Lifestyle2.0 and Hyundai Glovis staffs come together in one place!
Lifestyle2.0 Festival 2023

The Lifestyle2.0 Festival is back. This year’s festival featured a variety of Lifestyle2.0 and Lifestyle2.0 Compliment Cards related missions, as well as limited edition Lifestyle2.0 merchandise for completing the missions. Here’s a sketch of the festival that had Hyundai Glovis people buzzing with excitement.

What does Lifestyle 2.0 mean to Hyundai Glovis staffs? Lifestyle2.0 is fun to think about, fun to create and fun to live – a way of being at Glovis today! For one day only on Thursday, November 16, more than 1,000 employees visited the Lifestyle2.0 Festival on the 32nd and 33rd floors of our headquarters.

The festival consisted of a Mission Zone to experience Lifestyle2.0, a Festival Zone filled with fun activities and food, a Special Session Zone to gain insight into Lifestyle2.0 topics, and a Merch Zone to receive limited edition Lifestyle2.0 merchandise.

Should we take a selfie? Mission first? Or should we eat ice cream first because a loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds? This is a milestone that shows how rewarding Lifestyle 2.0 is!

Kill two birds with one stone: Join in both Mission Zone and Special Session Zone! GoGo~

LAS2.0 Festival mission leaflet

Terry and Dory, the mascots of LIFESTYLE2.0

The Work, Life, Mind mission zone was filled with activities as colorful as the booth colors. The goal of the mission is to build empathy and action for LIFESTYLE2.0 by completing missions for each of the three elements that make up Lifestyle 2.0: Work, Life and Mind.

The Mission Zone had been packed since the morning

Work Zone : G-Square2.0 quiz

Understand G-Square 2.0, Hyundai Glovis’ 2023 revised way of working, and take the quiz.

Reporting in Hyundai Glovis is ‘using the right reporting tool for the right purpose’! Understanding G-Square 2.0 is essential to fulfilling our work mission.

Lifestyle2.0 Compliment Cards & Get Dori/Taeri doll

“Who’s cuter, Dory or Terry?” New in 2023, a mission to send a Lifestyle2.0 compliment card and receive a Dory/Terry doll keychain.

For the Year of the Blue Dragon in 2024, you can earn gifts such as a keychain with the Dory and Tari dolls to make the Life Zone twice as much fun.

Mind Zone : LifeStyle2.0 We make it together!

In the Mind Zone mission area, write down the Lifestyle2.0 you’d most like to keep in 2024.

Hyundai Glovis employees write their resolutions for 2024 on paper prepared for the Mind Zone mission.

The Work, Life, Mind giant poster is a collection of Hyundai Glovis people’s resolutions for 2024. This is how Lifestyle 2.0 is created by Hyundai Glovis people together.

What a great day! You can’t forget the photo! Complete Stamp Tour missions to win participating LIFESTYLE2.0 merchandise and have your photo printed. You have a 50/50 chance to win a LIFESTYLE2.0 hoodie and one of the Dory/Terry laptop pouches, along with a randomized print of your photo.

The LIFESTYLE2.0 hoodie features “LIFESTYLE2.0” in the upper left corner and “W.L.M” in the oval below, which stands for each of the three components of Lifestyle2.0: Work, Life, and Mind. The laptop pouch depicts Dori and Tae-ri traveling toward their goals in a spaceship.

Why did you decide to create the Lifestyle2.0 Festival?

After a busy year, I wanted to give Hyundai Glovis employees a time to gather, communicate, and enjoy each other’s company around Lifestyle 2.0.
Therefore, our team organized the Lifestyle2.0 Festival with the intention of preparing a comprehensive gift set for Lifestyle2.0.

Great bragging rights and plenty of treats! Free iced Americano in conjunction with the 33rd floor cafe, as well as day-only donuts and pearl ice cream.

Hyundai Glovis’ interview magazine [Shall We Lifestyle2.0?] was created to make Lifestyle 2.0 the pride of all of us and to make Glovis employees the protagonists of Lifestyle 2.0. Lifestyle 2.0 is practiced at Hyundai Glovis and contains the best practices of Hyundai Glovis people.

LIFESTYLE2.0 Special Speech to Share Experiences and Empathize

On November 16, the Lifestyle 2.0 speech session was held on the topic of “Challenging Execution (No Failure, Just Delayed Success)”. We take a look at the lecture, which had more attendees than ever before, including managers and team leaders.

“Challenging Execution” by Choi Na-yeon

The Lifestyle 2.0 special session was presented by professional golfer  Choi Na-yeon, the 2012 US Women’s Open champion. Under the theme “Challenging Execution,” she shared her story of how she started playing golf, her journey to winning as a professional, the hardships she faced along the way, and her know-how to overcome them. After the session and Q&A, two Glovis employees were given onsite golf lessons and the session concluded with an autograph and photo with the Glovis staff.

Glovis staffs participated in speech session by Choi Na-yeon

Nayeon Choi talked about the intense “challenging runs” she experienced as a professional glofer.

The presentation was followed by a question and answer session, on-site coaching, and an autograph signing and photo opportunity.

A screen full of praise for Hyundai Glovis and the joy of participating in the Lifestyle 2.0 Festival.

The Lifestyle 2.0 Festival ended after a great day with an overwhelming amount of interest and excitement.

By Editorial Department