Personalized customer service!
Curation for customers

Oftentimes, customers find themselves in search of solutions within a sea of options and thoughtlessly produced data. This is why curating the information for a particular customer has become an important aspect of providing information. Customers gain satisfaction from curated services, and associate it with a positive customer experience. Then, how can we offer curated services that are personally customized?

Curation that helps customers grow

What is curation? In CS, curation means that everyone does not get the same services – instead, a carefully selected service is offered based on a single customer’s needs and preferences, to maximize the customer experience and satisfaction. To curate a customized experience, various things must be considered, including the company’s components, the customer needs and the service quality. To do this, a consultant must aid in curating the customer experience. Instead of providing the information directly, the customized information is provided in a way that lets customers feel that they are receiving a customized service. Relevant information that fulfills the customer’s needs, as well as a guide that suits the customer must be provided. Resolving problems through the customer’s preferred communication method is also a recommended practice. When customers are met with curated information, it not only provides them with an enjoyable customer experience but also raises the company’s credibility in their eyes.

Curation that helps with customer satisfaction

How does curation improve customer satisfaction? The most important aspect is to identify the customer’s “algorithm.” Check what issues the customer has raised and any complaints they expressed. The algorithm accumulated can provide the direction to a customized service. After acquiring curated information through the customer’s algorithm, you will be equipped to inform the customer of problems they are likely to face. The curated service operates at one step ahead of the customer. Preventing an unpleasant experience from occurring in advance is a key point for a curated service. As such, providing a curated service is like understanding someone’s feelings and situation, and adding a personal touch when responding to their needs. The customers feel respected and cared for through this subjective service, which solidifies their loyalty to the company. In addition, providing customized service to the customer curates a new way for the company to induce customer satisfaction.

How to curate for customer satisfaction