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  • Rogerio Cordeiro

    Staying at home active and healthy, has been a challenge this last months. Our daily routine had suffered a huge changing.

    None of us were prepared or expecting the pandemic and the quarantine. It came without no warning. However, there is so many things and simple activities that we can do in or around the house to help us physically and mentally.

    Let’s call them mental and/or physical. Movements and actions that can be easily incorporated to our lives, and will improve our new routine. Consider reduce the time you spend on watching TV. Despite there is nothing wrong with this, put as priority a workout session or a walk around your house. This can be done indoors, also.

    During work, specially at home, it can be easy to neglect regular and stretching sessions. On each hour, do a favor to your own body. Stand up and move away from your computer for a while. Put some different small tasks for these fast interruptions, as water the plants, loading the washing machine, etc. There is some many activities to do in less than 5 or 10 minutes.

    As a hobby, you can cook. Try a new recipe in the kitchen. At the time you are not working to cook can be a relaxing activity to your mind.

    And if you don’t cook yet, this is a great opportunity to watch some tutorial at YouTube and start from the basic. Maybe in a few months you will discover that you also are a master chef. Your family for sure will thank you for that.

    Gardening is great. Consider to set up a garden if you have some space for that. Dealing with water and the ground bring us very good sensations. Opt for easy to care for plants unless you feel more comfortable. Check if it needs more or less light, water, a certain temperature, or a humidity level. In fact, there is so much that we can learn in gardening, and so many resources to help us on it.

    For your mental health you can consider some activities as Yoga, that you keep your mind fresh and in a good balance. There is some online classes that you can look for. All you need is a Yoga mat, your breath and make it work. To practice meditation through this, can significantly improve our life. The chaos of life can be avoided with tools that are already within you. And the best of it is that you can do it anywhere you’d like, and it’s free!

    Since I was 11th, I play guitar. So to play an instrument is also a good hobby for doing at home on your free time. If you are a beginner, or do not play anything, YouTube also has a lot of videos to guide you and get you started in to this new world of music, no matter the instrument you decide to rock out on.

    If you have animals, and I have (4 cats and a rabbit), take care of your pets. Your small friends need attention, and spending more time at home is a good opportunity to stay closer them.

    For last, but not least, get closer to your family. This is the most important and good thing that you can do for yourself. Get connected with the ones that you are responsible for, and the ones that support you during your life journey. Family is a gift, take care of it.

    Yulia Vayner

    Dear Hyundai Glovis, Please take our congratulations on your 20th birthday. Over the years, you have achieved great success and entered the international level, that was achieved through an amazing combination of hard work, dedication and self-confidence.

    You have both vision and attention to details, global mindset and family atmosphere; you take on ambitious goals, maintaining stability, show concern for the environment and strive for innovations.

    During these 20 years you have gone through several crises, but you have only become stronger. You don't just know what will happen tomorrow, you create this “tomorrow”: you introduce modern technologies into everyday life, you learn to work faster and more efficiently, you contribute to the creation of a new reality.

    You are constantly changing and improving. Don’t’ stay: be the best for the clients, be the best for the employees, just be better than you were yesterday.

    And it's very nice to know that you are all of us

    새해 인사와 인도의 새해맞이문화 소개


    안녕하세요. 제 이름은 카미쿠마르 쿠마르입니다.
    새해 연휴는 제가 가장 좋아하는 휴가기간입니다. 아마도 전 세계 많은 이들이 새해를 기념할 것이고, 새해 첫날을 기념하는 방식은 각자의 관습과 전통에 따라 다를 겁니다. 그래도 적어도 보름, 심지어 한 달 전부터 새해 휴가를 준비할 테죠. 휴가 준비는 선물을 사고, 재료를 장식하고, 새 옷을 만드는 것으로 시작될 거고요.

    그렇게 다들 새해 전야 파티를 준비할 동안 몇몇은 2020년 새해 결심에 관한 결과를 돌아보고 있을 겁니다. 새해에는 슬프고 나쁜 경험들을 뒤로 하고 자신과 사랑하는 사람들의 행복과 건강 그리고 행운에 대한 소원을 빌어야 하니까요.

    그런데 인도에서는 1월 1일만 새해 첫날로 기념하는 것이 아니란 사실을 알고 계셨나요?

    문화적 다양성으로 인해 인도는 여러 지역에서 새해 첫날을 기념하는 날들이 다르답니다. 기준으로 하는 달력이 음력인지 양력인지에 따라 결정되죠. 태양력을 따르는 지역인 인도 북부 및 중부에서는 새해 첫날이 바이사키에 축제기간에 속합니다. 지역별 달력에 따라, 타밀 나두에서는 푸탄두, 안드라 프라데쉬에서는 우가디, 아삼에서는 롱갈리 비후, 케랄라에서는 비슈, 오디샤에서는 파나 산크란티, 벵갈에서는 폴리아 보이샤크가 새해입니다. 이 지역들에서 새해 첫날은 4월 14일 또는 15일이죠.

    인도인들은 컬러풀한 옷을 입고 노래, 게임, 춤, 파티와 같은 재미있는 활동을 즐겨요. 나이트클럽, 영화관, 리조트, 레스토랑, 놀이공원 등은 남녀노소 할 것 없이 사람들로 가득하죠. 그리고 서로에게 인사를 하며 행복한 새해를 기원합니다!

    멋진 동료 여러분들도, 새해 복 많이 받으세요! 여러분은 1년 내내 열심히 일했으니까요. 다가오는 새해는 당신에게 정말 멋진 한 해가 되길 기원합니다! 행복한 새해를 축하하고, 인도의 새해문화도 알릴 수 있는 기회를 주셔서 감사합니다.

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