Hyundai Glovis Employees’ Daily Santa Makeover
“Merry Christmas♡!~”

Hyundai Glovis employees went out of their way to spread warmth and hope to their neighbors during the holiday season. At the local children’s center near Hyundai Glovis’ headquarters, they worked with the children to make a tree, deliver gifts, and share warmth.

“Hey, kids~ Merry Christmas!”
“Wow, it’s Uncle Santa~” “Thank you.” “The tinsel tree is so beautiful!”

On December 22, 30 Santas with bags of gifts appeared at a local children’s center in Gwangjin-gu. The Hyundai Glovis employees’ volunteer group transformed into Santa Clauses daily during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
The team delivered gifts to the children and made memories by building a Christmas tree together. They also enjoyed sharing their hearts by helping the children write thank-you and holiday cards to family and friends.

The children, at first wary with curious eyes, seemed to enjoy the experience, actively participating in the tree-making process and offering to play games with us first.
This community sharing activity is part of the CSR activities of Hyundai Glovis, which strives to practice corporate social responsibility management with the slogan “Clean Flow Make Together” and will continue to practice corporate social responsibility management so that children can grow up to be healthier members of society.

The volunteer program was supported by 30 employees who volunteered their time.

Local children’s center near headquarters where volunteer work took place

Vitamins, sleep socks, blankets, snacks, and more to fill gift boxes.

Hyundai Glovis employees wrap 250 gifts for a local children’s center.

Explain the purpose of the Hyundai Glovis community-sharing event.

Santa and the children built a Christmas tree together.

It was healing for the Hyundai Glovis employees who went to share their love with the children.

Hyundai Glovis employees and children became very close while building the tree.

Hello. Tell us about yourself.

Hi. I joined the company last July and work in the Forwarding Systems group of the Enterprise Solutions team.

What inspired you to get involved in volunteering?

It was my first time participating in CSR. Although I was interested when I heard about it as a company-wide announcement, I was hesitant about going during business hours. Still, when I talked to my team leader and team members, they encouraged me to go, so I signed up immediately and felt free to go.

Please describe exactly what you did.

With Christmas just around the corner, it was our job to wrap presents for the kids, dress up as Santa Claus, and build a tree with them.
We had to make a total of 250 sets, and the whole process was to create a paper box for each set, put a Glovis sticker on it, and seal it with a blanket, a vitamin, three sleeping socks, and four bags of snacks. I was responsible for putting the blankets, vitamins, and sleeping socks into the boxes. The sleeping socks were packaged by color and in bundles, so I got to the point where I could open ten bundles in 30 seconds. (laughs)
When the children arrived, we made a tree for each child. At first, the tree looked small, and I couldn’t imagine what it would look like when it was finished. Still, it turned out beautifully, and seeing the children’s excitement was enriching.

How did the children react?

As we wrapped presents, I noticed the children who had arrived early were watching us curiously. Even after the center’s teacher led the children into the room, they remained interested, making me think they were pleased to have us. One of the children even challenged me to an arm wrestle while building the tree. I overheard a very excited discussion about a game called “LOL” at the near table.

What was the atmosphere like with your coworkers and on-site?

When we were wrapping presents, it was a lot of work and repetitive, so everyone was so focused on what they were doing that they didn’t look around. However, with the kids, it got lively and noisy (laughs).

What has been the most memorable part of your volunteer experience?

The child who made the tree with me jumped up and down with excitement at how beautiful the finished tree was, and I think I got a little misty-eyed watching him write a Christmas card to his parents. He was eight years old, so he didn’t know Hangul very well, so I wrote the words he didn’t know and showed them to him, and he carefully wrote them on the card, letter by letter.

Finally, please share your thoughts on the experience.

First, I thank the people involved for creating this opportunity and proposing it to the company. It was rewarding to do meaningful activities at the end of the year, and the children’s energy made me feel cheerful, so I had a warm end to the year.

The Hyundai Glovis Employee Volunteer Corps is celebrating a rewarding year of giving back to the community.

By Editorial department