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GLOVIS+, the Hyundai Glovis webzine, has just celebrated its 200th issue. To commemorate the 200th issue, we look back at the past of GLOVIS+ with various records. Which GLOVIS+ contributors are the most popular, and which ones have become in-house “celebrities” with high views? We asked them what it’s like to be the biggest and best webzine stars and what the stories behind their interviews are.

Even if you are in the same company, it is not easy to know each other’s work, faces and names unless you are in the same team or room. The webzine GLOVIS+ has become a social place for GLOVIS employees to break down the walls between departments and shorten the distance between coworkers through various concepts and stories. Professional, funny and sometimes touching, GLOVIS+ celebrated its 200th issue thanks to the active collaboration of GLOVIS employees who are all three. We caught up with the team behind the most performed and most viewed shows to find out what they’ve been up to and what’s next.

Ranking Name Number of appearances Department name
1 Kim Hyun-bin 5 Bulk Operation Team
Co2 Seo-hyun 3 Hydrogen energy business Team
Co2 Choi Young-jin 3 Cargo Quality Management Team
Co2 Choi Sung-woo 3 Safety & Health Team
Co2 Choi Beom-seong 3 Advanced Technology Team
Co2 Lee Kyung-young 3 Learning & Culture Team
Co2 Gong Sun-man 3 Advanced Technology Team

Manager Kim Hyun-bin, who is responsible for the smooth operation of ships carrying coal, iron ore, grain, and steel coils from the beginning to the end of the voyage, was surprised by the news of the most appearances.

“I distinctly remember attending a few events when I was a new employee, but I didn’t realize I had made five official appearances. I was so surprised when the communications team contacted me, I looked up my name on the webzine site, and seeing my past history brought back memories I’d forgotten. I did what I wanted to do, and I’m honored to have been chosen as the most prolific.

Kim’s first solo appearance was in the 145th issue of the magazine, in an article titled “Bukka,” which introduced a unique hobby. At the time, he was learning acting as a hobby and says that he was “at the height of his passion for acting,” so he approached the webzine interview with an open and proactive attitude, seeing it as his first step toward becoming an actor. The result? His co-workers, family, and friends loved his performance so much that he appeared four more times, including in the “Christmas Home Party” and “Zero Waste” articles. He has become a master of interviewing, and his favorite article to appear in is the Team Intro section, featuring all the team members.

“My team members are introverted, so I’m sure I’ll get a lot of downvotes, but I’ll give it my best shot, haha. I’ve been featured so many times that the GLOVIS+ webzine is like a memory bank, and I’d like to create some good memories with my team that I can look back on at any time.”

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“Being ranked in the top five most viewed videos of the year has a positive effect on the entire team, knowing that so many employees are curious and interested in what we do. It’s especially meaningful as we start the year with a reorganization.”

Team leader Kim Ki-hyun and his teammates were overwhelmed by the news of the top 5 most viewed videos and will start a new life as the Smart Logistics DX team in 2024. “The time we spent last year working tirelessly and relying on each other for a single goal flashed by like a lantern,” said Kim Ki-hyun, recalling the intense time. The high number of views of the team’s article that captured that time filled the team with a sense of pride and excitement.

The Smart Logistics DX team is responsible for business strategy and support for smart logistics solutions, business intelligence platform development, AMR to introduce robots to logistics centers, and simulation to enhance ordering capabilities and business capabilities using digital twins/data twins.

“Our team is shaping the future of the logistics industry together through our smart logistics solutions business. This is possible thanks to the passion and unremitting efforts of our team members. We will continue to cooperate and develop with each other to become the best team. We hope that GLOVIS+ will become a webzine with wider coverage and deeper insights in its 200th issue, and we look forward to sharing new stories and diverse experiences of our team in the future.”

“If I had known there was such a thing as a view ranking, I would have prepared better, so I could have been in the top five, haha.”

Team Leader Heo Young-nam’s comment on being selected as the 6th most viewed article was half joking, half serious, and full of cute ambition. “I’m also a person who keeps track of the new employee article that ranked first, so I’m satisfied with the current ranking,” he said, expressing his gratitude to the Glovis people who contributed to the high number of views. He cited the nature of the work, which attracts everyone’s attention, and the team members with diverse work experience as reasons for the popularity.

“The Logistics Infrastructure Planning team is responsible for building the systems and infrastructure of the Global Logistics Division, which is a concern and aspiration of the entire division, and I think we have a good mix of people from different teams, who are known to be good in their respective teams, so we have the best network of people.”

“Let’s work hard and get involved and by issue 300, we’ll have at least two of our team’s articles in the top 10, hahahahaha 😊”

“The AI TECH team was established in July 2020, and at that time, there were four team members, including myself, working on optimization/AI models related to KD and Autoviz. We now work with multiple business units, which is probably why there were so many Glovis who were curious about our team.”

AI TECH team that develops optimization/AI models to automate and support decision making from data generated across the enterprise. “We feel a deep sense of responsibility for the attention we’ve received from Glovis people,” said Yeon Han-byeol, the manager in charge of the team. He also vowed to work hard to successfully complete the current project as well as future projects.

When he needs to take a break from work, he reads webzines to recharge his batteries, and his wish list for GLOVIS+ would include an article on the best places to eat near work. After a great start to 2024 with an unexpected award, what are the AI TECH team’s plans for the new year?

“Since its establishment in July 2020, the AI TECH team has worked with two business units in 2022 to validate the effectiveness of optimization/AI models, and with three business units in 2023 to test optimization/AI models in practice. This year, we will develop practical optimization/AI models for all business units and apply them in practice to improve efficiency.”

“I couldn’t believe it at first when I heard that our Autobell Yangsan Center was ranked 10th in the top 10 most popular articles recently. I remember the summer of 2022 when we filmed the video, and I remember being excited and worried about the camera jitters when I heard that our Autobell Yangsan Center was selected as the first contestant for the ‘National Tour’. When it came to the filming, the team members did well in interviews and actively participated in team games, which I was very grateful for as the center manager.”

Won Chi-hee shared the secret behind the top 10 article views, saying that the “warm appearance” of the members of the Yangsan Center, along with the employees’ high interest in secondhand car auctions, led to the high number of views.

“We were also surprised that the video introducing our center received such a high number of views, as no one expected it to be so popular. I’m happy to see that it has left a good memory for the employees of our Autobell Yangsan Center, as they reminisce about the time they were filmed. Thank you for your interest, and we will continue to work with our team to make the center even better.

“Next time, we will focus on the used car exhibits and introduce various aspects of the production center staff,” said Mr. Wen Qihee, an avid GLOVIS+ subscriber, expressing his hope for Season 2 of Auto Bell Production Center. The New Year’s wish for the ever-energetic Auto Bell Production Center is for everyone to be a healthy and learning team member. In 2024, the Auto Bell Yangsan Center will be full of energy as everyone dreams of passing the “Automotive Diagnostic Evaluator” and “Computer Literacy Certificate”.

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The explosion of interest in the new face of Hyundai Glovis, the future leader of the company, was evident in the Most Viewed Article and Most Viewed Video rankings. Not only did it take first place in the article category, but it also took first, second and third place in the most viewed video category. We’re looking forward to the new employee introductions in 2024.

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