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  • Mother´s day celebration in Mexico

    Glovis Mexico Jessica Aranda

    In Mexico we have many traditions, some are very colorful, others romantic, but this time we are talking about one of the most important dates for us, May 10, the day we celebrate our mothers. It is important for us to show how grateful we are for having them in our lives, for educating us, giving us a home and their unconditional love, for always being by our side without asking for anything in return.

    And at Hyundai Glovis Mexico we could not miss this celebration so the Administration department organized a coexistence with the moms who collaborate in our plants, to recognize the double effort they make, because their day does not end with the work shift, continues at home.

    In gratitude to them, GMX CEO Yong Keun Kim sent a card with a message where he recognizes how incredible they are for taking care of and procuring their family without asking for anything in return, adding a gift coupon and celebrate big with their children.

    Although it was a small event and a short time to comply with the measures established against covid-19, it was carried out with great love by the entire Hyundai Glovis Mexico team who also took on the task of decorating the space to do more pleasant coexistence.

    Happiness brought by special events for long-term employees

    GLOVIS ALABAMA Jae Hyun Park

    Many years ago, Glovis Alabama ER team were trying to find a way to recognize the members that had been with us for many years. We decided the 5 and 10 year anniversary members were the ones to acknowledge. We set on a quest for an item that the team member would enjoy and be proud of as well as something Glovis Alabama would be proud to associate each and every member with.

    To show appreciation to our long term members, we gave these shirts to some of our hardworking employees. Even though it was something small, they were very happy with it and thanked us for recognizing that they were long-term members. Arita and Melvin, and many others were delighted with these shirts.

    Not only were the employees happy, but it gave us an excuse or reason to start a conversation with them. And over time, we were able to build a level of trust that still persists to today. We had a great time that week with not only the gifts, but also with events and programs. Everyone was in a great mood and friendly. And this is why it is one of our favorite memories.

    It was a great experience for us, and we still have those fond memories today. The trust and relationship we build with our co-workers lives with us forever even if they do end up changing employment someday.

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