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Employee Competency-Improvement Project
of Hyundai Glovis

Now that the world is changing every day,
companies continue to develop their employees through various types of training and support to improve their future competency,
even after selecting the best talents. Hyundai Glovis encourages or makes it mandatory for its employees
to receive training that suits them through the Corporate Culture Team.
It is also continuously being supplemented and efforts are made to develop the right talents for the company.
Let's take a look at the competency improvement project and see what kind of talents we need to grow.
Article: Editor’s Office

Hyundai Glovis striving to nurture future-oriented talents who can strengthen their work skills and also lead the future food business, through training courses customized for all employees, from new hires to leaders. The education has been subdivided and systematized by stage, field, and content, and will be continuously supplemented and expanded. A four-step competency improvement course is prepared as a model. Let's take a look at the goals and contents of each step, the target, and the direction after the course.

The needs for self-improvement and career development are continuously increasing among the employees. Accordingly, the necessity of improving job competency is recognized, and the company supports the acquisition of additional qualifications for the staff, including new hires, in order to strengthen their professionalism and competitiveness and increase their work satisfaction.

Previously, the system was offered only to those who already have qualifications as logistics manager or higher and who require additional qualifications for business purposes. However, from this year, the types of qualifications and the number of recipients are being expanded, broadly reflecting the needs of the job. As a result, we are now supporting acquisition of 25 types of qualifications in various fields, including logistics, distribution, shipping, etc.

Employees are eligible to receive support in advance or afterwards depending on the qualification. Qualifications in international trading, distribution management and customs will receive support after the acquisition, and the applicants for logistics management, transport of dangerous goods, and industrial safety engineering will receive supports in advance upon being selected. In addition, the Corporate Culture Team individually reviews the qualifications that are not included in the program to provide support through external job training, etc.

The IDP is a system designed to promote self-directed learning culture. Its purpose is to support individuals in successfully performing their current and future tasks by planning self-improvement. The team members actually establish and implement self-improvement plans and have them checked. They will receive systematic support for fostering talents through the leaders’ feedback on the entire procedure. As it is conducted annually, they can also revise and complement their plans yearly. From March to April, they set up goals and specific plans, followed by implementation and inspection of them until October.

The IDP consists of a compulsory system (two courses of job training, mandatory education), plans for qualification, and plans for language training. For the compulsory system, employees need to select and complete two or more courses from ‘in-company job training’ and task-based learning (TBL) that are related to their job, in addition to the compulsory courses of ‘‘prevention of sexual harassment,’ ‘awareness of persons with disabilities,’ and ‘leadership education.’

Job training, in particular, is training closely related to work in which instructors are selected from employees to lead, and is therefore a meaningful process that creates a virtuous cycle among employees. The TBL also is very meaningful in that it is an autonomous and cooperative education since the employees can organize learning clubs when they find a field that they need to learn while working on tasks. The TBL can be utilized by teams, departments, or individuals working on related tasks. Once a club is organized, the times for its activities are recognized as working hours. As they are organized autonomously, the effects that come with passion are expected to be maximized.

The job expert master’s course is the highest level among job training tracks, and it was created in accordance with the need for experts to carry out the new business that will be future income sources, as well as current business that the company is working on. For this reason, it is also being considered for use as a channel to foster strategic talents with professional knowledge to lead future business, and to further secure external technical talents and establish networks with universities.

This year, in addition to securing experts in logistics and shipping areas, nurturing experts equipped with skills and knowledge regarding new technology trends such as AI, big data, and smart logistics is planned. In fact, we are selecting employees to enter the technology management graduate school and big data/AI graduate school, in addition to the master’s program in global logistics.

There is also a course related to Digital Transformation (DT) that has been consistently emphasized for its importance. As the digital era accelerates and the need to systematically establish employees' future competency emerges, the DT Academy was designed to nurture future talents who can perform tasks such as logistics trend prediction, scenario analysis, and automation by strengthening the AI competency based on data analysis.

There are six main courses for strengthening future competency: AI Leader; Fast Track basics and in-depth courses; Data analysis practice using Python; Understanding AI application process; and Programming using AutoML. We plan to first secure leaders who can lead future business and talents with intermediate level competencies through this course, implemented step-by-step to enable the individual’s development by level.

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