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Follow the Safety Rules for your Safety and Happiness!

Prevention of major disasters is one of the tasks businesses should give top priority to.
Workplace safety is no exception. In a bid to increase safety awareness,
Hyundai Glovis launched a company-wide “Safety campaign” to make workplace safety second nature to everyone.
We conducted an interview with staffers with the Safety & Environment Team, which has led the move.
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Two-week company-wide campaign for prevention of minor collisions along with traffic safety

According to the statistical data on industrial accidents released by Korea's Ministry of Employment and Labor, accidents related to falls from heights occur more often than others. This means that workers are often exposed to falls from heights while loading and unloading trucks and securing loads with ropes on trucks. In order to prevent these accidents, we require all workers to equip themselves with personal protective safety gear, including hard hats and safety boots, and install guardrails, but accidents will still happen.

In order to address the problem, we at Hyundai Glovis launched a company-wide campaign for two weeks starting November 15. The campaign is two-fold: to prevent in-house minor collisions and to promote traffic safety. We installed banners and sign stands in the target workplaces and sent training materials to managers with subcontractors. During the campaign period, we give out a face mask with a line on safety written on it pamphlet that provides information on safety-related cautions. We also chanted slogans to increase awareness. We asked the staffers who staged the campaign to find out what results these efforts would lead to.

Meaning and effect of safety campaigns

Manager Kim Hyun-bin of the Safety & Health Team

Among the accidents that occur in the workplace many lead to serious disasters, but the possibility of minor impact collisions to become fatal is rather low. Nevertheless, we launched the two-fold campaign because we are acutely aware of the fact that minor accidents become major problems.

In fact, ensuring safety comes with some inconveniences. For instance, we have to wait for the signals to change. Also, seat belts may be uncomfortable or inconvenient, but they make a big difference in the event of a car accident. Accordingly, safety should be put before convenience and everything else in the workplace.

Of course, one campaign will not be enough to change your way of thinking and acting. Yet, we believe that consistent campaign activities are necessary to raise awareness of and interest in safety. We at the Safety & Environment Team plan to continue our efforts to build a positive safety culture in the workplace. We will continue to engage in safety campaign activities on Safety Day every month to raise company-wide safety awareness.

2022 Safety Campaign

Starting this year, we plan to undertake diverse activities to raise public awareness of safety by playing videos, holding quizzes, and conducting surveys as part of the safety campaign on Safety Day every month. In addition, we will launch special safety campaigns in each workplace to improve workplace safety when major issues emerge.

On the spot

We could refresh our workplace culture

Senior manager Jeon Jin-gyu of the Cargo Quality Management Team at Pyeongtaek International Terminal

How is this safety campaign different from the previous ones?
It wasn’t easy to plan and prepare for the campaign and work with members while working. However, the Safety & Environment Team prepared for the campaign in advance, making it easy for us to carry it out with passion and greater responsibility.

What was the reaction of other workers to the campaign?
We undertook diverse activities during the two-week campaign period and achieved successful results. Also, we gave out practical items that are useful for daily life and well received by the participants. Moreover, the campaign was a great chance for us to listen to the workers in relation to workplace safety. In this respect, the campaign helped refresh workplace culture, which is, I think, quite encouraging.

Let’s make Hyundai Glovis a safe workplace

Manager Jeong Dong-uk of the Pyeongtaek Port Processing Center

How would you assess the workers’ general safety consciousness? What is the meaning of this campaign?
Over 17 years has passed since the opening of the Pyeongtaek Port Processing Center in 2004. It’s not easy to get out of our comfort zone after all these years. However, our seasoned and passionate colleagues often bring up new ideas about safety. Since the Pyeongtaek Port Processing Center is likely to see traffic accidents occurring often as members have to transport vehicles by driving them. This safety campaign is meaningful in that it raised their awareness of safety.

Is there anything you would like to say to your colleagues?
I’m well aware that Hyundai Glovis puts safety first, engaging in many diverse activities to keep the workplace safe. I hope that we all pay attention to safety and join the effort to achieve desirable results and keep everyone safe in the workplace.

Safety is directly related to our lives

Senior manager Yu Byeong-cheon at Seosan Vehicle Release Center

How is this safety campaign different from the previous ones?
As it was a company-wide campaign supported by the headquarters, I think the difference lies in the fact that it succeeded in bringing employees’ attention to workplace safety and highlighting its importance. It showed the company’s determination to put workplace safety first and increased employees’ awareness of workplace safety.

How did employees’ respond to the campaign? What lessons did you learn from it?
To be honest, there is still a perception that prioritizing safety is inconvenient. I think the campaign is design to change this. Various items related to workplace safety, including face masks, banner stands, pamphlets, were on display during the campaign period and they seemed quite effective. As workplace safety is a joint effort, we all have to work together consistently so that safety becomes our second nature. I hope this campaign help increase our awareness of the importance of workplace safety as a lifesaver.

I’m touched by the company-wide attention to safety

Manager Ma Dae-hwan at Hyangnam Logistics Center

What did you learn from this campaign?
This is the first safety campaign I joined because I’m a new hire. I was impressed by the fact that Hyundai Glovis really cares about workplace safety. We all actively participated in the campaign as it resonated with us. It gave us a chance to remind us of the importance of workplace safety.

What are the changes you expect this campaign to bring?
As we all learned about the Serious Accidents Punishment Act in detail, I expect that everyone is well aware of workplace safety. The campaign made us realize the fact that workplace safety takes a joint effort to be effective. As this campaign gave us new insights into workplace safety, I hope that there will be more programs we can participate in to sharpen our safety awareness.

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