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Introducing Our Non-Face-to-Face Open-Talk Chat Room

The greatest driving force for the growth and development of a company is its employees.
We can exert greater power by collecting each of these employees’ different thoughts and merge them.
Accordingly, employees in their first, fifth, and tenth year gathered in a non-face-to-face communication space to ask questions and share opinions.
Let us look at some of their stories of change and growth.
Article: Editor’s Office

How to grow and what skills to acquire

10th year   Nice to meet you. Although we’re from different years and this is a non-face-to-face gathering, let’s talk frankly since we're here together. I am particularly curious about the first year employees who joined the company most recently. What kind of visions do you have, and how is your company life?

1st year   Since I was in college, I have visualized myself as a smart employee who does everything well, just like Ahn Young-yi from Misaeng. However, when I started working, I realized that it would require much more study and effort. So I am the curious one. What were you like when you first joined the company, and how did you grow?

5th year   I also had many dreams and many things I wanted to do when I was a new employee. Now, I think I am focusing more on realistic tasks at hand. However, I've been trying to absorb whatever I learned and experienced for the last five years. For example, I tried to draft a report myself, rather than reading a good one dozens of times.

10th year   When I first started working, I used to worry if I did something wrong when I didn't get a reply to an email I sent. However, during the past ten years, I was able to get rid of my worries by searching and studying about the work in various fields. No matter how difficult the work is, if you start it first, you can get more experience than others, and it will be your asset.

1st year   Do you have any other tips for a new employee like me?

10th year   I recommend you read the weekly work report and shared files, paying attention to not just your own work but other people’s too. It may not be helpful right away, but it can give you the idea of the workflow and how the company functions.

5th year   I hope you’re careful to avoid burnout. This is actually my story. There was a time when I used to work overtime every day. And I suffered from work stress even when no one said anything. I was too immersed in my job. If you ever feel like work is all you have in life, it will be helpful to take a short work and cool off.

10th year  That’s right. When you’re faced with endless tasks and things that won’t change, you feel helpless sometimes.

5th year  Were you ever in a slump?

10th year   Of course. But in such times, it helps to talk openly to colleagues whom you trust. It is comforting to know that you’re not the only one in that position. If it still doesn’t help, you can ask for a change in the job or look for another solution.

1st year   I will keep your advice in mind and use them when I have difficult times in the future. Still, I am new here and all I want is to do well. What do you think are the most important basic competencies needed in company life?

5th year   I think the basics in company life are manners and respect. A company is a place you work with others. Juniors should show manners toward seniors both as fellow human beings and colleagues, and seniors should respect juniors as work partners instead of treating them merely as subordinates. This respect will return to you eventually.

10th year   I guess it's similar, but I think listening is the most important thing. It may seem easy, but it’s not. The process of listening to others’ opinions, understanding, and putting them into practice is not easy. So I think it is most important to possess competencies both as a listener and a doer.

1st year   I expected you to emphasize work competency. I guess I need to refine my attitude first. I will try not to forget what you said.

What is the most proper and wise way of communication?

5th year   I also have a question. What do you think about the work culture of Hyundai Glovis? I wonder what your thoughts are on the existing way of work and communications.

1st year   To be honest, I think there is a formulaic reporting culture. So I thought the reporting and approval process could be a little more efficient. And there is one thing I was really shocked to hear ─ that we had to wear suits to work; and that there was a separate female staff uniform at the center.

10th year   Haha!!. I still have dozens of suits that I bought when I first joined the company. Still I don’t think it’s a waste. I am satisfied with the changes such as flexible work system and vacation, as well as the clothing.

1st year   You experienced both before and after. Is there anything you wish hadn't changed?

10th year   It’s a shame that company dining hours are shorter than before and there are not many opportunities for communication. It feels to me like there’s less sense of fellowship. But when it comes to communication, there are more difficulties for 5th years to act as a bridge between old employees like me and others, what do you think?

5th year   Yes, that's right. It’s the most difficult when seniors and juniors don’t understand each other. In the middle, I understand both the seniors and juniors, and I have to be a person to reflect their different opinions without hurting any of their feelings. So I practice good communication a lot, and try to have an open mind to accept any opinion. I don’t know if my efforts show. How do you want your seniors to communicate, as a 1st year employee?

1st year   I still have a lot to learn, and when I learn something, I can’t get it organized in my head. So personally, I like seniors who can explain why I do a job and what I’ll get from it step by step. What about you? What kind of juniors do you want to work with?

5th year   I think I also had a lot of help from considerate seniors who gave me accurate information when I was younger. However, now that I’m older, I want to work with juniors who can ask questions. I want them to keep asking and learn, instead of staying quiet.

1st year   Oh, really? I thought seniors would be annoyed, but if you like those people, I probably shouldn’t be too worried when I ask questions. I’m not at the level to show off my competencies yet, so I will first approach seniors with good attitude. In fact, affability and bright energy are my strengths.

10th year   Bright attitudes help relax a tense atmosphere and to communicate better with customers for better business cooperation. That is a good capability.

What to try…and what to go for

1st year   Thank you for thinking nicely of me. Anyway, I will try harder to improve my work competency in the long term. But after how long will you be able to see the improvement?

5th year   Even in my fifth year, I am still trying hard to improve my competency. We’ll work together. Recently, I thought that I would like to have good perception in various fields. In particular, if you look at people who can infer various facts from little information, you can see what a great competitiveness good perception is. So I am building up my competencies by reading books and news in various fields.

10th year   10th years aren’t perfect, so I am working hard to improve my competencies as well. However, I tend to challenge myself by doing things anyway. It’s difficult because there are many things change. Nevertheless, I try first, and if things don’t work out, I change again, so I can make decisions as quickly as possible.

1st year   After all, it’s an endless effort for improvement. Right now, I take foreign language conversation classes on the phone before going to work, and after work, I exercise to improve my fitness or read books. These will also help, won’t they?

5th year   Of course, it's not easy to have a job and work on self-improvement at the same time. You’re doing a lot! If you want to do it consistently, it’d be better to work on something you like. In that respect, I think you're doing fine. I know you’re still new, but is there anything you would like to achieve at work in the future?

1st year   Yes! I want to leave my traces while doing work. I heard that there was some opposition at first to a senior manager’s idea of using white markers to check vehicles. But now, it's become a convenient way for working. I would like to come up with these efficient ideas, however small they may be, and reflect them on work, to improve the existing system or work.

10th year   It's a practical approach, I am already looking forward. I’d like to see some helpful ideas. To help with building a good company together, I would like to add that you shouldn’t be afraid of changes. As you mentioned, some things don't seem like nice ideas in the beginning but change over time. When Teams was just adopted, there were negative views, but now, there are more positive aspects. I hope we can create an atmosphere where we can continue to try new things.

5th year   That’s right. A lot of things changed in the company. As we talked in the beginning, clothing changed from formal to casual, our building moved from Gangnam to Seoul Forest, and seating changed from fixed- to free-seating. Many things will continue to change, such as the hierarchy system or work names. However, I hope that our vocation, sense of belonging, and sense of bonding will not change. Each of us can encourage each other and create a better culture.

1st year   All right. You all are my future! I will remember and practice what you said today and contribute to the changes and growth of the company.

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