A “personalized clinic” just for your team
Provide the best service with the ‘Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic Zoom-in’!

Every column is different from the next. Even if it is only a business service, customized solutions are needed for customer service where people’s hearts are important. Therefore, the ‘Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic Zoom-in’ was launched to focus, diagnose, and resolve customer satisfaction issues by service and customer.

Zoom-in on the concerns of Hyundai Glovis people dealing with customers

The “Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic Zoom-in,” which was first launched in 2023, is a customized solution program that improves the service quality and customer satisfaction of Hyundai Glovis and actively seeks solutions to customer satisfaction issues that were difficult to identify as a business organization/support organization. In other words, it is a consulting program that responds externally to variables that constantly arise due to rapidly changing market conditions, and internally to the concerns of employees who endlessly strive to improve the quality of customer satisfaction. The most important aspect of the program is that it focuses on the characteristics of each department, each team and each case, so it is considered to be very helpful in increasing the competitiveness of the service of the customer department, by pre-checking and diagnosing its vulnerable areas and looking for solutions tailored to each situation. The Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic Zoom-in will continue to analyze, diagnose and resolve internal and external concerns of each team (room).

The Terminal Operations team at the Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic

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Manager Shin Jung-an (left) and Team Leader Kim Kyung-tae (right)

What has the atmosphere been like on your team or how have your team members responded since participating in the Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic?”

Our team is spread out due to the nature of our work, so we don’t have many opportunities to interact with each other compared to other teams. In addition, we have four new team members who joined within two years, so we haven’t had enough time to get to know each other. This time, we were able to share our individual psychological states and dispositions, which further strengthened the team’s cohesion. After the solution, we expect that even if all team members work separately, they will be able to work together smoothly based on a high level of trust.

What specific changes do you expect to see in CS for the Terminal Operations team as a result of participating in this program?

Through this program, all team members were able to come together and look into each other’s minds. By sharing our mental states, I expect that we will understand each other better when communicating in our work. I also think that strengthening internal communication will lead to positive energy and direction, which can lead to smoother CS communication with external stakeholders as a starting point.

The Terminal Operations Team came together to create an amazing result

As CS Consulting expands, more employees will be participating. If you were to recommend the program to other teammates, why?

I would especially recommend CS Consulting’s ‘Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic’ to teams (rooms) where there is a geographical or psychological distance between the team leader and team members, or between the team leader (director) and team members. It is a great opportunity to share and empathize with each other’s inclinations, including the inner psychological pressure that each member has. I think that through CS consulting with a professional touch, we can get closer to each other with consideration for each other.

By the Editorial Department