The invincible team behind the cargo at Busan Port
Hyundai Glovis Busan Office

The G+ Office Tour takes you around Korea to meet Hyundai Glovis’s most dependable staff members! Busan Port handles cargo from all around the world and is yet another place where you’ll find Hyundai Glovis staff hard at work. The Busan Office is in charge of directing all of the company’s cargo from overseas until it safely arrives at Busan Port. The staff here works tirelessly every day to ensure that cargo imported by overseas corporations reaches its proper destination. Thanks to the team’s hard work, everything runs smoothly at Busan Port.

The Hyundai Glovis Busan Office is the company’s only field office for import logistics. The office directs imported maritime cargo from all over the world, including the United States, China, Japan, Europe, Germany, and Southeast Asia, so that it safely arrives at Busan Port. All of the basic information on the cargo entering Busan Port is handled by the Busan Office. In the process, the team ensures that the data is accurate and shared with the people who need it. Staffed with only five employees, the office plays a lead role in supervising the entire port. Even though their work days are very chaotic, the team members at the Busan Office never forget to laugh and cheer for each other. This is their story.

Yu Su-jeong, Lee Ji-hyun, Ha Jeong-mi, Lim Kyung-soo, Jang Ji-hoon

What are the responsibilities of the Busan Office?

The Busan Office is mainly responsible for carrying out the basic duties of a maritime import forwarder. We handle cargo from overseas from the time it enters the port aboard ships up until the time it is transferred for use as domestic goods. Our work includes verifying shipping documents at the port of entry, submitting customs declarations, and handling and managing bonded cargo.

What is a typical day like at the Busan Office?

We receive hundreds of emails every day. So, one of our most important daily tasks is checking them. Through our emails, we check requests from corporate partners, shippers, or partners at the place of shipment. For cases that have already been reported, we support the customs clearance process, and for cases with a designated arrival date, we facilitate the implementation process of our partners. We also often rush around checking the status of different logistics situations, such as verifying shipping documents for incoming ships.

What is the most important thing when it comes to the production management of Hyundai Motor Group’s vehicles?

The most important thing is to ensure that parts imported from overseas are delivered to their plants on time in accordance with production plans. For bonded cargo, in order to achieve this, customs clearances must be completed in advance. For imported container cargo, customs clearances must be prepared in advance so that they can be retrieved or taken out from the warehouse or the dock. Every one of us at the Busan Office are involved in the coordination of all stages of the bonded cargo process after the cargo enters the port, so that we can make sure everything arrives at the automobile plants on time.

How do you respond to unexpected issues such as wrong shipment and misapplications?

First, we determine the type of wrong shipment or misapplication that is associated with the cargo that has arrived in Korea and ask the person in charge at the shipping country for confirmation. Next, based on our assessment of the situation, we take the corrective action that is required by customs law. We also inform the shipper, and in the case of overseas parts that are needed urgently, we change the transportation method from sea to air so that the parts can be transported as quickly as possible.

What are some of the challenges currently being faced by the Busan Office?

With more overseas corporations now, the processes for submitting and reporting accurate customs manifests have been strengthened. We share information with each other at the office so that we can quickly identify and respond to various business issues. We also aim to smoothly carry out overseas import tasks by meticulously verifying relevant shipping documents. All of these things are the basic duties of the Busan Office. To this end, we aim to faithfully fulfill the role of our office by sticking to the basics.

Is there anything you would like to say to the other members of the Busan Office?

The Busan Office is a rather small office run by five staff members. However, our work is difficult and extremely important because it deals with managing imported cargo entering Busan Port. Our office is only able to operate smoothly because our staff members dedicate 200% of themselves to their duties. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each member of our team.

What are the future goals of the Busan Office?

We want to hear people say that cargo sent from anywhere in the world will arrive safely and on time at Busan Port if it is handled by the Hyundai Glovis Busan Office. We would also like to enhance our expertise even further so that we can smoothly process and handle bonded cargo along with domestic customs clearance procedures. Even though we are a small team, we plan to continuously strengthen our internal capacities so that we can achieve maximum efficiency,

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