I kept my gratitude in my heart~
Thank-you letter that moves the customer ‘s heart.

No matter how Despite being called the digital age, the analog method of human-to-human communication still holds true. Especially when it comes to conveying your sincerity, is there anything like a handwritten letter? Why not write a heartfelt letter to customers who are often difficult to meet due to their busy work and distance? Through the campaign last July, the first half of last year, we expressed our gratitude to the customers who have been with us, and in the second half of the year introduced a letter promising pleasant companionship.

Impress your customers with letters

Express your gratitude and bring a little joy to someone. The most direct way to connect with your customers is through face-to-face meetings. However, distance and time often make it difficult to meet with customers. When it’s difficult to close the physical distance, even with advanced technology, let’s reach out to customers the old-fashioned way. In today’s fast-paced digital age, following the analog path may seem like a step back in time. But when it comes to moving the heart in interpersonal relationships, is there anything more important than emotion? A letter, a very ancient way of communicating one’s heart, is the most effective way to evoke such emotion and gratitude at the same time. Letters are not bound by distance and time, you can reach your customers exactly where they are.

With this in mind, the ‘Go∙ma∙um Campaign’ launched last July. I’m usually busy so I’m far away close ‘ Sending a thank-you letter that touches the customer’s heart’ to a customer who wanted to but couldn’t get close to it. A letter of thanks to a customer who is close to your heart, even though he is far away. For partners, thank you for your usual work cooperation, a letter containing a message of support for the second half of the year, and rather, the importance of being closest to you the last. It was decided to convey the gratitude that had not been conveyed to internal customers, who often realized it. Thousands of people were reached through teams from July 13 to 25. The letter was filled with words of sincere gratitude and support. The thank-you letter was delivered to the recipient along with a cool ice cream to take the edge off the sweltering heat.

The core of the letter should be intimate yet thoughtful, and above all, sincere . A thank-you letter with sincerity not only creates a link with customers , but also becomes a strong rope that can naturally lead to continuous business.

Who did you write the thank-you letter to?

The customer I thanked in a letter is Kim Ji-hwan, Team Manager in charge of SCM at Siemens Healthineers Korea (company name confirmed). Siemens Healthineers is a German company with the No. 1 market share in the domestic medical equipment market for CT, MRI. We first partnered with this company in 2019, at that time our company did not have many references in bio or healthcare contracts, but team leader Kim Ji-hwan believed in us, so we were able to start the business. Based on this support and trust, we were able to sign a long-term contract with Siemens Healthineers last year.

It is not easy to think of a letter as a means of communication in a business relationship. What was it like when you actually wrote it?

I thought again about the value of the customer. During the contract phase, I spend a lot of time communicating and interacting with customers. However, after the contract is completed, this time is inevitably reduced. I think I created a new point of contact by sending this letter.

How did the customer respond to the thank-you note?

He read the letter and called me right away. He was very surprised and said he was very grateful. I was also surprised to receive another thank-you letter, and for some reason I was proud.

Do you plan to use letters as a means of communicating with customers in the future?

It’s a bit embarrassing, but the response from customers is very good, and it’s a good way to sincerely think about customers, so I plan to use it often.

To whom was the letter addressed?

Koo Kyung-tae, manager of Kia’s export business team. He joined us when he was new to Shipping W /G. It might not have been easy to adjust to the new job, but we wanted to thank you for understanding and supporting us beyond what we asked for. Sometimes I think I asked for too much, but he always actively helped and responded.

It was a letter with enough sincerity to be moved even if a third person read it. Have you ever written a letter?

No. I think the letter I wrote to my wife when I was dating was the last one. I was about 245 at the time, so I wrote it almost 20 years later. At first, writing letters to clients was embarrassing and awkward. I have no writing skills. However, every time I said thank you over the phone, I wondered if my feelings were being conveyed well. After thinking deeply about the grateful customer, choosing what to say, and writing a letter, I feel like I finally got my feelings across.

What was manager Koo Gyungtae’s reaction to the letter of thanks?

You seemed nervous. Of course I was just doing my job, but he said he was grateful for the letter. He said he ate ice cream well. Again, I heard more thanks. If I get a chance next time, I’ll try handwritten letters. haha.

By the Editorial Department