Life filled with Energy, Don Wilkerson, GLOVIS ALABAMA

GLOVIS ALABAMA provides optimized logistics services to as many customers as possible. GLOVIS+ did an interview with Don Wilkerson, who works in GLOVIS ALABAMA. Let’s take a look at work and life of Don Wilkerson.

Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello. I am Don Wilkerson currently working lineside Glovis in the capacity of operation manager. I am the father of three lovely daughters, two grands kids and I am supported by a loving wife.

When did you join Hyundai Glovis?

My first interaction with Glovis was during the year of 2014 until 2021. I was in retirement for a brief period and returned in 2022.

Please introduce the department you are working in and the work you are in charge of.

Currently I work lineside operation within the HMMA assembly plant. My responsibility include logistic, training, relationship building, development of both procedure and personnel.

Do you have any memorable episodes from your recent work?

I recently traveled to Korea (Global Outstanding Employee Invitation). The trip was very enjoyable and generated within me a sense of value. I truly appreciate the opportunity to experience the Glovis environment from a futuristic perspective.

Upon my return, I was overcome with positive energy and couldn’t wait to share it. I shared my experience with all employees. I wanted to embed within them the scope of Glovis innovative discoveries and its dedication to several areas of future development. These areas were both personnel and operational inclusively.

With that being said, it has truly been a challenge to help cultivate the current working environment in the direction of our parent company but I currently think we are trending in a positive manner. I am joyful to bring about positivity in the work force and provide them with an attitude of hope.

When did you feel most rewarded while working?

I think the biggest reward was to reach out to others and gain their respect. Also, for them to provide a validation that if we focus and organize together as a team we can grow and develop into something wonderful.

What do you do after work or on weekends?

I spend time with my family. I like to travel. I love spending time with my grandkids watching them grow and develop. I maintain a good spirit in aiding people and providing hope.

Is there a favorite place near the company? If so, Why?

Shakespeare Park. I like riding my bike and listen to my music. I find joy in the observation of my surrounding.

What is your life motto?

Live life to the fullest and with each day finding peace in the things you do. Giving back to others what our father has giving to you.

Is there anything you want to say to GLOVIS+ readers?

There are infinite resolutions to finding and understanding the possibilities of living a good life. If you apply yourself and you are sincere in your journey, you will experience life’s extraordinary rewards. You as an individual must understand, you will only extract from life the resulting factor from your contribution.

By Editorial Department