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The Golden Age of Web Variety

There are completely refreshing and surprising variety shows on the Web. When something is big, there are endless ways to use them.
As a result, Web variety shows have developed into an industry, and now implement marketing with companies.
To feel these changes in the world, let's check out the current hot catchphrase, "Web Variety Show."
Article: Editor’s Office

Differences between TV Variety and Web Variety

Shows that provide fun with contents such as entertainment, amusement, music, etc. are called variety shows. The pleasant atmosphere gives raw entertainment, and the content that reflects the trend is interesting, so variety shows are quite popular among TV shows. However, the variety shows that are hot now are “Web variety shows.” It’s not hard to understand ─ those that are not TV variety shows are Web variety shows. In other words, these are the ones available on Naver TV, YouTube, Netflix, and Tving.

There is something special about Web variety

Whether it is a TV variety or Web variety, they are similar in their so-called “fun and delightful” stories. If you look closely, however, they have a substantial difference, and that difference is what completely changes the media trend.

Diversity of the cast that includes entertainers, celebrities, man of the moment, YouTubers, to ordinary people

First of all, Web variety shows have different casts. In TV variety shows, celebrities such as entertainers or sports stars mostly appear, but in Web variety, diverse kinds of people including ordinary people and YouTubers, as well as entertainers and celebrities, appear.

New materials such as negotiations with companies, military experiences and reality survival, real romance, stocks, etc.

And the contents they have are like a reality show. They also deal with contents that are not easy to show on TV. The spectrum of contents and network of composition are quite intense, such as showing real love stories of ordinary people, entertainers experiencing various professions, negotiating with companies, boldly introducing stocks, and openly advertising.

Easy access, subtitles, and unexpected situations in short videos of about 10 minutes and rapid development

Moreover, all you need is about ten minutes to watch a whole episode. In a world with so many things to see, it is difficult to start a new show and keep watching Web entertainment, but this allows one to finish watching an episode in ten minutes. You can view them whenever you have a short break. You can indulge yourself in Web variety during lunch or before going to bed, and the casual use of subtitles makes it more interesting.

Supplementation and upgrade through reflecting communications with viewers and season system

In addition, since it is streamed on the Web, you can check the reaction in real time and reflect the viewers’ feedback faster than the TV. As most of them are in seasons, some shortcomings are reflected in the next season.

Media trends changed by Web variety

The catchphrase "Web variety" first appeared in "New Journey to the West" by tvNgo in 2015. It was only two to three years ago that this was recognized as a genre. Wassup Man presented by JTBC studio Lululala gave raw fun, and Pengsoo of the Giant Peng TV created a boom as a healing icon. Toy Soldiers by the Physical Gallery were also a huge hit. As a result, studios that specialize in web variety are increasing.

The term web variety soon became popular not long after it appeared ─ and the market, the influence, and the possibilities are also rapidly growing. It has established itself as a happy surprise that satisfies many people with joy as a trend that deserves attention.

Pay attention to the corporate collaboration type Web variety

As mentioned above, web variety has a special charm that instantly catches the eye of the viewer with its great diversity of materials, and has great potential for market expansion. In response to this trend, Hyundai Glovis has also joined the web variety fashion to communicate better with the customers by collaborating with Jukebox by Studio Lululala of JTBC. In order to introduce Autobell’s Sell Your Car service more effectively, Hyundai Glovis has used various elements from the location, to props, to enrich the contents.

The web variety by Autobell and Jukebox has captured people’s attention by using the elements of fun, familiarity, and song, rather than just publicity. Before we view its contents, let us check out the main points to focus on.

How did Autobell prepare surprises of Jukebox 2

On October 7, a Web variety show related to Autobell was introduced on Jukebox 2 hosted by singer KCM, Subin of Dal Shabet, and composer Choi Il-ho. They composed a commercial song and made a short music video for Autobell’s Sell Your Car service.

Autobell has previously promoted its service on Jeeseokjin World. This time, it joined hands with Jukebox 2, a popular corporate collaboration type Web variety show, to get closer to its customers. The Auto-Biz (Pre-Owned Car) Team has done a lot for the production of the commercial song. It adopted an outdoor variety show by choosing a good day to do the shooting at an outdoor cafe, and the team members also participated in the song by singing together.

The hosts were particularly surprised at the high-quality preparations by the Auto-Biz Team, which presented a custom-made harmonica for KCM as a gift, and an event with a NEXO mini- electric car as a reward. The Team exposed their logo continuously using balloons, garlands, and banners. In addition, they also gave an instant car evaluation at the site and a satisfying estimate. This was to showcase the service expertise of a large company with meticulous preparation and pleasing gifts, strengthening the brand image by confidently revealing the Hyundai Motor Group, and ensuring reliability in used car sales.

Utilizing this video and commercial song as the medium, Autobell expects that the brand will be naturally recognized by customers and the brand USP message will be effectively delivered.

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