Meet the best Hyundai Glovis people of
the year Hyundai Glovis 2023 CS AWARDS

Glovis people worked hard for customer satisfaction in 2023. This year, Hyundai Glovis is honoring the CS organizations that put their customers first and make them happy! Introduce the 2023 CS AWARD S where congratulations, applause, and encouragement abounded. 

Customer satisfaction is at a four-year high

At the end of every year, we celebrate the outstanding organizations and individuals who have  put customers first throughout the year with the 2023 CS AWARDS. This year’s ceremony was even more meaningful, as our customer satisfaction score exceeded 90 for the first time in four years amidst a rapidly changing business environment. We’re honoring eight Customer First Teams, one Customer First Company, and 13 CS Builders who have gone above and beyond to deliver customer delight on the front lines.

From left, IR/PR Division Director Kim Hyo-jun, Europe Forwarding Operation Team Senior Manager Song Il-kwon, North American Forwarding Operation Team Senior Manager Kim Joong-seop, W&D Team 2 Senior Manager Lim Jun-mo, Europe Auto Parts (KD) Biz Team Lee Seung-joo, America Forwarding Sales Team 2 Park Yu-bum, Asia Forwarding Operation Team Senior Manager Cho Hyun-joo, and Automotive Parts Logistics Team Senior Manager Yoon Jung-sun

2023 CS Awards Ceremony adds customer voices to the mix

On December 6, the 2023 CS AWARDS Ceremony was held to announce the Hyundai Glovis Customer Satisfaction First Team. Hyundai Glovis employees who contributed to the goal of achieving a score above 90, which was calculated by quantitatively evaluating the results of the 2023 Regular Transaction Customer Satisfaction Survey, gathered.

It’s an annual tradition, but this year we did something a little more special. Before the event, we created a Voice of Customer (V.O.C.) for customer-first organizations to hear the real voices of our customers. We were able to identify the areas of customer satisfaction that our team specializes in by distilling the most satisfying keywords from our customers.

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Customer-first 8 teams participated in CS Awards Ceremony

Plaques for customer-first organizations

V.O.C Praise V.O.C. for hearing the customer’s voice

“We have achieved the result of increasing customer and partner satisfaction across the company in four years,” said Mr. Hyojun Kim, Head of IR and Communication Business, “and encouraged the teams who have been working at the forefront of customer satisfaction.” He also asked each of the outstanding organizations to share the status of their major customers and businesses and urged them to “strive for the realization of customer satisfaction and the continuous development of Hyundai Glovis”.

The W&D2 team, which was selected as the Top Customer Satisfaction Organization in 2023, expressed that the award was unexpected and unexpectedly valuable, and credited the team members for putting themselves in the customers’ shoes and working hard in the field to achieve this result. Praise from the W&D2 Team During the VOC exhibition, W&D2 was praised by customers and partners as “the best operation in Korea”, demonstrating that it prioritizes the needs of customers who can communicate with it 24/7.

Cho Hyun-joo, Senior Manager of Asia Forwarding Operation Team, who was selected as a Customer-First Organization for the second consecutive year in 2022 and 2023, attributed the consecutive awards to “cultivating a CS mindset that puts customers first in the face of increasingly diversified customer needs after the logistics disruption.” She also shared that participating in this year’s CS consulting “Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic Zoom-In” as a sponsoring organization had a significant impact on the consecutive awards, as it allowed the team to find solutions suitable for the Asia-Pacific Forwarding Operations team, where various customers coexist, and to share CS values among team members.

(From top to bottom) Asia Pacific Forwarding Operation Team Manager Song Il-kwon, Automotive Parts Logistics Business Team Senior Manager Yoon Jung-seon, Americas Forwarding Sales Team 2 Senior Manager Park Yubum, Europe Auto Parts (KD) Biz Team Lee Seung-joo

North America Forwarding Operations Team Manager Kim Jung-seop, Manager Park Yoo-hee, and Manager Kim Jin-soo enjoy the joy and reward of a year of hard work.

Asia-Pacific Forwarding Operations Manager Kang Joo-hee, Manager Cho Hyun-joo, and Manager Sung Ji-sun applauded each other.

The Europe Forwarding Operation team celebrating a year of hard work together.

The W&D2 team has made customer satisfaction a priority 24/7 to achieve great results.

(From left) Winners of the Customer First Team category. North America Forwarding Operation Team Senior Manager Kim Jung-seob, W&D2 Team Senior Manager Lim Jun-mo, Asia Pacific Forwarding Operation Team Senior Manager Choi Hyun-joo, Europe Forwarding Operation Team Senior Manager Song Il-kwon, Europe Auto Parts (KD) Biz Team Lee Seung-joo, Automotive Parts Logistics Business Team Senior Manager Yoon Jung-seon, Americas Forwarding Sales Team 2 Senior Manager Park Yubum.

Award speech from each of the award-winning CS builders


The campaigns Hyundai Glovis ran this year made me rethink my approach to CS. The accessibility of the campaigns made it easy to encourage team members to participate. I kept communicating the CS campaigns to my teams right up until the deadline, and I think that’s why we got such great results. I’d like to thank our team members for their hard work.


I’m reminded of a campaign we ran in April called CS Sticker Certification. It was a relatively simple and easy activity that involved placing a sticker on a notebook or laptop, so I asked my team members to place just one sticker anywhere. The stickers came out beautifully and were fun to apply. One of my team members put them on his credit card, which he uses every day, and another put them on his face and clothes for fun. I remember he asked me to take a picture of it, so I did. The picture of him with the sticker on his face is still in my phone gallery. Hahaha.


To keep the team engaged, we sent out monthly campaign announcements through our team channels, and when we made the announcements, we targeted Friday afternoons, when everyone’s minds were a little more relaxed, and I think that strategy worked, haha.


I’m proud to accept this award on behalf of the team, as it was only possible thanks to the encouragement of the team leader and the active participation of the team members. Thank you to the team leader and team members for their active participation, and I will work harder to become an excellent team in 2024.


In fact, I still can’t believe that I was selected as an outstanding CS builder. I started out with a sense of obligation when I was named a CS Builder at the beginning of the year, but as I completed each mission, the people in charge of the communication team encouraged me more and more. Maybe it was because the communication team also recognized that CS builders are customers and CS activities. I think the encouraging messages and small goods changed my attitude toward CS activities. I got rid of my negative attitude and felt better about myself as I became more honest and open in my missions. It was a year in which I thought about whether these activities of caring, supporting, and changing the other party are not communication and customer satisfaction. I would like to thank all the members of the communication team for opening my cold heart, which was missing.


Of all the CS campaigns I’ve participated in this year, the one where we wrote letters to our customers/partners is the one I remember the most. It was a great opportunity to show appreciation to partners that we normally only interact with on a business level. Without that campaign, there would have been no communication outside of work, and it was rewarding to receive a thank you from the partner who delivered the letter.


The May campaign, the D.I.S.C. test, was my favorite. All 14 of us on my team are really into personality and behavioral testing, to the point where we all know each other’s MBTI or Berkman results by heart, so when this campaign came out, I knew it was something we could all have fun with, even if we weren’t familiar with the D.I.S.C. Behavioral Type Test. As expected, we all participated and had a lot of fun relating to each other’s results, which made it very memorable. It was a fresh and informative campaign that allowed us to see not only each other’s types but also how to deal with our own types of customers. I would like to thank the team members who responded well every time even though they were busy with their own work~!


I’m really happy to be recognized as an Outstanding CS Builder. Despite the fact that the team’s workplace is divided into headquarters, Pyeongtaek Port, and Gwangyang Port, the team members in each region participate in the CS campaign every month. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to them, and I will encourage and guide all team members to actively participate in the CS campaign next year.


When it comes to running a CS campaign, my number one tip is to lead by example. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult to take time out of your day to run a CS campaign because everyone is busy with their work. To save the team members’ time, I’ve tried to make them realize that it’s easy and fun to participate in the campaign by explaining things like “how to do this” and “how to approach this” in a simple way. Most of all, I believe the proactive nature of the team members was a big part of why we were chosen as an excellent CS builder^^.


It’s been a year where we’ve been trying to fulfill our monthly tasks as much as possible, so it’s really nice to receive the CS Builder Excellence Award. I’d like to give this honor to the team members who participated well in each activity. (laughs)


In June, I remember the “Create a Customer Journey Map for Your Team” campaign, which was a great opportunity to establish the direction of CS for our team. I would like to thank the communication team for organizing such a fun CS campaign.


Creating an autonomous atmosphere, taking proactive actions, and leading by example as a senior are the secrets to winning the CS Builder Award. It’s not easy to be proactive, and there were moments when I was vague while working, but I think it paid off because I was happy to participate with my teammates and reflect on the meaning of CS. Thanks to the interest and active participation of the team members below the team leader, I would like to share this joy and honor with the entire team. (laughs)


I think the key to winning the award was that I didn’t hesitate to participate in the CS campaigns that the Communications Manager informed me about each month, and that the team members actively participated in the campaigns rather than being bothered by my requests.