First half of 2023 closed!
Are you satisfied with GLOVIS+?

GLOVIS+, which communicates various issues and stories from the field, conducted a webzine satisfaction survey in the first half of the year to communicate with Hyundai Glovis employees. Let’s take a look at the opinions of Hyundai Glovis who participated in the survey in hopes of further development of GLOVIS+.

Based on the satisfaction survey conducted at the end of last year, Hyundai Glovis webzine GLOVIS+ tried to improve and change in various areas, such as changing column topics and expanding employee participation rates. To hear employees’ opinions and reflect them in the production of the webzine, GLOVIS+ conducted a satisfaction survey in the first half of 2023.

When asked about their satisfaction with GLOVIS+ in 2023, 91.34% said they were satisfied, indicating that many employees are positive about the direction of the webzine. In addition, 40.67% of respondents look at most of the columns in each issue. As expected, Hyundai Glovis enjoy a wide variety of columns. <HIGHLIGHT> was the most popular column, followed by <GLOVIS ON> and <GLOVIS CHECK-IN>.

The survey was conducted among all Hyundai Glovis employees from August 2-11, 2023, with 150 respondents. Let’s take a look at the results of the first half of the GLOVIS+ satisfaction survey.

In 2023, 50.67% of employees were “very satisfied” with GLOVIS+, followed by “satisfied” (40.67%) and “fairly satisfied” (6.67%). This means that 91.34% of respondents are satisfied with the webzine. In last year’s satisfaction survey, “satisfied” was the top answer (41.98%), followed by “very satisfied” (38.27%), which means that people are more satisfied with GLOVIS+ this year than last year.

Employees were satisfied with the webzine for a variety of reasons, with many saying it was an opportunity to share various information within the company and understand the work of other departments. More specifically, “Our company’s business scope is wide, so it was difficult to understand the work and characteristics of other departments, but the information I was curious about is well captured.” There were also quite a few healers, such as “It’s healing to look at GLOVIS+,” “It energizes my life,” and “It’s good to read when I take a break from work.” They also expressed satisfaction compared to the webzine in 2022. There are more things to see, and it’s positive that they pay attention to local businesses. Last but not least, there were encouraging comments such as, “It seems like they’re trying to come up with new and fresh content.”

Whereas in the 2022 survey, the most common response was “I read the newsletter once when it arrives (33.75%),” this time around it was “I read most of the columns in each issue” at 40.67%. “I read it once when it comes out (26.67%),” followed by “I only read it when someone I know is featured or there’s an interesting column (24.67%). Only 6.66% of respondents said they never read it.

We can see that 86.67% of modern globetrotters are generally satisfied with GLOVIS+, which is published twice a month and every two weeks, with 44.67% very satisfied and 42% satisfied. The rest of the respondents are neutral (10%), not satisfied (0.67%), not very satisfied (0.67%), and other (2%).

The most common way of accessing GLOVIS+ is through an internal email newsletter (86.67%), but there are also active employees who access the webzine directly on their laptops (6%), through bookmarks, address entry, etc., and through mobile web or mobile applications (5.33%). The 2022 survey shows a similar pattern of access to the webzine, with 87.65% of respondents accessing GLOVIS+ through newsletters.
We asked respondents who use mobile to access GLOVIS+ how satisfied they are with the app, and found that 62.5% were satisfied, 25% were very satisfied, and 12.5% were not

satisfied. Employees who said they were satisfied explained that the app is well-designed and easy to use, “It looks good,” “I think it’s more readable and accessible than the booklet,” “The intuitive UI is so good that I can feel how much effort the developers put into it!” “I can use it on weekends and during my commute,” and “I didn’t feel any inconvenience when I used it.” Those who said they were not satisfied explained why. Those who weren’t satisfied said, “I don’t know if it’s my phone, the app, or the site, but I can’t backtrack and click very well.”

Hyundai Glovis employees’ favorite column in GLOVIS+ is <HIGHLIGHT> (22%), which provides news on employee engagement events and company culture. The reasons for this are “I am interested in the stories of employees I know,” “I am curious about how other employees live,” and “I am satisfied with the recent introduction of company culture and employee engagement events, so I look for them frequently,” which shows a high level of interest in employees and company culture.

<GLOVIS ON> (19.33%), which ranked second by 4 votes, is a column that introduces company news, and employees responded, “I am most curious and interested in the company news because it is a local business site,” “It is good to be able to get news about the company’s internal and external activities,” “I can grasp the overall company atmosphere,” and “As a new employee, it helps me learn more about the company and promote a sense of belonging.”

When asked why they chose <GLOVIS CHECK-IN> (17.33%), which introduces teams, the majority of respondents said it was an opportunity to understand other teams. “For departments that don’t have overlapping areas of work, there’s no way to get to know them, but the column gives me an insight into the work of departments I’ve been curious about,” and “It’s good to know what the various teams and people within the company do and what the environment is like.” Regarding <G+ Office Tour> (10%), which introduces local business sites, employees responded, “It’s good to know about the company’s business across the country,” “It’s a chance to see what kind of environment employees in other locations work in and what kind of customers they work with,” and “It’s interesting to see the characteristics and unity of local business sites.” “Workcation” (9.33%) ranked as the fifth most favorite column, indicating that employees are interested in the workcation system.

As for <GLOBAL VIEW> (6%), which provides news about overseas offices and expatriates, “I’m curious about the work environment in overseas areas” and “It’s helpful to read lively news about people who are struggling in other countries.” In addition, the columns <SMALL CULTURE>.

<INNOVATION> (2.67%), and <Global View> (2.67%), which were newly introduced this year, are still of low interest. For reference, in the 2022 survey, <GLOVIS ON>, which covers company news, was voted as the most favorite column with 19.75%, and <G+ Office Tour> and <Workcation> were tied for second place with 14.81%.

Most respondents chose <SMALL CULTURE> and <INNOVATION> (16.67%) as the columns they were not satisfied with or felt needed improvement. Reasons for this included, “It’s hard to understand and less interesting because it’s an unfamiliar topic,” “I’m familiar with many columns on culture and technology in other media,” and “I wish the content could be supplemented more.” The fifth favorite column, “Workcation” (10.67%), was also ranked as the second most dissatisfied column. “It’s uncomfortable because it emphasizes vacation spots rather than work,” “I can’t relate to it because I haven’t experienced it,” and “There are some departments or jobs that can’t utilize work, so it looks like a company promotion.” Some respondents said that they wanted more detailed reviews of Workcation, so they chose it as an unsatisfactory column. The same 10.67% of respondents were dissatisfied with the employee photo contest as with Workcation, citing reasons such as, “Some people don’t take vacations during that time, so I wish it wasn’t limited to that time of year” and “I wish there were more ways to conduct photo contests.”

In the 2022 survey, <Events> (32.47%) was voted the most unsatisfactory column. This was followed by <CS STUDY> (15.58%), which contains CS news, and <Logout> (11.69%), which shares employees’ daily lives, both of which have been supplemented or replaced with new columns from this year.

New columns you’d like to see added

We also received a variety of new ideas for columns that they would like to see covered in GLOVIS+, and most of them were related to the company. Some of the topics included introducing unusual jobs among the many jobs at Hyundai Glovis, introducing clients and partners, interviewing outstanding employees, utilizing various welfare programs within the company, and ESG management such as social contributions. Some people also wanted to hear from the management team. They would like to see new features such as CEO messages and interviews with executives to hear their thoughts.

Items related to internal communication also stood out. There were many suggestions to actively utilize the webzine in connection with the opening of the OurGlovis app, including in-depth coverage of hot issues and improvements to OurGlovis, and introducing the most communicated articles on OurGlovis. In addition, there were suggestions for generational trends that can be understood by each other, an essay in which employees introduce themselves, “Introducing Me. and more events for families (parents/children) to participate in.

Hobbies and health-related columns are still popular. There were a variety of opinions on: places to visit at home and abroad; book recommendations; hot spots around the company such as restaurants, galleries, and shops; reviews of the latest products such as home appliances and IT devices; “G-Writer,” a column written by employees; and health columns. On the other hand, the topics that employees wanted to be covered in the newly established <Glovis Lounge> column, which was created to listen to and organize the thoughts of Glovis people, revealed their interests and concerns. The topics included preferred work styles such as flexible work arrangements, telecommuting, and working from home, report and meeting culture, performance pay, and the expectations and realities of third- and fourth- year employees before and after joining Glovis.

There were also many suggestions on organizational culture and communication, including a work-life balance game, what MZs want from non-MZs and what non-MZs want from MZs, internal relationships such as colleagues they would like to work with, how to resolve conflicts between generations, and how to deal with stress. Some topics were inevitably of interest to office workers, such as preferred cafeteria menus and recommendations for meeting places, while others were lighthearted but philosophical, such as do you think there is a destiny partner and what is life?

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in the satisfaction survey to help us improve GLOVIS+. As promised, we will be sending gifts to some of you for your valuable opinions. GLOVIS+ is a webzine created by all Hyundai Glovis people. You have encouraged us by sharing various information about the company, capturing the work and characteristics of other departments and delivering them to Glovis people, and giving us a break from work. However, there were many opinions that the contents of columns such as SMALL CULTURE, INNOVATION, Events, and Workcation needed to be supplemented and requests to implement them in more diverse ways.

Therefore, GLOVIS+ will reflect your opinions in the following ways: in the photo contest event, we will hold contests on various topics such as ‘the best photo I took this year’ and ‘the photo with the happiest memory this year’. In the Glovis Lounge (survey column), we will also cover the topics you suggested, such as preferred working style, organizational culture and communication, and report and meeting culture. In addition, we will reflect the column ideas you suggested and the valuable opinions you left to show you better results.