised at first because it was too big to be placed on the TV. But after seeing the luxurious wood material, I was motivated, to build it with enthusiasm, and I was able to complete it within just three hours. I was so proud of myself after completing it. The experience was really meaningful because I was able to select and assemble the model together with my family. Thank you Hyundai Glovis for giving me this memorable opportunity!

More enjoyable when I think of it as my own house

Park Jin Joo, Manager of the Business Analysis Team
Even choosing what to make was a struggle. Then a colleague said, “Choose something that is difficult but looks cool. Or it will just be pretty trash later.” So, I made a bold choice and picked the most difficult one. The moment the kit arrived, I immediately regretted my choice. Yet, the process of making it turned out to be so much fun that I didn’t even notice the time passing. There were challenging moments, but I felt so rewarded after finishing it. Since the back of the house is open, I think I will be able to decorate the inside. I’m going to buy and decorate it with miniature furniture. Thinking of it as my own house, when it is so hard for many of us to buy one’s own home these days, I was able to enjoy the process even more.

Making a dolls house with my daughters

Park Dong Sung, Manager of the Logistics Business Supporting Team
Seeing my two daughters excited to put together a model for the first time, I was glad to have applied for the event. It was not an easy process, so I had my daughters assist me while I did the difficult parts. My eldest daughter removed the pieces from the rack according to the assembly order, and the little one glued the pieces her sister pulled out. As the model was being completed, they cheered me, saying, “Dad is the best! Dad is good!” My daughters said they would make it a dolls house after seeing the finished model. We had such a good time making the model, I think I’ll buy another one soon and try again.

Dad's Dream House

Oh Jae Youn, Manager of the Bulk Operation Team
When the event was announced, I immediately applied because I thought of my dad who had a long-cherished dream of building his own house after retirement. While assembling the kit together, my dad and I talked about a lot of things ─ from his dream house, to how my day at work was like. At first, it seemed difficult and I was worried, but we were able to make it together. I think we had naturally built teamwork from living together for more than 20 years. It felt so great when the pieces fitted perfectly. I should have more times like this with my family until the day we get to build our own house.

Burning passion for art

Lee Seung Joo, Manager of the Business Intelligence Team
I have a great interest in art, so this event caught my attention. I thought, I would burn the hidden passion for art. However, after spending an hour assembling the wooden pieces on the floor, I kept thinking, “This is hard labor.” So, I played the blues, the music that stemmed from work songs, and I spent three more hours building the model. When I finally finished, I thought,, “This is a work of art!” Seeing the completed model made me feel as if I was traveling in Europe. Enjoy the artwork created with perseverance.

Proving skills gained from making Lego with a three-dimensional model

Kim Koo Ju, Manager of the Ulsan Consolidation Center 2
I applied for the event so I could make it together with my two sons who are keen on building LEGO. I didn’t tell them that I applied so when the kit arrived, they were really excited. We immediately started assembling it under my supervision. It was not so easy, and we ended up disassembling and assembling it several times. We encouraged and cheered each other on, and finally were able to complete the model. The finished model is placed on a table in our living room for display. Lastly, there was something my youngest son wanted to say, “Dad told me not to give up and take it step-by-step, and I did it! I want to do it again!”

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