Developing the Next Generation of Logistics Professionals
2023 Hyundai Glovis Logistics Dream Camp

Hyundai Glovis nurtures future logistics professionals! We take a look inside the “2023 Hyundai Glovis Logistics Dream Camp”, which was packed with high-quality programs, including hands-on auto parts logistics experience at Asan KD Business Center 2, career counseling with employed seniors, and expert lectures on ESG management of logistics companies.

Held for the first time this year, the Hyundai Glovis Logistics Dream Camp is a logistics field trip program for young people, including university students and pre-professional students, as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. “The competitiveness that enables a company’s sustainable growth depends on securing creative and excellent talent,” said Cheon Se-eun, who planned and organized the camp. “We plan to continue to support Hyundai Glovis’ leap forward and develop talented people who can grow the Korean logistics industry.” She shared the purpose and ambition of the Logistics Dream Camp.

At the Logistics Dream Camp held on October 27 and November 3, future talents interested in the logistics industry had the opportunity to understand and experience the entire logistics industry, including Hyundai Glovis, through hands-on learning at logistics sites and lectures by experts. As the camp date approached, everyone was worried about the sudden rain forecast, but it is said that heaven helps those who help themselves. Fortunately, it did not rain on the day of the camp and we were able to start the camp with the youth as green as the sunny weather.

It was early in the morning on October 27, but the faces of the participants, who dream of becoming the next generation of logisticians, were beaming with excitement. The highlights of the first day were a visit to Asan KD Business Center 2, an automotive semi-assembled knock-down (KD) logistics base, and a hands-on experience in auto parts logistics. After an orientation session where the 33 participants were introduced to the training program and got to know each other, the camp activities began in earnest.

After team building and task orientation, a special lecture on “Understanding ESG Management of Companies” and “Safety Accident Prevention Training” was given by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This was followed by a field trip to Hyundai Glovis Asan KD Business Center 2 and training on the KD business. In order to strengthen the global competitiveness of the domestic automotive industry, Hyundai Glovis’ KD business is responsible for packaging and exporting vehicle production parts procured from domestic and overseas sources at the KD Business Center and supplying them to local automotive plants overseas.

Although tired from a packed schedule, the eyes and ears of the attendees were glued to every word of the speakers. The tour was followed by a question-and-answer session. The participants were as focused as they were sharp, and the Center staff said, “This was more impressive than any other visitor to the Center. Such was the atmosphere of the day. The first day was filled with enthusiastic presentations from experts and participants who wanted to share something with future logistics workers.

The second day of the camp, November 3, was filled with new programs such as volunteering at a training ground near the headquarters in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, career counseling from employed seniors, and a special lecture on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) management in logistics companies. The final event was a presentation of the assignments completed during the week. The topic was “ESG Best Practices of Domestic and Foreign Logistics Companies”. The nervousness and confidence of young people just embarking on a new path was evident in the calm presentation of the participants, who did their best to hide their nervousness. The ESG ideas applicable to logistics companies surprised even the seniors in the industry. The discussion that followed the project presentations made them optimistic about the future of the Korean logistics industry. Hyundai Glovis was recently recognized as an excellent ESG management company among Korean logistics companies, receiving the highest grade of A+ in the “2023 Listed Company ESG Evaluation and Rating Results” published by the Korea ESG Institute (KCGS).

The volunteer program with Hyundai Glovis employees was a great way for the participants to meet seniors in the industry and learn that work life is not just about social life. The 10 Hyundai Glovis employees and the campers made and delivered cold-weather items for the elderly in Seongdong-gu and celebrated Christmas in advance.

During the small group career counseling and networking sessions to support the young people’s dreams, they were able to learn social life know-how and basic skills that logisticians should have as seniors. The camp concluded with an awards and graduation ceremony. Participants and winners received various academic support items to help them in their studies.

How did you come up with the idea of organizing and creating the Logistics Dream Camp?

Hyundai Glovis actively promotes socially responsible management that reflects the needs of society. One of our main goals is to support the development of the next generation of talented people. As part of this, we organized the Dream Camp for logistics aspirants first time this year.

When putting together your camp program, what did you focus on?

We wanted participants to learn about logistics and ESG management in a fun and easy way, so we designed the program to deepen their understanding of the industry through hands-on logistics experiences and lectures by experts in each field, and to apply theory to practice through team-based assignments.

How did you decide who gets to participate?

Priority was given to students from regions of the country with an interest in the logistics industry and relatively few opportunities to participate in the program.

Were there any challenges in preparing for the camp?

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work the participants shared with me, even though the program schedule didn’t allow much time to prepare for the team assignments.

Tell us about the most and least rewarding aspects of being in charge now that you’ve successfully completed the camp.

We were grateful to hear students and employees say, “I had a great time learning about logistics, safety, and ESG management at the camp and I would like to participate again next time. However, due to the short time frame of the program, many participants said they would like to have more time for networking between employees and students. We would like to actively incorporate their opinions next time.

What would you like to tell us about the future of the Logistics Dream Camp?

The Sustainable Development Goals are international commitments agreed by the United Nations to help our societies move towards a better future. One of the 17 goals, Quality Education, aims to provide equitable educational opportunities for all and build a sustainable education system.
Like the goal of “Quality Education,” we hope that the Logistics Dream Camp will provide opportunities for logistics dreamers across the country to become interested in logistics companies, including Hyundai Glovis, and grow into great talents in the industry in the medium to long term. We would like to express our gratitude to the KD Operations Office for their cooperation in conducting this program, and to all employees who volunteered and shared their talents. We hope you will continue to support Hyundai Glovis, a global intelligent SCM provider, as we strive for sustainable growth with our internal and external stakeholders!

By Editorial Department