‘Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic Zoom-in’ Second story
Auto Biz (Pre-Owned Car) Team & Asia Pacific Forwarding Operation Team

The “Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic Zoom-in” is already famous for its diagnosis and prescriptions, which perfectly fit the characteristics of the team. After the first requesting department, the Terminal Operations Team, we listened to the concerns of the Auto Biz (Pre-Owned Car) Team and the Asia-Pacific Forwarding Operations Team, and provided a diagnosis and prescription from the clinic. Let’s look at the solution.

Team Leader Na Jang-gyu: This year, I was very concerned about CS because there were many personnel changes at the auction house and the responsibilities of each person changed drastically. I applied to participate in CS Consulting because I thought it would be a good idea to share these concerns with CS experts and find solutions together.

Manager Park Nam-soo: We expected to be able to make an objective judgment on our team’s CS because it includes a comprehensive analysis that considers the perspectives of team members , customers , and third parties, rather than simply a fragmentary analysis from the perspective of team members or customers.

Team Leader Cho Hyeon-joo: Although the Customer Satisfaction Survey is conducted every year, the results have fluctuated significantly, and due to the logistics crisis and the unprecedented pandemic, the time spent communicating with customers other than face-to-face has increased. We needed to understand the needs from the customer’s perspective and provide an improved version of CS service tailored to the trends. In addition, various types of customer companies such as overseas factories, group companies, parts companies, and TPL were mixed, and the tendencies and personalities of team members were not the same, so there were differences. Putting customer service first in your work, I applied to be rearmed with an upgraded CS service in line with the trend.

(Autobiz Yangsan Auction House Excellent CS Reward)

We held a preliminary meeting with key practitioners and CS builders to accurately identify issues specific to the Auto Biz (Pre-Owned Car) team. Since the Auto Biz Center is the first line of customer service, we decided that it was a priority to diagnose from the customer’s perspective and derive improvements. We sought to narrow the gap between the phenomena revealed by the third-party observation evaluation and the CS self-diagnosis of internal employees. As the number of customers visiting the auction house has increased in the post-Corona era, on-site concerns about flexible customer response methods have become so prominent that we set them as a design point. We also gave rewards to Yangsan Center, including Manager Kim Eun-seon, who showed the best customer service during the on-site monitoring! Manager Kim Eun-seon this year Even though we have been with Yangsan Center from the beginning, we have built a strong relationship by giving friendly greetings to customers. We were able to confirm that we were positively influenced by the customer-friendly atmosphere that is unique to Autobell Yangsan Center.

(Asia-Pacific Forwarding Operation Team Group)

We have been continuously thinking about improving the quality of customer satisfaction internally and, more recently, externally. Considering the need to improve customer service due to long-term variables, we decided that diagnosing employees’ CS awareness was a priority. To analyze the detailed CS awareness of a multi-person organization, in-depth interviews were conducted for each employee. In addition, as the logistics crisis stabilized, ship prices were reduced and there was a continuous demand to improve the quality of forwarding services. As customer expectations have improved, I have turned to learner participation activities that allow me to find a link between my work and customer satisfaction activities. Therefore, we compare in-depth interviews, self-diagnosis results and external customer satisfaction and analyze the differences to find solutions. It was published.

(Autobell RESPECT speech method)

Since this is a workplace with the most direct interaction with customers, we proposed a RESPECT voice solution that improves the level of response service and respects ‘customers’ and ‘me’. At the same time, we studied the strengths and weaknesses of each center and created a time to share work experience and knowledge among team members.

(Asia Pacific Forwarding Operation Team Lego Serious Play)

Lego Serious Play is an activity that allows you to think of three-dimensional ideas, touch them with your own hands, and implement them. You can set up a specific plan to improve customer satisfaction for the requesting team and reflect it in actual work. Through Lego assembly, team members’ thoughts on customer satisfaction can also be shared in the form of storytelling. In particular, due to the nature of Lego work, joint strategies and collaboration are needed to create a model to ensure customer satisfaction. I thought it would be a great help in increasing the competitiveness of our services.

On-site sketch of the Autobell Sihwa Center that participated in the Zoom-in Clinic!

Auto Biz (Pre-Owned Car) Team With Team Leader Na Jang-gyu (Manager Park Nam-soo)

What was the on-site response to the RESPECT speech method at each center that participated in the Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic?

All team members working at the auction house attended the Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic, and there was a particularly enthusiastic response to a special lecture on RESPECT speaking techniques that can be put into practice immediately in the field. Many attendees commented that the training was helpful in actually dealing with customers in the field because it included training on customer response situations that are common in auction houses. The lively training was impressive, and some expressed the hope that there will be more opportunities to participate in such useful training programs on a regular basis.

What are your expectations for future changes in our CS team?

I think the biggest change is the way team members think about customer service itself. Before, there were many team members who simply thought that customer service was ‘difficult’ or ‘vague. ‘ However, I think this consultation was a meaningful time for everyone because we were able to learn how to find practical meaning and efficiency in our CS activities. We hope that the CS mindset of our team members will change more positively after participating in this Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic.

Why would you recommend CS consulting to your employees?

I would highly recommend this program to any employee who is concerned about CS. As the name of the program suggests, the Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic Zoom-in allows you to take a detailed and clear look at what your organization’s strengths and weaknesses are in terms of customer satisfaction. In addition, I believe it is the best program to clearly address your CS concerns because you can get solutions that fit your needs.

(From the left, Cho Hyun-joo, Seong Ji-seon, Kang Joo-hee)

I’m curious about your feelings about participating in Lego Serious Play.

Due to the coronavirus, there have not been many activities that can be done in person with employees. It was great to have the opportunity to share our opinions on customer satisfaction that we normally couldn’t share through Zoom-in at the Customer Satisfaction Improvement Clinic.

I was so busy with my own tasks that I didn’t realize the importance of CS and missed some things. By attending the clinic, I was able to reflect on myself and my colleagues. It was a meaningful activity that crystallized the direction.

Why would you recommend this program to other team members?

Among the company’s core values, ‘Customer First’ always comes first. I still keep the 5 core value magnets that I distributed a while ago. If you’re a global person, you’ve probably heard of the time management matrix (1. important and urgent, 2. important but not urgent, 3. not important but urgent, 4. neither important nor urgent). Customer CS tends to take a back seat. You will feel a sense of accomplishment quickly because you have to solve the immediate problems in front of you, but to really grow in a service organization and build long-term trust with customers, you need to focus on CS. I think consulting or training is essential. This is because the image of Hyundai Glovis can be solidified by the one person a customer contacts. We recommend expanded operations for upward standardization and general improvement!

다 함께 모여 멋진 결과물을 만들어낸 터미널운영팀

CS 컨설팅이 확대 운영을 통해 더 많은 임직원분들과 함께할 예정입니다. 다른 팀 동료들에게 이 프로그램을 권유하고 싶다면 그 이유는 무엇인가요?

팀장과 팀원 간 혹은 실장과 팀장(소장)간 지역적, 심리적 거리가 있다고 생각되는 팀(실)에게 CS 컨설팅 ‘고객만족 개선 클리닉’을 특히 추천하고 싶습니다. 구성원 각자가 가지고 있는 내면의 심리적 압박감을 비롯해 상호간의 성향에 대해 공유하고 공감할 수 있는 좋은 기회입니다. 전문가의 손길이 들어간 CS 컨설팅을 통한다면 서로를 배려하며 좀 더 친밀하게 다가갈 수 있지 않을까 생각됩니다.

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