Introducing the new global family of Hyundai Glovis
Mia Simó, Corporate Communications Specialist, Europe

Even in a globalized world, the differences between cultures, emotions, and languages remain subtle. Mia Simó, a corporate communications specialist at HYUNDAI GLOVIS EUROPE in Germany, bridges the gap between Korea and Europe through communication and represents the voice of Hyundai Glovis.

What made you decide to join Hyundai Glovis?

I was searching for job openings in Frankfurt, a city I had wanted to move to for a long time.  When I got the opportunity to work as a corporate communicator at Hyundai GLOVIS, I knew it was the right place for me. During the interview, the managers’ friendly and attentive attitude impressed me. The emphasis on the proactive role caught my attention. As someone who values creativity and innovation, an environment where I can bring new ideas to the table is a must for me. After two months in this position, I am happy I decided to join. I am eager to contribute my skills and ideas at Hyundai GLOVIS!

How much did you know about Korea before you joined?

I had some knowledge of Korean culture. Korean barbecue is one of my favorite foods, and I often encountered K-pop in my experience as a radio host. Kia was also my first car. I had many opportunity to work with different international teams in Germany. It’s always fun to experience a new culture, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to learn about the systematic culture of the Korean workplace.

What are your impressions after your first month at HYUNDAI GLOVIS EUROPE, and have you encountered any challenges?

Thanks to the warm welcome I received from my teammates, my adjustment to the company went smoothly. However, I faced a challenge when looking for an apartment in Frankfurt: moving to a new city in such a short time is not easy. After relying on Airbnb for the first month, I was lucky enough to find a place near the office.

What exactly do you do now that you’re responsible for European corporate communications?

One of the first things we did was to evaluate and analyze all of our communication materials, benchmarking them against industry best practices to identify areas for improvement and develop a strategy to increase brand awareness. The launch of a newsletter for Europe is an important initiative of the newly created Corporate Communications team. The idea is to keep stakeholders in the region up to date with relevant news and to ensure a consistent message internally. We’ve also recently launched a LinkedIn channel to increase our brand awareness, which we believe will help us communicate our culture and values, attract top talent and inspire pride in our existing team. I’m also responsible for supporting and communicating our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy in Europe. I’m involved in organizing relevant industry events, reorganizing channels such as our website, and improving our internal and external communication processes.

What should a company keep in mind when it comes to PR and marketing in another country?

It’s about balancing a global perspective with local adaptability. It’s important to recognize that what works in one country may not necessarily work in another due to cultural, social, legal, and economic differences. A clear, comprehensive strategy that sets out broad goals while allowing flexibility for local adaptation is essential. This strategy should be developed in collaboration with local stakeholders, taking into account local perspectives, needs, and constraints. It’s important to provide a flexible and adjustable framework that doesn’t compromise the uniqueness of the region and the essence of the brand.

Is this your first time working for a Korean company? What is your experience with Korean corporate culture?

What stands out is the level of ownership of work and achievement of goals. Commitment creates a productive work environment. There is a strong sense of work ethic, which means there is a high level of concern for stability and job security. I was also impressed with the benefits offered by the company, including breakfast and lunch and gym memberships. On a personal note, I really like the culture where people who come to work dressed the nines change their shoes to slippers so they can be comfortable in the office.

As a local employee who is fluent in the local culture and language, what do you think is the direction and future of public relations marketing at GLOVIS EUROPE? 

I believe we need to go beyond simply providing business solutions and focus on contributing to a future that shares the vision and philosophy of the Hyundai Motor Group and communicating the value we create as a company. The key is to strengthen our communication strategy to effectively communicate the value and expertise we already have. This should include not only demonstrating our strengths to the industry, but also emphasizing our commitment to innovation, sustainability and social responsibility.

What are your hopes and goals for the future?  

I am looking forward to developing my skills in global brand management while developing my teamwork skills in a multicultural environment. I would like to experience a variety of things in Frankfurt, from the vibrant business environment to the rich cultural diversity.

By Editorial Department