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The Time We Spent Together
and Our Happy Memories

Everyone has their memories of life. To some people, they are nothing to pay attention to,
but for others, they may be the unforgettable moments in which they remember
the expressions, feelings, and atmosphere. These memories become your history and beautiful reminders.
We have collected some of these memories among the people of Hyundai Glovis to cherish them together.

Former football stars

Senior Manager Choi Hyeon-gyu of Automotive Parts Logistics Team 2
This is a commemorative photo for winning the 15th Hyundai Motor Group soccer tournament. Every moment of the game was like a movie that I cannot forget. I am always thankful to the players who sweated with me on the field and the staff members who cheered for us in the freezing winter weather. I relive the happy memory of that day when November comes every year.

I am a field worker

Manager Son Dong-ik of the Dangjin Business Office
Let me go through some of those happy memories one by one. I remember almost everything that I did after joining the company. I worked on premises equipment at the Dangjing Plant of Hyundai Steel. I had also worked in high-temperature sites over 80℃. I witnessed a KALMAR 37-ton forklift truck that cannot be produced in Korea, and I saw a CAT bulldozer. How can I forget those colossal, terrific memories? All of them remain as wonderful, precious experiences.

A memory about a pair of old shoes

Manager Choi Ho of PCTC America Operation Team
Are you surprised to see an old pair of dark shoes bringing back memories? These are the shoes that I had for quite a long time since my first day at work. I had been wearing them for years, and they are old and the color faded now, so I don’t wear them anymore. And since the dress code changed to casual, I rarely wear dress shoes. However, I couldn’t throw them away. So I dried them in the sun when the day was nice, and immersed myself in the memories. They're a precious memory that has been with me every day, in rain or snow.

Today, tomorrow, always by my side

Manager Jeong Dong-won of Business Cooperation/CSR Team
Let me tell you about a cup of coffee I enjoy at the Glovis café. It is important refreshment that wakes me up in the morning, energizes me when I’m tired, and distracts me from difficult situations. In my memories at Hyundai Glovis, there was always an Americano with me. A cup of Americano always relaxed me in any situation. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I will drink a cup of coffee and work hard, hoping to be a better person.

The old days...

Manager Jeong Jun-hyeok of Chilgok Release Center
I started working in Ulsan immediately after joining the company as soon as the training was over. This picture was taken when I first went to the headquarters on a business trip in April 2013. The business manager at the time told me to pose and took a picture of me, saying that I should leave a picture with the city view of Gangnam while I was in Seoul. Although it is not like the view of the new building now, it feels refreshing to see the old building. Until then, we never imagined something like COVID-19. Therefore, reflecting on the memories about the company is a very precious time.

Watching a Rugby Game with Colleagues

Manager Han Hye-jo of Auto-Biz (Pre-Owned Car) Team
This is a photo from the day I went to watch a rugby game with my colleagues when I was new at the company. It was my first time watching the game and I didn’t even know the rules, but it was fun to watch and learn. After that, the rugby team won many times. Jeong Yeon-sik especially did really well in the Tokyo games. I feel proud to have been at the humble beginning of his illustrious future.

Daily life before COVID-19

Manager Cheon Se-eun of Business Cooperation/CSR Team
I vividly remember the day when the Hyundai Glovis Safety Product Kit distribution event was held at Naerincheon Service Area in Gangwon-do in early August 2018, with a 40℃ heat wave. I miss the daily life before COVID-19, when the reaction was as hot as the weather.

A piece of memory from a business trip

Manager Jeong So-hyeon of Global Innovation Team 1
The most memorable of my memories at Hyundai Glovis, which was full of overseas work, was my first business trip to the United States in 2016. I remember having a hard time trying not to fall asleep at the meetings and reports I had at the headquarters in Georgia and Alabama as soon as I got off the plane. I also remember that the laptop charger I took was broken and I asked the owner at the lodging for a charger, another guest helped me. Senior Manager Song Ho-beom, the sojourning employee who explained VPC to me at that time, is the leader of my team now. I realized that time really flies.

I learned many things by working there at that time. Fortunately, I think that I am fully using what I learned and felt at that the time. This is a photo with Senior Manager Lee Jeong-ho who was in the same team as I at Glovis America, the last part of my memories, taken after finishing all the work there.

Employment gifts on another level

Manager Seo Hyeon of Hydrogen energy business Team
These are the gifts I received when I first went to work after changing my job. It was really impressive. Hyundai Glovis is different in handing out gifts, too. It's like, “I don’t know what you’d like, so I got them all.” I was considering buying AirPods because I needed them, but I received them among my gifts that included a tumbler, charger, toothbrush sterilizer, etc. They were all what I needed. The best was the Lamy fountain pen! They were considerate to add the extra fine nib. I was already using a fountain pen, so I really needed it. I remember telling everyone about it. That’s why I still have the picture of the gifts. It makes me feel warm and thankful just to think about it.

Bad selfie, but young and fresh

Senior Manager Kim Young-ik of the Strategic Purchasing Team
Those of you who know me may be surprised at how young I am. This is a photo taken in 2011, ten years ago when I was a new employee. It’s just a selfie I took on an ordinary day with my teammate. We’re both just looking ahead, not knowing the best angle. And what’s wrong with our faces? Still, I feel better thinking about that time because I was younger then!

With good friends

Manager Kim Mi-jung of the Corporate Culture Team
The valuable relationships I built up with others at Hyundai Glovis are with my colleagues. ♥ My colleagues are a big part of my company life. I think we feel more affectionate because we've been through good times and bad times together. I hope that we will continue to rely on each other and support each other. This is a photo taken on the day we were at a colleague’s wedding. Don’t we all look happy?

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