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Power of Mutual Respect that Provides an
Organization with High Performance

There are times at work when you feel uncomfortable with the words and actions of others.
Although no one should be deliberately rude, not knowing what respectful conversations and behaviors are can involuntarily offend other people.
Let’s reflect on the reality and think about the attitude of mutual respect to complement this.
Article: Editor’s Office/ Cartoon by Lee Su-Jung

Your actual colleagues are not the ones you would prefer

JobKorea carried out a survey on “types of preferred colleagues,” targeting about 1,000 office workers. As a result, the first was “colleagues who cooperate,” with more than half the votes, and “”well-mannered and diligent colleagues,” followed by 32%, and “colleagues with positive mind and cheerful disposition” by 28%. In other words, many office workers want well-mannered colleagues to work with.

According to a survey conducted by Dong-A Business Review, 25% of office workers responded, “I have seen disrespectful behaviors and impolite remarks at work.” It leads to the conclusion that people want polite colleagues, but in reality, they often see ill-mannered or uncooperative colleagues.

Create a synergistic organization with mutual respect

Therefore, what all office workers need is, of course, talking and manners of mutual respect. This is not just a matter of feeling bad. According to a study, when a supervisor or a colleague acts or talks badly to a subordinate or a colleague, just witnessing it lowers the organization’s performance. In other words, when you show a cooperative attitude by holding back on rude remarks and being respectful, the company and your colleagues, as well as yourself, can grow.

It does not mean that you should always smile and accept anything. You can deal with uncomfortable situations in a flexible and polite way. Now, when do such uncomfortable situations arise? There could be times when you have different opinions from others, when you have complaints, when you made a mistake or an error, or when you need to make a request or receive one. These are times when you need the attitude of respect.

The way of speech and behavior is introduced in the following contents. Let’s try to be an organization with positive synergy through respectful treatment of colleagues.

GLOVIS CS cartoon

* The cartoon introduces a story about the attitude of mutual respect. Think about a good way of talking that should be in the balloon.

웹진 구독신청

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웹진 구독취소

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