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Expectation Management Strategy Lowering
Expectations and Increasing Satisfaction

Expectations determine satisfaction, meaning that the level of expectation determines whether the customer is satisfied or not. Therefore,
we introduce the expectation management strategy that lowers the customer's expectations and naturally leads in an advantageous direction.
Let us then try to get a clearer picture of the levels of customer expectations, and see how we can control them.
Article: Editor’s Office/ Cartoon by Lee Su-Jung

Customer Satisfaction Improved through Lower Expectations and Better Experience

If you do not receive a positive response from a customer, even if sufficient service was provided, it must be because the customer’s expectations were higher than the service you provided. Customer satisfaction can be achieved when service is better than expected. In other words, the lower the customer’s expectations are, the higher the satisfaction.

However, customer expectations are becoming very high these days. Using various forms of information media, the customers are now able to compare services from different companies, and the brand value of our company has increased in particular in the industry, thus raising their expectations. Customer satisfaction is more difficult to achieve, not because the quality of service is low, but because the service cannot keep up with the customers’ higher expectations.

In order to satisfy the customers, it is necessary to adjust their expectations to an appropriate level, and this can be achieved through better communication with customers. To lower the customers' expectations, it is necessary to promise them what is practically feasible, and to provide reasonable services in the future, rather than promising exaggerated ones.

One thing to keep in mind is that when a service is provided that is less than expected, customers are disappointed and dissatisfied. As you know, dissatisfied customers do not easily give opportunities to companies. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the expectations of customers in advance, and to continuously improve the quality of services to meet their expectations. Let’s not forget that customer expectations constantly evolve.

GLOVIS CS cartoon

* The cartoon shows how to use the expectation management strategy. Think about a good way of talking to a customer that should be in the balloon.

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