Coffee truck is coming to Glovis!
the SSONDA (Safety Specialist Of NeighborhooD Award) reward!

A coffee truck with a delicious drink rolled into Hyundai Glovis headquarters. A special event was organized to raise safety awareness and encourage employees at the headquarters. We would like to share with you the fun mood of the day, which gave us a chance to think about the importance of safety once again.

Headquarters hosts first-ever coffee truck event

At 10 a.m. on Sept. 26, a procession of Hyundai Glovis employees braved the rain to fill the vacant space in Tower D. It was the day of the SSONDA (Safety Specialist Of NeighborhooD Award), coffee truck event for the ‘Outstanding Safety Activity of the Month’. The ‘Excellent Safety Activity of the Month Award’, which has been implemented since March this year, is one of the ’23 Excellent Safety Management Awards’ organized by the Safety and Environment Center. Every month, contributors who have actively carried out safety activities to prevent safety accidents are selected from our business sites and suppliers. As a reward, Hyundai Glovis hold an event to provide daily coffee truck in the name of the contributors at their workplaces.

The September Outstanding Safety Actor is Choi Yoon-hee, manager in Europe Auto Parts (KD) Biz Team. On August 10, during her day shift, she noticed that the fixture on the window next to her seat in SO2 on the 31st floor was broken and immediately reported it to the asset management team for action. At the time, there was a high probability of a secondary accident due to the effects of Typhoon Kanun, which had just passed through the region.

The event was a success, with Hyundai Glovis employees gathering in droves as soon as it started. They checked the purpose and contents of the event by looking at the placards attached to the coffee truck, and enjoyed the special event by taking commemorative photos with the coffee truck in the background.

The photo zone was also a hit. People were happy to pose with safety equipment and signs with safety-related phrases and wishes for a safe homecoming ahead of Chuseok, a national holiday. Employees of Socar and SM Entertainment, which are tenants of D Tower, also participated in the event, livening up the mood and bringing the three-hour event to a successful conclusion.

Looking forward to building a culture of safety

Choi Sung-woo manager in the Safety & Health Team, hopes that the event will help Hyundai Glovis employees realize that it is not difficult to keep themselves safe. “It’s important to recognize dangerous elements around you and improve them. He also emphasizes that simple safety tips such as “don’t walk while looking at your phone” and “hold on to the handrail when going down the stairs” should be followed to prevent major accidents.

Ultimately, it’s all about safety awareness. Hyundai Glovis will continue to strive to create a culture where safety is the norm. We hope this coffee morning was a small step towards that change.

I was both embarrassed and happy when I heard that I had been selected as the winner of the ‘Outstanding Safety Action of the Month’ award. I wonder when I’ll get my coffee truck, it’s really exciting, haha. I usually don’t pay attention to safety, but the safety training at the headquarters made me look around. One day, a window was broken, so I reported it. I realized that even though it was a very small thing, it could prevent a big accident. I think we should all pay attention to the small things that can happen around us. Finally, I would like to thank all the team members for the congratulations.

I’m impressed because it’s the first time I’ve experienced coffee truck at work, and I like the variety of menus in coffee truck. This event was held because someone reported a safety-related issue in the company, so I want to try it. I’ll be more careful to see if there are any dangerous places in the company.

I heard that the event was organized with the theme of safety. I happened to pass by and participated in the event, which was interesting because I had never experienced coffee truck before,    and it was nice to drink delicious coffee. Our company is concerned about safety to protect our assets, such as cars. For example, when it is raining heavily, we respond by moving vehicles in low- lying areas to safe areas. I hope that today’s event has given us all a chance to think about safety once more.

By the Editorial department