We are Global Hyundai Glovis people!The 2023 G-Free Talking mid-term inspection is out

In response to the globalization of the world, Hyundai Globis provides a conversation and practical content program, G-Free Talking, to improve employees’ language skills. Globis employees become global talents through G-Free Talking. We took time out of our busy schedules to review the results of the first half of the year.

“G-Free Talking” Program to Improve Your Language Skills and Work Performance!

In the digital age, translation apps are all the rage, but language is still more powerful than machines. The power of language is crucial, especially for businesses that interact with people. Language is the foundation for understanding the people and culture of a country. Ironically, language skills have become increasingly important as online meetings have become commonplace since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought a new normal of distance to the world. Therefore, Hyundai Glovis has been leading the way in the new era of globalization by launching an in-house language support program, “G-Free Talking,” since last year.

Fun with curriculum choices from a variety of language providers

The company already had an internal language program, but there weren’t many language providers to work with. G-FreeTalking has expanded Globis’ options by working with several language providers with different curriculums. The 1-Day Intensive Class, added in 2023, provides practical help to strengthen not only language skills, but also work skills with foreign countries. Currently available in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

G-Free Talking is held quarterly for a total of 12 weeks, and so far first (January-April) and second (April-July) has been completed. In the first round, more than 130 people, including expatriate spouses, participated in the 1:1 conversation program with native speakers (Carrot English, Lingle), and 17 executives participated in the 1:1 business conversation program. The Autoever e-Learning language course (33 students) and the 1:1 language program with an in-house language instructor (36 students in English and 22 in Chinese) were also well received. During the second semester, face-to-face classes were conducted, which further heightened interest in Hyundai Glovis. The third class will run from July to October, and the fourth from October to December.

Three Hyundai Glovis People Share
How They Became ‘G-Free Talkers

G-Freetalking is useful in the workplace and it is a great opportunity for personal development. To find out how they changed before and after participating, and what their future goals are because of their language learning, we spoke to Hyundai Glovis people who are passionate about the program.

Q. Why did you participate in G-Free Talking?

I am currently enrolled in the 3rd class. I was in a job where English was rarely used for a long time, so I lost a lot of confidence in my English, and then I took the course because I needed it more in my new field of work.

Q. Where did you think you were at with your language skills?

I thought it wasn’t too bad, but I didn’t do well on the SPA (Speaking Proficiency Assessment, a face-to-face interview-based test that assesses overall English language proficiency in a business setting), haha.

Q. Have you had any improvement in your language skills since the start of the program?

Learning a language is a habit. Being exposed to English regularly naturally improves my skills. Of course, there are no dramatic changes immediately, but I feel the difference slowly. I also think I’ve gained a bit more confidence since taking the class, as I’m currently working where English is often required.

Q. Do you have a favorite way of learning a foreign language?

I try to practice a foreign language as much as possible and speak it out loud a lot. I also like to repeat movie lines or song lyrics.

Q. What are your plans for language-related work or personal goals?

Once I’m more proficient in English, I’d like to pursue my interest in Spanish, which I’ve been studying since high school.

Q. Why did you participate in G-Free Talking?

I am currently enrolled in the 3rd class. I’m always interested in personal development. The fact that I can study in my free time before or after work is very appealing. It’s also great that the program offers full funding if you meet a certain attendance threshold! (laughs)

Q. Is this your first time as a participant in an in-house language support program?

If I remember correctly, I’ve been participating for almost two years, starting at the end of 2021.

Q. What foreign language have you studied?

Last year, I took a Chinese class because I wanted to learn more about the language that was a liberal arts course in college. In the first half of this year, when I heard there was a one-on-one English conversation class with a native speaker, I “speed-tapped” and have been studying English ever since.

Q. Where did you think you were at with your language skills?

I think many people can relate to this, but even though I was comfortable with test English like reading and writing when I had to speak to a native speaker, my jaw wouldn’t drop. Speaking is the most important part of a language, and I always felt like I was stumbling over my words and realizing later, “Oh, I should have said that.”

Q. Please tell us about the results that you have been able to achieve since you joined the program.

I think I spent less time pausing when speak in foreign language than before because I practiced speaking in short sentences, and I think I gained some confidence speaking to native speakers. I also think that by writing down and learning the expressions that native speakers use, I have increased the number of phrases I use.

Q. Has using G-Free Talking had a positive impact on your work?

In the first half of this year, I had video meetings with an Egyptian assessor while preparing for my International Airline Association certification. I had just started the G-Free Talking course, so I was a little loose with my mouth. I remember talking between sessions, mixing in polite business phrases I had learned in class.

Q. Do you have a favorite way of learning a foreign language?

I always write down words and phrases that I already know, even if they’re simple, I can fully internalize them when I speak or write them. I also try to look at my notes before class to see what I’m saying, and sometimes I find myself saying it without realizing it. I also try to go to language exchange groups on the weekends and talk to as many foreigners as I can. I think it’s fun and beneficial, so if anyone is interested, let me know 🙂

Q. What are your plans for language-related work or personal goals?

Learning a new language is a challenge, but it’s fun and rewarding when I feel my skills improving. Once I reach a certain level in English/Chinese, I’d like to try Spanish/French, etc.

Q. Why did you participate in G-Free Talking?

As a professional participant in native group conversations, I took a non-face-to-face Carrot English conversation course during the height of the pandemic. It was great to be able to set my own time and talk to teachers of different nationalities, but sometimes the audio overlapped, and I couldn’t hear clearly. In the second semester, however, I heard that there was a new small-group conversation program with native speakers, so I signed up right away.

Q. What level of English did you think you had?

I remember being nervous before my first class because my English emails were pretty good with the help of Google, but my conversational English was at a kindergarten level. But as I got used to it, I started looking forward to English classes, and I managed to apply for the third class, which was almost like a “picket,” and I’ve been doing it ever since. I appreciate Mr. Kim and my classmates Jin, Dongchul, and Shiun! In the classes I took before, I was very nervous because I had to think and organize what I was going to say when someone else spoke, but in the one-on-one class, thanks to Mr. Kim and the three of them who respond, I can speak in a casual way even though I stutter a little, so I am enjoying the class.

Q. Have you had any improvement in your language skills since the start of the program?

In addition to the English class, I’ve been doing the English study method recommended by my teacher, “Watching dramas with English subtitles” every week. I think that my use of plurals, articles, and word choices is more fluent than before the class.

Q. What are your plans for language-related work or personal goals?

Lately, I’ve been watching TED, an online collection of English-subtitled talks, and my goal is to be able to talk about my thoughts in complete sentences for 10 minutes like a speaker by the end of third class. If you’re a new employee, I would tell you to apply for the Small Group Conversation Program, and if you’ve ever thought about it, I hope you will! and that more people will be enrolled in this program and that there will be more funding for education. (laughs)

By the Editorial Department