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Process Innovation Team

The core of PI is to apply or introduce new technologies and processes that can maintain the organization’s competitiveness and meet customer needs. Let’s meet the Process Innovation Team, which reviews the successes and failures of innovation and plans for the future.

(from left) Team leader Kwak Jae-sik , Manager Kim Hyun-jun , Senior manager Jang Dong-young, Senior manager Choi Sejin, Manager Lee Jeong-hyeon, Manager Lee Yun-hwa, Senior manager Kim In-soo, Manager Park Young-hwan, Manager Kang Su-jin

The Process Innovation Team, newly established this year, takes the lead in implementing System PI and optimizing company-wide processes to strengthen the competitiveness of logistics system solutions. In simple terms, the Process Innovation Team can be said to be responsible for analyzing and improving the work that is currently being done in the company. The main tasks can be roughly divided into four categories. The main tasks are largely divided into four categories. First, Biz Introduce the next-generation system for digital transformation, establish a to-be process (PI), and define the requirements for rebuilding the existing system. Second, establish a global system integration, standardization promotion and data management system. Third, Process Innovation Team promote process digitization for process standardization and systematic process management by business. Team Leader Kwak Jae-sik and his nine team members strive to contribute to securing system competitiveness and systematizing management through sober and accurate analysis and diagnosis.

(from left) Manager Park Young-hwan, Senior manager Kim In-soo, Senior Manager Choi Se-jin, Senior Manager Yunhwa Lee

Please tell us about yourself.

Since I joined the company in May 2016, I have been doing automotive SCM consulting work, and after the Process Innovation Team was newly established this year, I am now in charge of Automotive Parts TM/WM PI work.

Hello everyone. I joined the company in June 2023 and am currently doing PI work on rebuilding the global shipping system.

Please explain PI planning. What do you consider important in PI planning?

After reviewing the system, we select the target to perform PI, discuss with the field/IT organization to decide whether to proceed with the PI project, and manage the project. This is a task that requires 2 to 3 people for at least 4 to 6 months, and all systems are installed. Since we cannot perform detailed PI projects, we consider the effectiveness compared to the effort to be important. By PI project In cases where the degree of system improvement compared to the existing system is large, or when a new system is introduced, a PI project is definitely necessary.

TM/WM PI (from left) Manager Kang Su-jin, Senior manager Choi Se-jin, Manager Jang Dong-young

What are the immediate issues for the project you are responsible for?

Automotive Parts TM/WM Project The area we are most focused on is expanding the scope of the system through change management. Due to the nature of the business, Automotive Parts Logistics currently uses an invoice-based system. In particular, for procurement and transportation, the customer does not provide order information, so the related data is managed using Excel. Our goal is to systematize this as much as possible and to digitize logistics data. Specifically, AS Transportation is promoting system-based vehicle management, strengthening the consistency of relay base data, and Procurement Transportation is striving to establish a system-based operating environment from ordering, dispatching, inventory management, to accounting in order to provide services through the system.

Immediate issues can be said to be system development and construction PI. System development and construction PI is basically about improving UX / UI convenience and improving speed / function from the current user’s perspective. Aiming to improve performance such as However, coverage considering future medium to long-term business expansion settings must be considered together. Realism and scalability You must always try to kill two birds with one stone. In addition, I believe that close communication and collaboration is required on an ongoing basis to ensure that the requirement items developed based on the identified improvement points can be applied to the system as originally intended.

Global forwarding PI (from left) Lee Manager Yun-hwa, Manager Lee Jeong-hyun

Please describe the content and progress of the current state analysis and the establishment of the future state procedure

In the case of the Global Forwarding System, the analysis of the current situation continues with the improvement of both the process and the system. Domestic/European workflow, which is currently the subject of primary analysis, is divided into business units such as import and export. In addition, we analyze the system used by practitioners by breaking it down into screens/functional units and analyzing their actual usage. Based on these findings, we plan to establish a standardized process and develop requirements and screen definitions to be reflected in the system.

Automotive Part TM/WM derived process PA (problem area) through process / system status analysis. After completion of the system PI project, explanation of the main screen requirement definitions and verification of the developer screen detailed design results, we plan to provide IT construction support, including to-be process change management support.

Kwak Jae -sik, Process Innovation Team Leader

What are the expected effects of Process Innovation Team?

Strengthen system solution competitiveness and improve development quality through as-is process analysis, to-be process definition, external benchmarking, and definition of key screen requirements.

PI is a status analysis. This is not only the starting point for the entire project of developing a new system, but also a clue to objectively evaluate our current level of work. By discovering the pros and cons of different work methods for each person in charge, it is possible to bring about upward standardization of work through the standardization process. Productivity can also be improved by discussing process/R&R improvements between customers and partners. In addition, based on these results, a management system can be created for each organizational unit and used for training. I believe that examining the present in this way is the beginning of ensuring the overall competitiveness of the company.

What are the strengths of the Process Innovation Team?

The Process Innovation Team has three strengths. First, team has excellent communication skills that can serve as a mediator between the collaborative organization and the IT organization. Second, team has the analytical skills to take an objective view and break the work down into activities. third, team has problem-solving skills to design to-be from a system perspective.

PI analyzes the current situation, identifies problems, establishes improvement directions, and implements them. and the entire innovation work applied, I think it’s like a drama to follow. If you follow a scenario with twists and turns, there will be times when it is difficult and challenging, but on the other hand, there will also come a moment when your efforts bear fruit. I would recommend it to anyone who likes change and analysis.

When are you satisfied with your work?

The Process Innovation Team was newly established this year, so the project results have not yet been implemented into the system. I feel rewarded when I analyze the process with my team members and become confident that the work will be improved from before through to-be design. I think it will be very rewarding when it is implemented as a system in the future and linked to work efficiency.

At present, we are working with people in charge of the Logistics Infrastructure Planning Team under the Global Forwarding Business Department. When we carry out the implementation with experts in the field, sometimes we reach a point of agreement through heated debate, and once we reach an agreement, we proceed with the work in an orderly manner. Through this process, I think everyone is moving in a more desirable direction. Sometimes I feel rewarded for my work.

What are your goals for the second half of the year and your plans for next year?

The goal for the second half of the year is to support the functional requirements and screen definitions defined based on the To-Be process in the Automotive Parts TM/WM project so that they can be well applied during system development. Next year’s plan is similar to the team’s goal, it is to contribute to the creation of a competitive system by performing PI projects for systems planned for development.

Next year we will implement the As-Is that we have been preparing for a long time this year. We plan to finalize it and establish a to-be process. In addition, based on this, we plan to define screens/functions and establish a development direction through Fit&Gap of external solutions. As a result, we will systematically pursue the project based on specific goals so that system development can begin in the second half of next year.

Please tell us If there is anything you would like to say to Hyundai Glovis staffs about the work of the Process Innovation Team.

Since the PI work involves analyzing and improving the work currently being done in our company, it cannot be done by the Process Innovation Team alone and must be done in partnership with collaborators. Therefore, we would like to ask for your cooperation in carrying out our work with our team.

I agree. PI work is done through detailed content analysis. The most important thing is to identify areas for improvement. This is because solid analysis must take precedence in order to expect effects that lead to process improvement and system development/application. As a result, due to the nature of the project, it takes a long time, and as time goes by, interest decreases. do. We ask for the continued interest of many staffs to ensure that this project becomes a successful one.

Vehicle TM PI (from left) Manager Kim Hyun-jun, Manager Park Young-hwan, Senior Manager Kim In-soo

Please tell us about yourself.

We completed the finished vehicle TM reconstruction PI project by mid-September and are currently supporting the European finished vehicle visibility system and preparing for the European TM PI project.

Hello. Hello. I’m Park Young-hwan from Process Innovation Team. I am currently in charge of PI for rebuilding the TM of vehicle.

Please tell us about the content and progress of the new system introduction and system reconstruction for the finished vehicle TM

System Development PI When building a system, this means analyzing and redefining business processes and designing key screens and functions based on new processes. Since the existing TMS (Transportation Management System) was a system used by various business areas such as vehicle/ Automotive Parts /steel/TPL, the function reflected the characteristics of the vehicle business in the system. Or the screen implementation was difficult. This ” TM Reconstruction” is specialized for vehicles, which means to build a transportation system exclusively for vehicle. Currently, the main screen design has been completed, and system development is scheduled to begin in December 2023, with the goal of opening in the second half of 2024.

What do you think are the expected effects of Process Innovation?

I believe that the expected effect of Process Innovation is that the system design has been carried out by understanding the vehicle logistics process more accurately. Before the introduction of PI, no one in the vehicle business division knew 100% of the work processes for each vehicle plant, but this time, while conducting PI direct visits to several vehicle manufacturing plants, by analyzing work processes and deriving standard processes, I think I was able to help the vehicle manufacturers in charge realize, “how different the work processes are for each vehicle manufacturer’s plant.”

In addition, because head office and field staff had to perform their original work while designing the system screen, there were many cases where there was no time to devote man-hours to system design. As the old saying goes, “It’s better to have a blank sheet of paper,” I believe that the quality of the screen design has improved compared to before the PI’s input, because our team members and the head office/site personnel worked together to define the screen/function requirements and proceed with the screen design.(laughs)

What are your goals for the second half of the year and your plans for next year?

The goal for the remaining second half of the year is to successfully carry out the European TM PI project.

There are no big goals. Starting next year, TM for vehicle will begin in earnest. development progress Because it’s on schedule, we want to actively support the soft landing of systems engineering. We are also committed to doing our best in the new tasks that will arise in the future.

Please tell us If there is anything you would like to say to Hyundai Glovis staffs about the work of the Process Innovation Team.

The Process Innovation Team was newly established this year, so there seem to be many managers and employees who are not yet familiar with our team. In terms of building a new system or improving processes, if our team plays its role in a systematic and planned way, it will be of great help to our employees in the future. I’m sure of it.

This year the Process Innovation Team was newly formed and we conducted our first completed vehicle TM PI. There are some things that I personally did not do well or was disappointed with during the project. By strengthening individual work skills, I will become a PI person who can contribute to improving the work efficiency of Hyundai Glovis staffs!

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