Brighten the world with a ray of light!
volunteer Dongri ‘ GLOW ‘

The warm hearts and support of Hyundai Glovis executives and employees are being extended to neighbors in need of loving care. Glovis’ first volunteer Dongri “GLOW” seeks to bring bright light to a harsh world through consistent volunteer work. Dongri, a volunteer who feels true happiness through sharing, meets ‘GLOW’.

The first step of the volunteer platform ‘GLOW’

The warm hearts of Glovis gathered in one place. In April this year, Glovis’ first volunteer dongri ‘GLOW’ started its activities. GLOW attracted so much attention that about 50 members gathered at its inception. Currently, 5 to 15 members gather once or twice a month on weekends to perform various volunteer activities.

” When I took charge of social contribution work, I wanted to spread a culture of autonomous volunteer work within the company. Above all, I created the circle because I wanted to meet more people who were consistently involved in internal volunteer work or who wanted to get involved in volunteer work. “

Manager Kim Myeong-jong, Business Cooperation/CSR Team, who is the Chairman of GLOW, said that in addition to the purpose of creating ‘GLOW’, the company aims to become a platform for volunteer work in the future. Currently, the volunteer ecosystem has not been restored due to the aftermath of COVID-19, so it is not easy to find suitable activities. However, through the Team Room, “GLOW” receives suggestions for volunteer activities that members want, gathers members who fit the requirements, and works steadily to make it a bright light.

Contributing to the creation of Glovis’ volunteer culture

GLOW has always volunteered for abandoned dogs, except during hot weather. This is because volunteer dog-walking is something that young employees are interested in and can access with relative ease. The volunteer center is the Seoul Balladang Adoption Center, an abandoned dog care center that opened in 2021. Members gather at the center, pair up with a dog, and take a walk for about 30 minutes to an hour. Last August, the group participated in a lunch box volunteer activity for elderly people living alone in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

“I thought it was an activity where I would deliver lunch boxes and just chat with seniors who live alone. When I actually went there, I saw that since COVID-19, the lunch boxes hanging on the doorknob had been replaced. This was disappointing, on the one hand I thought that the elderly might have become more lonely because of COVID-19.”

Last September, after volunteering with abandoned dogs in the morning, I participated in volunteer work making fur hats to help newborn babies in Africa in the afternoon. In areas where the temperature difference between day and night is large, members worked hard to make fur hats to protect the health of newborns with weak immune systems by raising their body temperature.

GLOW is a new club that is carrying out stable activities. In the future, we plan to create a flow where members can freely gather in groups to find volunteer activities they want to do. GLOW is a way to lend a helping hand to those in need, and at the same time, members can find joy and reward in their daily lives.

Q Are there any memorable episodes from the volunteer work you have done so far?

Since we have been active for less than a year, there are no stories worth sharing, but I recently went to volunteer for an abandoned dog. There were none of the abandoned dogs I saw when I volunteered in June. I remember how happy I was when the person in charge said that all of them had found new families.

Q As the chairman of Volunteer Dongri, is there anything you emphasize to the members?

Well … . I always want to say thank you. (laughs)

Q Please let us know if you have any support requests from the company.

There are volunteer activities at the company level, there is Dongeul’s volunteer work. We accept testimonials from employees who have participated in volunteer activities throughout the year, or the company awards prizes to those who participate the most. The hope is that there will be a system that provides some kind of recognition.

Q What reward do you feel as chairman?

That if employees can feel less burdened by volunteer work than before, that will be the greatest achievement and reward of Volunteer Dongri.

Q What would you like to say to encourage Glovis people to participate in volunteer work?

That more people than expected joined Dongri and participated. I am always grateful for that. Volunteering is not a noble or grandiose activity. In particular, we are trying to create a culture where members’ families and loved ones come together for volunteer activities. We ask for your interest and participation.

Q I’m curious about ‘GLOW’ ’s future plans.

I would like to develop Dongrii into a volunteer community where members can get together and do various volunteer work without a chairman of Dongri. (laughs)

“In fact, when the volunteer activity club wrote about its purpose of establishment, I wrote about communication in the local community and accompanying the underprivileged.
I think the participating staff It’s hard work if you can feel a little laughs and relaxation in your stressful daily life, I think that alone is a great success.”

Q Why do you do volunteer work?

I think the biggest influence is my parents, who have always volunteered since I was young. I was taught to live a life of giving what I have to the people around me. I think I also feel a great deal of happiness and love in the process!

Q Which ‘GLOW’ volunteer activities did you participate in?

I have participated in volunteer activities such as delivering lunch boxes to the elderly, volunteering as a companion, and knitting fur hats for newborn babies in Africa! The last volunteer work I did was knitting fur hats! Since I’m not good at knitting, even though it was difficult, the process of sitting together and making them was fun. (laughs)

Q Was there a moment when you felt rewarded during your ‘GLOW’ volunteer work?

I remember volunteering to deliver lunch boxes to the elderly! On a hot summer day, I would come to their house with a packed lunch, it was a service, an elderly person would say, “It’s so hot. How did you get here? I think I was even more proud of the warm hearts of those who expressed concern and said, “I’m having a hard time.”

Q Are there any difficulties you face while working as a volunteer Dongri?

I am a serious fan of ‘GLOW’, so if there is a good volunteer activity, I tend to suggest it first, but I think it would be difficult if there are many volunteer activities that I want to participate in! (laughs)

Q If there is a volunteer activity that someone without volunteer experience can try, please recommend it.

The scope and purpose of volunteer work is so diverse that even people with no experience can easily get started! VMS Volunteer Certification Management ( ) Access the system and location, you can easily participate by selecting the service that suits you, including the target audience and type of service! Before ‘GLOW’ was created, I used to search for people in the system and volunteer that way.

Q Is there anything you would like to add?

If there are people who are hesitating to join ‘G LOW’, please don’t hesitate and come in! When you experience volunteer work, I have no doubt that you will think it was a good idea to come in! (laughs)

“I find that the days I volunteer are more rewarding and fulfilling than other days.
This positive attitude carries over into my daily life and work. It has a good impact.
Paradoxically, it seems that sharing through volunteering actually becomes an addition that fills you up!”

Q Why do you do volunteer work?

I started volunteering when I was in high school, and I have been doing it consistently for over 10 years. I am proud that my work is helpful to others, and I also learn from meeting different people. I feel that there are many

Q What activities did you participate in during ‘GLOW’ activities?

Delivering Side Dishes to Seniors I have done volunteer work. On the hottest summer day, I went home with a boxed lunch. I remember delivering it to this house. Abandoned dog walking I also participated in volunteer work. Sheltered by Balladang Adoption Center, I walked my dogs along Jeongneungcheon Stream.

Q Were there any sad or heartbreaking moments during ‘GLOW’ activities?

Of course, you’ll know it when you see it. There are many different stories, but I try not to cross the line with easy sympathy or excessive kindness. Just willingly participate each time. When I look at it, there are more good memories than sad moments.

Q What do we need to think about, what do we need to be aware of, before I start volunteering?

The number one thing that I consider to be most important is ‘promise’. hour Please keep your promises, your roles, etc.!!!

Q What is the best thing about working with your colleagues?

So far, I have been mostly a private person. I have been volunteering, and it has been nice to be able to spend time happily in a comfortable atmosphere with my colleagues. I am grateful to be able to work with people who think about and share the value and methods of sharing.

Q there any volunteer work you would like to do at ‘GLOW’ in the future?

Murals in the fall service, briquettes in the winter I want to volunteer. As the number of members of this article is increasing, a meaningful organization united as GLOVIS promote activities It would be great to see!

“I hope you don’t think that volunteering is too difficult, come to ‘GLOW’ with a comfortable mind.  Volunteer dog walking with us!”

By the Editorial Department