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The First Moment, the Greatest Happiness That You Wanted to Achieve

There are things that you really wanted to accomplish in life, and there are things that you encounter naturally.
These experiences are unforgettable when they are the first; they present you happiness and thrills.
Although the experiences may be different, everyone has experienced such moments.

There is more than one best moment in my life

Manager KWON JI YOUNG, Ulsan Consolidation Center 2
I wasn't plump or anything, but I always wanted to succeed in dietary habits and show off a great body profile one day. I always liked exercising, and had trained in various sports. I thought it was something that I could achieve with ease. However, that was a misjudgment. Intensive exercise and strict diet made my body healthy, but also caused me tremendous stress.

On top of it, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the indoor sports facilities had to close, and I could not keep to the shooting which was scheduled in May last year. After great consideration, I had to postpone the shooting to October. I didn’t want my days of work for the shooting go to waste, but I used it as an opportunity to make up for the things I was lacking. I continued exercising furiously, eating only sweet potatoes, chicken breast, and steamed cabbages. I am more sensitive to heat and got dehydrated at times, but I had no intention to stop.

After all the efforts, the saggy fats disappeared and I got 11-shaped abs, and I also had six-pack abs known to be difficult for women. I can never forget the thrill I had when I easily got into the clothes I couldn’t wear anymore because they became too small for me. A few days before the shooting were too hard that I dropped down on the ground while walking, but I didn’t stop exercising.

Then the day came! The shooting was scheduled for six in the evening, and I hadn’t even drunk a sip of water for 24 hours. The feeling after I finished the shooting compares to the flutter of the wings of a butterfly fresh out of its chrysalis. The sense of disengagement and accomplishment is incomparable to anything.

I still remember vividly the first meal at home right after it. I had asked my younger brother to prepare a dinner for me before I left for the shooting, and when I came back the table was loaded with food. I was so grateful. Because of that memory, I would like to challenge one more time at the end of the year. It will be more severe and painful, but I want to see myself more grown up than the last year.

The thrilling moment that I really wanted to experience

Senior Manager BYUN HYUN JI, Auto-Biz (Pre-Owned Car) Team
The experience of skydiving I did 10 years ago in Australia was absolutely special. Skydiving was on my bucket list, and I ventured to try it during my backpacking trip. There were courses of different heights from 9,000 ft. to 14,000 ft., but I decided if I would do it at all, it would be the highest.

I was half excited and half anxious when I was in the helicopter going up, but as I flew over the clouds, I got nervous and regretted that I had decided to do it. Anyway, I arrived at the 14,000 ft., altitude, and leaped out of the helicopter with an expert skydiver. The thrill of the moment I jumped will never be forgotten for the rest of my life!

I was free-falling for about one minute in the blue sky over the green sea, and when the parachute was released at the mid-point, I could enjoy the scenery of the beautiful city at a slower speed. My ears hurt and I felt dizzy because I fell from such a high altitude, but the thrill of the free-fall and the sight of the beautiful landscape from the sky was an experience that I will never forget. I would like to experience it again if I travel abroad after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

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Senior Manager CHO DAE SEOK, Cargo Quality Management Team
In August 2015, while I was in a relationship, I had to go and work in Germany as a resident employee. Then I started an unexpected long-distance relationship with my future wife. Since talking on the phone was difficult due to the time difference, I had lived with KakaoTalk every weekend. After a year of this long-distance relationship between Germany and Korea, we finally got married and started our new life in Germany.

After a short honeymoon, we had our first child the next year. Unlike in Korea, a couple can be together the whole time from before the childbirth, and I could watch the whole painful process of my wife becoming a mother with a racing heart. After 12 hours in the hospital, she gave birth to a healthy child, and I cannot forget the moment I became a father, cutting the umbilical cord.

There are no postnatal care centers in Germany and mothers are usually released within two or three days after the childbirth. We spent the time together, caring for and relying on each other, as we didn’t have any other family there to support us. Our love and trust had deepened over this time. Marriage, childbirth, becoming a parent ─ these were all the first experiences that were precious moments for me.

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