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We introduce you to the first three new employees who joined the company with the first recruitment this year.
They all have dreamed to enter Hyundai Glovis, and the company looked at all aspects in selecting these three.
The time of studying, training, and discovering their passions and visions has passed.
Now it's been about a month since they are assigned to their department.
What are they thinking now? We will see. Here is a report from the trainer who was with them to help them settle into their new workplace.

Message of support from Manager Im Seung-jun, Corporate Culture Team

Cheers for the company life of the newcomers!

All of the three new talented employees have joined the Global Forwarding Group. On the day of the placement after a short period of training, the senior workers guided them to their department. Although it was only three days of training, they were focused on it and I believe they will play a remarkable part in practical affairs. Of course, the short period may not have been sufficient to form a sense of belonging or bond, or raise camaraderie. I hope you can help them fill those parts through further communication and exchanges. The reason why so many people emphasize initial determination is that it is difficult to maintain. So I’d like to emphasize once more. I hope the three new employees who joined in April will continue to grow together, maintaining the initial determination with a persistent attitude.

As the trainer, I personally remember the most the frank talks with the new employees during training, the congratulations and words of gratitude they gave their parents, and congratulatory letters to everyone by each member with their unique characteristics. I would like to lead a successful integration of new recruits by clarifying the purpose of the new employee training and improving the process with new systems and better methods. I will further try to think about the employees’ experiences ─ in particular, to offer a more complete program as a team, to provide better services to the trainees, and our major clients.

Dream of being with the leaders of the global logistics

Manager Kim Yu-jin, Global Forwarding Operation Team 1

I have a dream of spreading my wings on the world stage. It was only natural that I wanted to work at Hyundai Glovis, the leader of the global logistics market. Previously, I was in charge of aerospace exports while working in a Chinese company for three years. Based on this experience, I continued to improve myself to become a more suitable talent for practical affairs.

After I passed the screening, I was determined not to let this chance go, with the tension and thrill I felt more than in a long time, and strengthened my resolve. As a result of doing my best every moment, I finally received a notice of acceptance. After almost a month since joining the company, I still feel as if I’m in a dream to be a member of Hyundai Glovis.

I am also adjusting to the company life with no difficulties, thanks to the others who joined the company at the same time and the senior employees who are helpful and friendly. I will remember this happy moment to overcome any difficulties that may come my way in the future. I sincerely thank everyone who has helped me, and look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Prologue to the business story of a long time

Manger YOUN JIN HA, Global Forwarding Operation Team 1

It’s been almost a month already. I cannot believe how fast the time has passed. And I can barely take care of all the tasks I am assigned to perform. I have worked on other matters before for about two years, but the job I am assigned to now isn’t something I had done before. So I am still feeling my way forward. Still, my colleagues are helping me a lot in adjusting to my work.

Joining Hyundai Glovis was my dream when I was in college. As a student in the logistics department, it was only natural to want to join the best logistics company in Korea. The vision of Hyundai Glovis, in particular, made my heart beat. I can tell you that it was my persistence and efforts to stick to my dream that brought me to Hyundai Glovis after three years of graduation, and working in other companies.

The prologue to the story of my activities has not even started yet. As it is important to step off on the right foot, I will do my best to make a smooth start as a new employee. I intend to pour everything I prepared for entering the company. I will be a member of the company with a commitment to achieving both my career goals and the company vision. Please watch me grow!

Set the joy aside to step towards the future with determination

Manger BACK JEE WON, Global Forwarding Operation Team 3

As with many people who majored in this field, my dream was to join Hyundai Glovis since I majored in logistics. The reality of going to work at the company that I dreamed of gives me joy every morning, even though it has already been a month since I joined Glovis.

I had applied to work for Hyundai Glovis for two years before joining it this year. Unfortunately, I did not get accepted at first. Still, I was reluctant to give up and I registered my resume and cover letter to the resource pool. About three months later, I was extremely happy when the HR team contacted me. I made thorough preparations based on the experience I had gained from my previous work, thinking that it would be different this time. Luckily, my presentation received a good response, and now I am a member of Glovis!

However, it's now time to set the initial joy aside, and work with firm determination. I feel that I still lack many things, looking at my seniors actively dealing with various situations that occur during work. I am resolved to work hard on learning more. I also want to thank my senior colleagues who always answer my questions kindly despite their busy work schedules. I will also remember the desperation and determination I felt before I joined the company. I will continue to learn from my colleagues and adapt to work as soon as possible, and contribute to the team!

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