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Making Consideration and Thorough Management
Part of Your Life

Some people are not satisfied with merely doing things well, but also strive to please their customer companies and partners.
Don’t you sometimes wonder how such people work and think? To discover the answers to these questions,
we held in-depth interviews with two people who were recommended as excellent employees by the customer companies and partners
Compiled by: Editor’s Office

How do you feel about being recommended as an excellent employee?

I was actually surprised that I was selected as one ─ especially when every employee is working as hard as I do. So, it gave me an opportunity to look back on myself. I thank the person who recommended me as well.

The reason for the recommendation was that you “prepare work in advance so that it is processed quickly, training of delivery drivers and vehicle management is done properly, and you provide convenience for work by creating and distributing your own forms, etc.” It seems that you are thorough in many ways. How do you usually work?

When I arrive at work, I write down my tasks for the day and then think about them. Next, I decide on the things I need to do first, followed by the tasks that are not very urgent. And I regularly check on my memo to make sure I don’t forget anything. About the new forms, it’s not as big as it sounds. The contents are the same, but I just provided them in a slightly different format to make them a little easier to work with. The evaluators seem to have liked it.

I would imagine that there were still a few difficulties, even though you work hard to satisfy customers

There was a client who called my boss right away whenever there was any small issue. At the time, I was upset, and it was hard for me to accept. But as I continued calling him and seeing him, he started to trust me in everything. At the time, I felt that it is important to devote time to customer satisfaction, so I make steady and persistent efforts in this regard.

Have you ever been heartened by someone you work with?

My job is usually responding to someone else’s needs, but once I had to make a request to someone. The person who responded at the time said he didn’t know much about the job, but he would get back to me after finding out the information I wanted. And he really did ask around to get back to me and tell me about it in detail. I was impressed that he would do such a thing for me, instead of just referring me to someone else, and I felt I could trust him.

I would like to ask you for some advice for other employees who seek good evaluations on the customer satisfaction survey.

I think it is often difficult to get a good evaluation on the customer satisfaction survey. However, I believe it is important to continue the relationship with the person you work with and build trust. As the trust builds up, customer satisfaction will increase, don’t you think? Do not rush, but rather reach out to your customer little by little, even if it takes time.

* This picture was taken before COVID-19.

How do you feel about being recommended as an excellent employee?

I was very happy to receive such good news that I hadn’t expected. It feels good to know that people felt my sincerity from honest communication.

The reason for the recommendation was that “you provide information in an easy-to-understand manner by thoroughly checking ahead, and support them through pre-management to prevent issues affecting the partner companies.” This doesn’t sound like it was only done a few times. How do you usually work?

We continue to share necessary information with our partners on a monthly basis through regular briefings. If additional questions are received over the phone, we respond to the best of our ability, and search for the answers we don’t immediately know through other people. And as unpredictable issues can occur anytime, we send notifications to avoid such problems such as delays. In particular, we put in a lot of effort into changing mis-steps where delays in delivery caused problems in the past.

Even with these efforts, there must have been times when problems occurred or when complaints arose in unexpected places.

It is very difficult for us when a supply issue occurs even though we provided sufficient information and guidelines to the suppliers. Our workload has increased when this happens. However, it ultimately still has to be dealt with. We therefore seek ways to minimize the damage by coordinating with the partners and providing support.

On the other hand, have you ever been heartened by someone you work with?

I don’t know why, but a client once sent me a congratulatory note on my birthday. I was congratulated on my birthday by someone from a partner company, instead of my colleagues who were too busy. How happy I was with that little consideration. I remember being happy the whole day.

What is customer satisfaction and how do you achieve it?

I believe that customer satisfaction is all about making the customer happy! To do this, your satisfaction with your job, the working environment, and your attitude, are all important factors. If you can create the best conditions for these to factors to help you perform your tasks well, I believe you can satisfy your colleagues, who are your internal customers, as well as partner companies who are your external customers.

The talk of fast and accurate
veteran servicemen

As the logistics environment is changing rapidly and shipping freight charges have been rising sharply recently,
questions posted by customers who want to request new services from Hyundai Glovis flooded ‘Customer Inquiries’ on our homepage.
It is great to hear that there are employees who leave a deep impression on customers
by providing responses to such questions more quickly and accurately than anyone else.
They always try their best, not only for existing customers’ inquiries, but also for new customers. Let’s hear about how they can manage that.

* The pictures showing people not wearing masks were either taken before COVID-19, or when they were alone.

It is really nice to see, in person, all of you I frequently met online. Please introduce yourself briefly. I mainly work on car carrier operation and transshipment in Africa. About 10 to 20% of my job involves responding to customer inquiries that occur from these processes.

I work for Glovis India, and I am a resident employee in charge of PCTC Middle East and Africa in Dubai. Being in the field, responding to customer inquiries takes up to 70-80% of my work.

I’m in charge of delivery consignment of KIA cars. I receive requests for consignment-related information and complaints from the purchasers especially, so I work with a mindset of a representative of the company.

For each one of you, responding to customer inquiries takes up a significant part of your work. Are there any specific cases that left an impression on you?

One day, I received an inquiry from an elderly customer. The car was purchased by his son, but he wanted to know about the consignment of the car. He didn’t know the word consignment, and he didn’t understand why he had to call Glovis when he had bought a KIA car. So I explained it as simply as possible for him to understand, and told him in detail how and when he would receive the car. In the end, he complimented me many times, saying, “Thank you so much for the kind and detailed explanation.” I felt overwhelmed.

Oh, that reminds me of the time that gave me the opportunity to think about customer satisfaction. This was when I saw a kind response of an employee. A customer had inquired several times, and the first reply from the company had been just given through the Communications Team. It was a very sincere and kind response. What I felt at the time was great, and I still work with that in mind.

I’m sure all of you do your best, but you don’t always get compliments. How do you deal with it when you get complaints? I would like to hear about the techniques of other people dealing with complaints that occur at work, besides general inquiries.

I can answer first. Whether the customer is satisfied or not depends on whether or not he is relieved to get the answer, I believe. So I try to respond to complaints as quickly as possible, and explain in as much detail as possible.

I guess the responses to complaints are similar. When I see a result different from what was initially expected, I also try to respond with the exact reason for it, and suggest any alternatives for it. Then the partners understand better than expected. It seems the attitude of hard work helps a lot.

Oh! In fact, I usually respond to inquiries by promptly delivering accurate information. I guess the same goes for complaints. In my case, I am not actually in charge of customer inquiries, so it’s not easy to respond as quickly while working on other tasks. However, in the future, I would have to take more responsibility for customer inquiries and work harder to deliver accurate information as quickly as possible. To do that, communication with the site would also be important.

That’s right. Since I work overseas, I often have things to discuss with regional managers at the headquarters. Quick and accurate communication is necessary for giving good answers to customers.

I also have a lot of needs to communicate with people related to customer inquiries. I also feel that the accuracy and promptness of information is the most important, so I work on internal communication as hard as I can in responding to customer inquiries.

Do you think the contents received through the website are different from the inquiries received directly from customers? In my case, customer inquiries and homepage inquiries are usually regarding shipment information confirmation, so they are all similar, mostly checking on consignment information I wonder how yours are.

For me, questions received via the homepage are mostly from new customer companies, so a lot of them do not know much about our company or our car carrier business. So I usually provide a more detailed explanation for website inquiries.

There is a difference in my case. Customers who inquire through the website tend to rush a little. For example, asking for arrival information immediately after the first shipment. In this case, it is difficult to give an accurate response, but I can't hold off on the answer. So we first inform them of the schedule that seems possible, and update the changes.

I think it applies to any inquiry that takes time to know the answer. When we can’t respond quickly, we should at least let them know that we've received the inquiry, and tell them when we will have the answer and through what processes, and then they will feel less anxious.

I agree. To add to that, I pay attention to my tone of voice in a phone call, or the style of writing in case of e-mails. As I mentioned earlier, customer service is like being a representative of the company. So, I think we should pay attention to the little things.

There is no right answer to customer service, but I guess the standards seem to be about the same ─ to respond as quickly and accurately as possible, and to respond with consideration for the customers to be assured. Let us not forget that.

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