We Make Together! 2023 HYUNDAI GLOVIS LIFESTYLE2.0

In April 2022, Hyundai Glovis Lifestyle2.0 is now the corporate culture that everyone at Hyundai Glovis knows. In May, various activities were held for Lifestyle2.0, which Hyundai Glovis people create together and are proud of when they think about it.

Happy children’s day with Dori and Tae-ri, the mascots of LIFE SYTLE 2.0

Team leader Ahn Jeong-heon, Technology Planning Team

Team leader Jeong Jong-hyeon, Business Supporting Team

Senior manager Keum Kyung-myung, Trading Business Strategy Team

Senior manager Kim Su-hyeon, Auto-Biz Auction Business Team

Senior manager Ahn Sang-nam, Auto Parts(KD) Technical Standard Management Team

Senior Manager Park Ji-hyun, Procurement Planning Team

Senior manager Yun Yeon-jung, Europe Auto Parts (KD) Biz Team

Manager Kwon Jeong-min, Latin America Forwarding Operation Team

Manager Seo Hee-jae, Chilgok Vehicle Release Center

Everyone knows that May 5th is Children’s Day. Every parent of young children has the same question in mind as a day approaches. “What special Children’s Day experience and gift should I give them this year? The Hyundai Glovis Lifestyle2.0 mascots, Dory and Tae-ri, read these parents’ minds and prepared a special gift for them. They have prepared a special gift: it’s a one-of-a-kind gift to the world, complete with your child’s artwork. There are two types of gifts available: a watch and a crossbody bag, both engraved with a unique drawing. In addition, a drawing sheet with greetings from Dori and Tae-ri has been created to help children in their drawing efforts. and mugs for unmarried employees.

미혼 직원들을 위해 준비된 머그컵

The response from Hyundai Glovis employees to the Children’s Day gifts exceeded expectations. A total of 320 entries were received, and the special gifts were completed and distributed to participating employees ahead of Children’s Day successfully. Not only were the gifts heartwarming, reflecting the innocence of children and the warmth of family, but they were also beautiful to look at and were works of modern art in their own right.

Deployment photo on the 32nd floor of headquarters

자동차선특수화물팀 한동민 팀장(좌) 유통솔류션팀 고영상팀장(우)

글로벌통상지원팀 박동성 팀장(좌) 아태사업지원팀 박상원 책임매니저(우)

Watch of Senior Manager Kang Min-koo’s child(left), which reflects the brightness of spring, and the crossbody bag of Team Manager Jeong Hyun-woo’s child(right), which conveys the joy of Children’s Day.

G-Space filled with Lifestyle2.0.

Since moving to Seoul Forest D Tower in February 2021, the 32nd floor of Hyundai Glovis has become a typical communication space where many members gather to relax and talk. The spacious bookshelves and space have been filled with stories from Hyundai Glovis people. This is where the LIFESTYLE2.0 BOOK CAFÉ and Talk Zone are located.

LIFESTYLE2.0 BOOK CAFÉ: It is a room composed of a “Book of Life” related to Lifestyle2.0 items recommended by Hyundai Glovis employees themselves. to complete the LIFESTYLE2.0 BOOK CAFÉ, recommended books were received through a preliminary consultation with the entire company. As a result, a total of 72 books recommended by employees, including CEO Lee Kyu-bok, were lined up on the bookshelves of the LIFESTYLE2.0 BOOK CAFÉ. The 72 books, along with various testimonials, fill the hearts and minds of Hyundai Glovis people. The books from the LIFESTYLE2.0 BOOK CAFÉ have also been added to the Hyundai Glovis e-Library so that Hyundai Glovis people can read them anytime, anywhere.


Why do you recommend this book to others?

This book is authored by an individual who hosts a podcast and has gained insights from the thoughts and experiences of successful individuals (Titans) across diverse fields. It shows that successful people are not so different from us and that small changes, consistency, etc. are enough to achieve success. It consists of approximately 60 episodes and can be read in bite-sized portions, making it worth a read.

What do you think about the opening of the LAS 2.0 BOOK CAFÉ?

The LIFESTYLE2.0 BOOK CAFÉ is a great way for our colleagues to share books from a variety of disciplines that have made an impact on them, and I look forward to seeing the culture of encouraging reading become more ingrained at Hyundai Glovis.

(Tim Ferriss Ι Tornado Ι 2022)

Why do you recommend this book to others?

In this book, author Lim Kyung-sun shares her thoughts on the five values (spontaneity, generosity, honesty, sincerity, and fairness) that run through her life. As we go about our daily lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the problems in front of us and forget about the values that make us who we are, so I recommend this book because it gives you a chance to think about your own values. one particularly memorable line is “We don’t live in a world where there are right answers anyway, so I just have to center myself in the chaos and trust the answers that come to me and move forward. It’s a sad story, but basically no one can live my life for me. My life is mine to contemplate, evaluate, make choices, take action, and assume responsibility for.”

What do you think about the opening of the LAS 2.0 BOOK CAFÉ?

I was impressed by the fact that it went beyond just having books available and opened another communication window through each other’s book recommendations. In a company where many different people live and work together, I think it was an opportunity to empathize with other people’s thoughts and feelings through book recommendations.

(Lim Kyung-sun Ι Hankyoreh Publishing Co. Ι 2018)

Why do you recommend this book to others?

I felt comfortable recommending the because it is a book that has been widely supported by the public, with both series 1 and 2 being bestsellers. Additionally, the Adlerian psychological philosophy found in this book has influenced the direction of my life and aided in resolving some of the challenges I faced during my early years. I recommend it because there are parts of the book that clearly explain various ideas in life. In particular, “We are not determined by the events of our past, but by the meaning we attach to them” was very empowering.

What do you think about the opening of the LAS 2.0 BOOK CAFÉ?

Looking at the books owned by the selected employees, it was refreshing to observe that there are many avid readers within our company. It was also good to get a glimpse of our employees’ interests and social trends through the titles of the books. I hope that the efforts of the Education & Culture team will rekindle a culture of reading in our company.

(Fumitake Koga and Ichiro Kishimi Ι Influential Ι 2022)

The Lessons of SayNo (Sayno Ι Day1 Ι 2023)

“I dare say it’s the best book I’ve ever read. It is very well organized with know-how and experience in different situations we face in life. Every moment of reading this book gave me a lot of insight into how I should approach life. It’s a book I will take out again definitely when I feel tired of life or depressed for no reason.” – Recommended by Manager 000

Uncomfortable convenience store (Kim Ho-yeon Ι Namubench Ι 2021)

“My team leader gave me this book last year. I read it for New Year’s on January 1st this year, and I didn’t get bored because it was made up of different people’s stories. I think it was more interesting because it was about ordinary people in a grocery store in any neighborhood.” – Recommended by Manager 000

Director Kim’s Story of working at a large company and living in Seoul (Song Hee-gu Ι Seosamdok Ι 2021)

“A book that made me think about myself. It was an easy, quick, and light read.” – Recommended by Manager 000

LIFESTYLE2.0 Talk Zone : In addition to the LIFESTYLE2.0 BOOK CAFÉ, there is another space filled with stories from Glovis people. A LIFESTYLE2.0 Talk Zone created with members of the board game club ‘Gamdabang’. As the 32nd floor is the representative communication space of Hyundai Glovis, Dongle organized the LAS2.0 Talk Zone by recommending board games that fit the 11 categories of Lifestyle2.0 for members to have more fun when they meet. “Board games have the charm of making you focus on the game without any awkwardness, even with people you meet for the first time,” said Dongle, who introduced various types of board games to the RAS2.0 Talk Zone, from the popular ‘Rummy Cube’ to simple games like ‘Haligali’, brain games like ‘Avalon’ and ‘Nocturnes’, and games that are somewhat unfamiliar to the general public like ‘Skulking’ and ‘Like Shower’. By categorizing them according to work-related qualities, the members emphasized that board games are not just for fun.

Category: Autonomy & Responsibility

Blockers – Break the rules of Tetris as you know it and play with vertices! Easy, simple rules with lots of fun and strategy. You can place them anywhere on the board, but once you do, you’re responsible for your choices.

Category: Challenging runs

Ubongo 3D – also known as Ubongo 3D, a 3D block game! Each round, the first-place winner gets a basic gem and an additional random gem. The winner is the one who stays in the game until the end. Some Globis may find themselves reminiscing about the old aptitude tests while playing!

Category: Communication

Resistance Avalon – Avalon, also known as the Mafia game, is a game in which players try to lead their team to victory in an expedition lasting up to five rounds while hiding their identity (good or bad). Constructive discussion and communication between participants are key, as the selection of members for the five trips is crucial and you need to belong.

Category: Focus on the essentials

The Game – A game where players work together without revealing their hands, and the only way to win is to reveal all the cards in everyone’s hand. Collaborate and win with The Game, where you and your colleagues must be on the same page to win.

Category: Efficiency

Haligali Cups – it doesn’t get much more efficient than this! It’s a great icebreaker game that breaks the ice in no time. It’s a simple game where you stack or arrange the cups in the order of the colors on the card, and the first person to ring the bell wins a card.

What new LIFESTYLE2.0 programs are coming in the second half of the year?

The Education and Culture Team meeting to disseminate Hyundai Glovis’ improved organizational culture, Lifestyle2.0

Lifestyle2.0 Point & Lifestyle2.0 Card: Hyundai Glovis will be showered with gratitude and praise. At the end of the year, the Lifestyle2.0 points earned by sharing real-time complement messages for each item in Lifestyle2.0 can be redeemed for a Lifestyle2.0 Kit is exclusively available for the year in which the points are accumulated. In the second half of the year, users can write compliments in the “Lifestyle2.0 Card” tab of “My Glovis” and earn Lifestyle2.0 points for the recipient. If you have a message for someone and haven’t gotten around to telling them, why not try it?”

*Promoting Lifestyle 2.0 best practices: This year we launched Lifestyle Rewards, a permanent rewards system based on Lifestyle 2.0. Each business unit has established criteria and procedures to select and reward Rewarders according to each selection type. Among these Rewarders, Hyundai Glovis employees who exemplify Lifestyle 2.0 are interviewed in order to regularize and promote the best practices of Hyundai Glovis Lifestyle 2.0 throughout the company. Interviews will be conducted not only with the award winners but also with employees who have accumulated a significant number of Lifestyle 2.0 points to showcase these achievements. These cases will be published in future case books throughout the year.

*Lifestyle2.0 Talk Festival: The Lifestyle2.0 Talk Festival was introduced to employees on November 23 last year with various programs based on Lifestyle2.0 that can be enjoyed by communicating together. It was remembered as a more fulfilling festival as more Hyundai Glovis participated than expected. Continuing the momentum, this year’s festival will offer a variety of programs for employees to participate in together.

What are your goals for the Lifestyle 2.0 program this year as opposed to 2022?

Last year, we conducted many outreach programs to inform many employees about the newly revised Lifestyle 2.0. This year, we focused not only on spreading the word about Lifestyle 2.0 but also on preparing programs to help Hyundai Glovis employees experience Lifestyle 2.0 in a more positive way and further strengthen their commitment to its implementation.

What are your plans for Lifestyle 2.0?

We believe that Lifestyle 2.0 can only be completed if all Hyundai Glovis employees participate and practice it together. Therefore, this year we are developing various programs under the slogan “Lifestyle 2.0, we make together”. We ask for your interest and participation in Lifestyle 2.0 Points, Lifestyle 2.0 Best Practice Book, and Lifestyle 2.0 Talk Festival planned for the second half of the year so that many Hyundai Glovis employees can participate, empathize, and practice Lifestyle 2.0! In addition, the Culture WG will also welcome you with various programs, so please stay tuned!

Please leave a word to encourage employee participation in Lifestyle 2.0.

In my work related to Lifestyle 2.0, I think the most urgent need is the interest and participation of Hyundai Glovis employees. I believe that improving and changing organizational culture requires not only the efforts of individuals or teams but also the active participation of all members.
If each and every one of you believes in our Culture WG and actively participates in various activities. and programs related to Lifestyle 2.0, we promise to always do our best. We ask for your interest so that Lifestyle 2.0 at Hyundai Glovis can become our own Lifestyle 2.0 that we can be more and more proud of in the future.