Have you buy and sell secondhand in company? The “Daangl Market”, a trustworthy place with an average manners temperature of 100 degrees centigrade.

The success of a secondhand transaction depends as much on who you’re dealing with as it does on the quality of the item. The seller and buyer must trust each other to sell the right item, not lie in the description, and honor the deal. Who better to trust than your colleagues? The Daangl Market, Hyundai Glovis’ internal secondary market, opened with great anticipation. In April, when the flowers were in full bloom, two Hyundai Glovis employees introduced their first products.

Baby products are one of those essential items where quality is a priority, but they don’t last forever. This is due to their short lifespan. Baby products in good condition at second-hand stores are a blessing. A baby carrier that lasts for a year or two at the most, Kim Sung-won’s like-new baby carriers are a must-have for any savvy consumer who is expecting a child.

“I remember buying it with excitement and caution when I had my first child last year. Due to the nature of the product, I didn’t get to use it for a long time, but I made a lot of great memories carrying it around with my child, and now that my baby is older, I’ve decided to sell it after discussing it with my wife.”

Kim says he uses the baby carrier more than his wife when they go out on the weekends. He cites the Forb baby carrier’s sturdy materials, which make both parents and babies feel safe, and its design, which makes it easy for one person to put on. Kim, who said that most of his baby products are hand-me-downs or used, explained that as a parent, she believes that clean and functional baby products are smart.
“Baby stuff doesn’t last long – kids grow so fast that clothes are outgrown before you know it, and most baby items like toys, carriers, car seats, and crib mobile are outgrown before you know it, leaving you with little money to buy new baby stuff, and even less to feed your hard-working mom and dad!”

One of the used parenting items that manager Kim Sung-won is looking for these days is a baby ride-on car for babies who have just started walking. “I hope that many people will participate in the transactions of Daangl Market, which guarantees high satisfaction and reliability,” he said, adding that trust is fundamental and there are no worries about shipping costs or transportation, and wished Hyundai Glovis’ internal used market a prosperous future.

Classics are timeless. We may not wear shoulder pads, tight ties, and pantsuits as much as we used to, but a well-tailored suit is still a must-have for any professional. Manager Kang’s navy suit has been with him at every important moment. He wore it to his job interview at Hyundai Glovis and on the first day of his new employee training. It’s a dependable suit that makes an impression on the wearer.

“This is the suit that I wore on the day of my job interview with Hyundai Glovis and on the first day of my training as a new employee. I bought it for the interview, but I didn’t have an immediate job offer, so I bought it at a department store just in case. I ended up getting an interview with Hyundai Glovis that year, so it’s a lucky suit, right?”

The navy suit that was worn by manager Kang Min-sung on important occasions such as interviews and celebrations is “basic” in its appeal. He wore it carefully because of its dapper charm no matter when or where he wore it, but unfortunately, it had been stored in the closet for years because it didn’t fit his body well. Although it has been worn over the years, it still has a nice rounded shape because it has been treated with care.

“I don’t wear my original clothes roughly, and I’ve taken care of them, so I’ve been careful with my steps to make sure I don’t scratch the fabric (laughs). When I store it, I hang it on a suit hanger to keep it as wrinkle-free as possible.”

You no longer have to wear a suit to work anymore, so why do you still need a good suit? Kang comes up with a formula: “Suit=Preparedness”.
“As an adult, there are occasions when you have to dress properly, and even if it’s not often, I think it’s a basic part of being a social person to always have a well-presented suit, and maybe it’s related to confidence.”

Now that he has a daughter who is turning one, he often shops for second-hand baby items and fully supports the idea of Daangl Market as a way to contribute to the internal sharing economy.
“I think it’s safer to buy and sell second-hand from people who have a guaranteed status, so there’s no distance involved, and since ‘health’ is the biggest wish for 2024, I hope the second-hand market will be the place to do it.”

By Editorial Department