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Chuseok Rice Cake Feast
in Our Department

It feels like the sweltering heatwave was just a while ago, but Chuseok is approaching.
Although it is difficult to gather in once place due to COVID-19,
we held a “Chuseok Rice Cake Feast” in the hope that our hearts would feel warm at least.
Here are some of my happy memories from this event.

For healing time this Chuseok!

Request and review of Manager Lee Hwang-ha of Global Forwarding Operation Team 1
I remember the last Chuseok. The memory of giving up the holidays and sitting in front of the computer to work, due to the difficulties in the logistics environment since COVID-19. It wasn’t just me. My teammates, the chief, and the KD staff who are our business partners were all green on their messenger during the holidays. That was already a year ago.

We are still in a difficult situation, but it would have been more difficult without the team members with whom I spent the most time and shared that stressful experience with. In particular, I would like to express my sincere respect for our team chief and the working managers, who are working hard to respond to the logistics issues in factories around the world, where it is never peaceful.

I personally think that the situation is better now than during last year’s Chuseok. I guess I can take a break for Chuseok holidays this year, right? I know that everyone is having a hard time working in this environment, but if our team, who had more bitter memories, is given black sesame injeolmi rice cake, we will be able to celebrate the holidays with happiness.

* This event was held in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines. The rice cakes were consumed in each employee’s seats.

Cheer for Hyundai Glovis, standing tall again!

Request and review of Manager Na Han-sol of Siheung Release Center
I joined Hyundai Glovis at Siheung Release Center about three years ago. At the time, six employees from Hyundai Motor Company and two from Glovis, including myself, worked in a small office. The three years have been difficult but also a lot of fun.

Then in July this year, an independent team was created at the Siheung Release Center from the subordinate of the station office, and Glovis operated the release center on its own. In addition, from March this year, the number of employees increased to five. I feel secure that I have a team that can be trusted and relied on, with more people.

I feel sad that I have to say goodbye to the employees from Hyundai Motor Company, when we did a lot of things together, sharing joys and sorrows during COVID-19. There will be difficulties in operating the release center business for the first time away from Glovis. However, I believe that there will be many fun things as well. I am participating in the Chuseok Rice Cake Event to cheer myself for the new start as Hyundai Glovis Siheung Release Center from Hyundai Motor Company’s Siheung Release Center.

Time for welcoming new members and forming friendships

Request and review of Manager Park Jin-ju of Business Analysis Team
It's been a year since I first joined the company, and summer is here again. I am still the youngest member of the team. It's unbelievable that it’s been a year already when I still have so much to learn.

By the way, we have news for the team. In the midst of a hectic schedule for a long-term project, a new member has joined. It’s Manager Kim Chan-su. I was the only person in the 20s in the team, and Manager Kim Chan-su helped lower the average age of the team. I therefore feel a sense of comradeship.

Working from home every other week, I wasn’t able to see him many times, and there was no chance for all team members to chat together. Some even said they had only said hello online. Given the current COVID-19 situation, it seems we will be working from home the whole year. I hope he adjusts well to the team and gets acquainted with everyone else. Manager Kim Chan-su, we all welcome you! As a way of welcoming, I am participating in the rice cake event. When the company newsletter is issued in September, we will be closer than we are now!

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