Experience the past, present, and future of Hyundai Glovis
Gloverse CX Room Reopened!

A must for those who want to capture the history of Hyundai Glovis in one place. On June 7, the CX ROOM was officially opened with new technology. Employees and visitors alike have responded enthusiastically to the state-of-the-art room, which offers an immersive VR-like experience.

Renewed CX ROOM with video

Theater or museum? What is a CX ROOM?

Renovated in June 2023, the CX ROOM is a futuristic museum of Hyundai Glovis. Not only can you learn about the past, present and future of Hyundai Glovis at a glance, but the high-tech visuals are a sight to behold. The new CX ROOM has already gone viral among visitors to the Hyundai Glovis headquarters as it creates the illusion of being in a state-of-the-art movie theater.

The CX ROOM was opened in November 2021 for promotional purposes, demonstration of automation equipment, and R&D. Built in about seven months, the CX ROOM created a buzz when it opened with Micro Fulfillment Center (MFC) facilities, model displays, BD’s Spot, and a large screen for demonstrating future logistics videos.

The first CX ROOM

One-year renovation process from design to construction

While the first CX ROOM attracted attention for its innovative appearance, it was recognized that the facilities and space needed to be improved for broader and smoother demonstrations and R&D. A company-wide survey was conducted for the renewal, and with a majority vote in favor, the CX ROOM will be renewed starting in April 2022. In order to improve the existing facilities and space issues, meetings were held with showroom specialists to draw a big picture of the renovation plan, and a visit was made to the National Museum of Korea, which has a video hall similar to CX ROOM. The concept of “trendy and futuristic Gloverse CX ROOM” was decided.

This was followed by a four-month investment review process that included departmental reviews. In October 2022, a CWT was formed with at least one person from each business unit. At the same time, major renovation work began across the board, including contractor selection, construction, and content creation. It took just over a year for the Gloverse CX ROOM to reopen, as the new look was unveiled at the opening in April.

Trendy and futuristic Gloverse CX ROOM

Redesigned for 2023, the CX ROOM, as the new name “Gloverse CX ROOM” suggests, embodies the world of Hyundai Glovis with state-of-the-art facilities. Equipped with outstanding technology and enhanced content, the sensational visuals will touch the heart of the viewer and create a wonderful experience. The CX ROOM is equipped with the highest specification projector to realize polyhedral realistic images, LED display wall to maximize visual effects, and transparent OLED touch monitors for interactivity (future experience). The Gloverse CX ROOM is the first immersive corporate promotion space in Korea where the vision and business direction of Hyundai Glovis, which will develop smartly, is fully conveyed.

When you enter the CX ROOM, the video unfolds in the order of Welcome-History-Now-Future-Interactive. The past, present, and future of Hyundai Glovis on the LED display wall and transparent OLED monitor are fluid and engaging, like watching a movie. One of the strengths of the new CX ROOM is its storytelling. Spanning the history of Hyundai Glovis from 2001 to the present, the video demonstrates iconic achievements in the company’s history (past), inspires trust in visitors (present), and embodies the services offered by each business unit and its future goals (future) in a way that resonates with the viewer. The implied message is that Hyundai Glovis is a company that promises continued growth and collaboration in the future, just as it has in the past. To ensure accurate and powerful storytelling, CWT held regular weekly meetings to update the screenplay, with each member reviewing and providing feedback on a frequent basis. The result was a script as polished as a movie.

Glovis people trying out the game in the global cx room

After seeing the history of Hyundai Glovis, the interactive (future experience) proves that the Glovis CX ROOM is not just a corporate promotion center. The Interactive (Future Experience), a concept that provides a sense of accomplishment by presenting missions or tasks, offers a total of two experience contents using a transparent touch display. The first game is a finished car sea transport game, which includes the mission to transport finished cars to the terminal by steering a hydrogen fuel cell-powered ship loaded with finished cars along a set route. The mission of the second game is to remotely control an AGV transport robot loaded with goods to an intelligent logistics center along a marked route and deliver the goods to a designated work site within a set time. Both games are exciting and popular with visitors.

Eager to see what the future holds with Gloverse CX ROOM

Expectations for the new CX ROOM are high, both inside and out. The egineer support issue that caused unnecessary chaos in the first place was easily resolved by replacing it with a simple touch screen that anyone can use. The number of visitors has increased dramatically. While the previous CX ROOM received only 8 visits in 8 months, the Gloverse CX ROOM received 174 visits in the opening period alone. After the official opening, the response was enthusiastic, with a satisfaction rating of 98 from visitors. This is almost double the satisfaction rate of the previous CX ROOM.

The CX ROOM content is produced in 3D and can be shown on various channels other than the CX ROOM on the 2nd basement floor of the headquarters. For example, it can be shown as a promotional video at Hyundai Glovis business sites such as local bases, overseas subsidiaries, and R&D labs. It will also be uploaded to Hyundai Glovis’ website and official YouTube channel, so it is expected to play a bigger role in the future.

In addition, the second basement of the headquarters, where the CX ROOM is located, is often used as a meeting place for new customers because there are many meeting rooms. If you use the CX ROOM space for your first meeting with a new customer, you can naturally build a relationship with them without having to try to break the ice. Existing customers can view CX ROOM content to better understand other business areas and explore new areas of collaboration.

The ultimate purpose of the Gloverse CX ROOM is to clearly present the direction of our technology development and the future of logistics to internal and external customers. Therefore, the future video of the CX ROOM embodies the direction of our technology development and the future of logistics (within 2030). Since the video was created by one or more members of the strategy/planning team of each business division, including the Future Innovation & Technology Center, after consultation with the heads of each organization, visitors can grasp Hyundai Glovis’ past footsteps, current projects, and the direction of our technological development and the future of logistics at a glance. This experience is expected to increase customer confidence and create a positive perception of the Hyundai Glovis brand.

Congratulations on the opening of the Gloverse CX ROOM. What is the Gloverse CX ROOM mean?

‘Gloverse’ is a combination of ‘Glovis+Universe’, and the Gloverse CX ROOM means “a space where you can experience the world of Globus”. I think the six-sided video expresses the identity of the CX ROOM, which embodies the world of Glovis. For the ‘Gloverse’ name contest, 144 employees participated in the contest. It was selected through an internal fair screening based on four evaluation criteria (suitability, clarity, originality, and multinational applicability).

The “CX” in CX ROOM stands for “Customer Experience” and can be seen as a space for positive reactions and effects that customers get from their direct experience with a company. Other Korean companies such as SK Telecom and Hive Insight are also adopting CX ROOM, and a survey based on 14,925 respondents showed that CX ROOM users are 27% more likely to use the service than other customers.

Why was the Gloverse CX ROOM chosen by the Center for Future Innovation and Technology?

The most important content in the Gloverse CX ROOM Past-Present-Future is the future because it is related to the future technologies we are pursuing in our Technology Center. In order to implement the projects such as intelligent logistics centers, EV batteries, and autonomous ships demonstrated in the CX ROOM in the future (within 2030), we are working on various future technology-related tasks in our Technology Center. For example, based on the Technology Center TRM (Technology Roadmap), a technology master plan linked to our mid- to long-term business strategy, such as mobile robots, articulated robots, and AS/RS, we will build an R&D lab in Pyeongchon this year. This will provide an infrastructure environment for the implementation and actual research and development of future technologies demonstrated in the CX ROOM.

Finally, what would you like to say to Hyundai Glovis people?

Gloverse CX ROOM is the result of a year of preparation by the Future Innovation Technology Center with the intention of realizing our vision and business direction as a “Global Smart SCM Provider”. We hope that you will have a positive experience with Gloverse CX ROOM, and we are confident that everyone will be satisfied if you actively use it when visiting customers and partners.

What were your main priorities in redesigning the CX ROOM?

We wanted to maximize the spatial effectiveness of the CX ROOM. Located on the second floor of the basement, CX has a floor height of 2.8 meters and an area of 148 square meters. In the case of the existing CX ROOM, there were many restrictions for demonstrations in this space due to the arrangement of large equipment. Therefore, we wanted to develop a polyhedral immersive cinema concept that would not limit the space. In fact, this polyhedral immersive cinema concept has already proven its popularity with many visitors at the National Museum of Korea and the Arte Museum. After meeting and diagnosing with seven showroom specialists, we decided that the concept was suitable.

Hyundai Glovis is a B2B company. Why would you need to invest in a separate promotional (marketing) space like a CX ROOM?

Yes, we are a B2B company, but we need public relations (marketing) for the purpose of expanding new customers (such as other OEM and TPL customers) outside our group companies and increasing shareholder value. However, after analyzing the internal and external business environment, our marketing budget is less than 1% compared to 7.6% for B2B service companies. We are very satisfied with the marketing results (increase in visitors/increase in satisfaction) related to this CX ROOM renewal project, and we will consider further use.

Team Leader Ahn Jeong-heon, Future Innovation Technology Center

What made CX ROOM successful?

I would like to thank the “Avengers” of the Center for Future Innovation and Technology, Managing director Han Kyu-heon, Team Leader Ahn Jeong-heon, Manager Kim Jong Eun, and CWT within Hyundai Glovis. There were many challenges in the process of convincing the relevant departments, but Managing director Han Kyu-heon helped us by running on his feet every time, and when we had difficulties in the scenario process, he wrote the scenario himself and set the framework for the future story of the CX room, Manager Kim Jong-eun showed her outstanding skills in the process of writing more than 100 reports and revising them more than 50 times to report to the investment committee, and the CWT and related departments of the entire CX ROOM, consisting of 12 teams and 18 people, helped us to successfully renew the project.

Finally, what would you like to say to Hyundai Glovis people?

Gloverse CX ROOM is the ‘connection’ between customers and employees. Give your customers a special experience with Gloverse CX ROOM!

What was the concept and keywords for the Gloverse CX ROOM?

The concept of the new CX ROOM is, in a word, “immersive experience room”. Before the renovation, we visited the public relations halls and exhibition halls of major domestic companies several times and thought about what concept would best represent the colors of Glovis. Unlike in the past, when corporate public relations halls used miniatures, panels, etc. to present the vision of the company, we found that in recent years they have been using videos to convey the value of the company to customers. Since Hyundai Glovis also provides various services such as logistics, transportation, and distribution, we wanted to maximize the customer experience through interactive games about business areas with the concept of immersive videos that customers can vividly experience.

What was the most challenging part?

While benchmarking, we found many media art halls/corporate video halls, but the concept of our new CX ROOM, an immersive corporate PR hall, was the first of its kind in Korea. Therefore, we thought hard about how to capture the story of Globus’ past, present, and future in an immersive video to maximize message delivery. The biggest challenge was to organize the story so that the messages of each business unit were well connected.

What are the expected effects and benefits of the new CX ROOM?

The number of uses and users has increased significantly, which was one of the goals of the redesign. The Gloverse CX ROOM has become an essential pre-meeting course for partners, customers and VIPs when they visit our headquarters. In this way, it is expected to promote understanding of Hyundai Glovis’ vision and business fields, as well as establish a system of trust with existing customers. We also look forward to the opportunity to explore new areas of cooperation by understanding other businesses outside of our existing areas of cooperation. We also plan to show CX ROOM content videos at domestic and overseas trade shows and events organized by the company, such as the Investor Day.

By the Editorial Department