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  • Achieving Customer Satisfaction with Premium Car Delivery


    Segment: Premium (Used Cars)
    Negotiation: July 5, 2021
    Origin: Piracicaba – São Paulo
    Destination: Ipatinga – Minas Gerais
    Approach: Premium dealer named Criscar, contact by phone to Glovis Commercial Department.
    Transported by: 3PL Gabardo


    One of the premium dealers in Piracicaba approached Glovis one day to perform premium car transportation. They said their client wanted to transport a vehicle from Piracicaba, São Paulo, to Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, a trip that was expected to take around five days. Glovis negotiated with Gabardo to perform the transportation requested and they decided to use their own trucks. In the end, the customer was very pleased and expressed satisfaction with the BMW Z4 premium transportation and delivery services via an aftersales survey carried out by telephone. The client also used social media to share that there were no issues with the car that was transported. Now, let’s take a look at the customer review left by Rodrigo Francoz, a customer of Glovis Brazi’s transportation services.

    Customer Review

    I visited Criscar Automóveis in Piracicaba to purchase a BMW Z4 car as a gift for my girlfriend. This purchase was to be a very special moment for my girlfriend. My experience with the Glovis Commercial department of Brazil has been nothing but amazing, from the initial contact with correct and accurate information, until the conclusion of the deal, with smooth processing of documents and compliance with the deadlines for collection, and transit and delivery of the vehicle. I felt that Glovis Brazil was very well organized. We are very grateful for all the attention dedicated to this very special moment, and I would recommend Glovis to everyone!

    Introduction to Glovis Brazil, a provider of premium and super premium car transportation services (English version)

    Understanding that time is invaluable to its customers, Glovis Brazil provides fast transportation and delivery services and always meets deadlines. In addition, we always provide our customers with top-notch solutions customized to fit their needs. We are ready to fulfill our customer’s requests and requirements, and always aim for only the best when it comes to safety and convenience. In particular, we have trucks that are safe and most suitable for safe delivery of vehicles and a team with know-how and abundant experience in transportation. Glovis Brazil is a premium car delivery company that puts customer satisfaction above all else.

    Introduction to Glovis Brazil, a provider of premium and super premium car transportation services (original language version version)

    Elaboramos as melhores soluções, pensando em você que leva o tempo muito a sério e que nunca dispensa a segurança e comodidade! A GLOVIS Brasil oferece diversas soluções para o seu veículo, nossas opções foram desenvolvidas, a fim de atender o seu perfil e as suas necessidades. Somos líderes em segurança, facilidade e conveniência. Deixe que nós cuidamos de tudo para você. Escolha a opção que melhor lhe atende e trabalhe com quem realmente entende de Carros de Luxo. Contamos com uma equipe experiente e capacitada para garantir o seu transporte com agilidade, pontualidade e principalmente segurança. A GLOVIS conta com uma frota completa e moderna para o desenvolvimento de operações personalizadas de acordo com o veículo a ser transportado. A satisfação do cliente é primordial para manutenção dos bons negócios.

    Building strong partnerships with customers


    Hyundai Glovis Georgia realizes that the key to our success is having a great two-way PARTNERSHIP with our Customers. In 2011 Hyundai Glovis rolled out our Corporate Core Values. We were challenged with changing the way that we operated our business to support these Core Values. One of the Core Values was Customer. It stated that “We would promote a customer-driven corporate culture by providing the best quality and impeccable service with all values centered on our Customers”. In examining this Core Value over the next few years we realized that we put strong emphasis on meeting our Customer’s Needs, providing the Highest Quality services and Customer Satisfaction (no down time). But, we realized one of the things we were weak on was our Customer Relations. Our relationships with our Customers tended to be more focused on reporting (paperwork & documentation) and responding to issues after they happened. There was not very much collaboration, comradery or a true understanding of each other’s goals. So, with small steps we begin to focus on building stronger, more personal, relationships with our customers that resulted in a true partnership.

    An example of this would be the relationship between our Operation Team and Kia’s Production Control Team. Over the past several years the Management Teams from both groups have worked together to build a relationship between their Teams that is based on two-way trust and respect. This is achieved through regular communication meetings, Team Building lunches, open discussions as well as strong support from both Team’s leadership group. Working together the culture between these two groups has now become one of “WE are in this together” and to be successful “WE need each other”.

    There is an old song that says “I am not where I want to be, I am not where I am going to be…but thank God I am not where I was”. This describes where we are today. Even though our relationships have improved and are better than they were several years ago, we want to stay committed and focused on finding opportunities to continue building these partnerships and strengthening the relationships that we have with all our Customers.

    * This picture was taken before COVID-19.

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