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Screen Golf dongeuli becomes ‘Baekdol-i and Baeksoon-i

You can play anytime, regardless of the season or weather. You can also play with family, friends, and co-workers. Screen golf is a sport that combines the best of both worlds. Hyundai Glovis has a dongeuli called “Baekdol-i and Baeksoon-i” that allows you to communicate and exercise with your co-workers through screen golf. Let’s meet Baek-dol-i and Baek-soon-i, who enjoy a fun change of pace after work, and learn more about the appeal of screen golf.

Make golf fun for everyone, anytime!

Golf is known as a sport with a high barrier to entry, both in terms of time and money. In the wake of the pandemic, golf has become a popular sport among the millennial generation. In particular, screen golf attracts attention because everyone can enjoy it casually in everyday life. First, you can play golf indoors in a comfortable environment regardless of the weather. Even if you don’t go out on the course, golf simulations allow you to play on different courses and practice swinging, putting, etc., in an environment similar to the actual game. The best part is that the golf equipment is provided and costs around 20,000 won per person, saving you time and money. It’s a great way to socialize with coworkers, especially since it’s a great way to get everyone together.

All Hyundai Glovis employees can experience screen golf at “Baekdol-i and Baeksoon-i.” Once a month, members gather at a screen golf course near the company. The game lasts about three hours, with three to four people in each room, and members divide into three tiers based on their average scores. The tiers are evenly distributed among the rooms so that the game ends at a similar time. During the game, the rooms are connected so that members can communicate with each other and have food delivered for dinner.

There’s a Dongeuli to add to the fun, including guest lessons and merchandise purchases.

Kim Jong-ui, president of Baekdol-i and Baeksoon-i and a senior manager of the Cargo Quality Management Team, says the dongle gives you the gift of networking. Because golf is a team sport, people can build relationships within the company and even make friends on the course, where foursomes are a must. This can carry over to the workplace and help you work together and get things done.

“Most of our members are in their late 30s to 50s, which is disappointing. We’d like people who have taken lessons but never played to join us. We’re not players, so whether we’re good doesn’t matter.”

‘Baekdol-i and Baeksoon-I’ is dongeuli that have been officially active for about a year, and there is still much work to be done. Based on a year of trial and error, they plan to change their program based on member feedback. The team has plans to bring in outside instructors to teach lessons, purchase golf merchandise, and more. They also look forward to getting out on the course and playing golf with their members. Last year, they held a year-end tournament and hope to have another year-end tournament.

‘Baekdol-i and Baeksoon-i’ promise to have various effects, such as physical fitness, networking, and stress relief through the sport of screen golf. We wish ‘Baekdol-i and Baeksoon-I’ the best of luck in their second year and hope that all their plans for this year will be realized. We wish them all the best for next year and beyond and hope they continue to grow and become the best dongleuli for Hyundai Glovis!

‘I heard it was special for you to be on the management team of ‘Baekdol-i and Baeksoon-i.’

After I applied to join the dongeuli, I didn’t get approved for a long time, so I contacted the business team. They told me that the dongeuli was not active because the management team was vacant, so I took over the management team with my friend Yubin Bae, who is the same age as me. It wasn’t until February last year that we had our first official meeting.

What is the appeal of screen golf?

I think it’s accessibility and cost. It takes a full day to go out to a field and costs about 300,000 won, including traveling and playing time. Screen golf has the advantage of being accessible, requiring less travel time and costing less than 20,000 won per person.

Can screen golf be more enjoyable?

Playing against other players of a similar skill level can be more relaxing and fun, but be careful not to bet too much, or you’ll hurt each other’s feelings. If you know you’ll play on a field, it’s fun to play that field on the screen first.

Do you have other activities besides regular meetings?

We thought about doing a field day, but there were some practical challenges, like taking time off work on weekdays and doing it on weekends, so we didn’t do it. Last December, we had a contest to celebrate the end of 2023. It was just for fun, so it wasn’t a big deal, but we had some prizes to give away.

If someone wants to join ‘Baek dol-I and Baek soon-I’ dongeul-i, do they have to bring a golf club or something?

Please prepare just enough to hit a golf ball with a golf club. ^^

“Are you worried about your performance? We’re not athletes. Are you worried you don’t have the equipment? We have it all in the store. Just bring a good heart. ‘Baek dol-I and Baek soon-I’ is always happy to welcome new Hyundai Glovis People.”

Can you explain the name of the dongeuli?

In golf, 100 is one of those numbers that means something. Typically, golf is played over 18 holes, and each hole has a target of par. A score of 100 means average relative to that standard and represents the score of an average golfer. Golf is also about teamwork, support, and cooperation with your partner. The name “Beckdol-i and Becksoon-i” is a reminder that, like the characters in the story, the game can be played by both men and women and is about solid friendships and growing together. It’s about camaraderie and mutual benefit between members.

What is the role of the secretary and what do you care about most?

As a secretary within dongeul-i, I organize and run events, make plans for communication between members and efficient activities, and prepare and manage meetings and events. I also manage finances, create budgets, manage dues and expenses, and inform and explain to members when necessary. The most nerve-wracking part of the job is arranging venues in advance, but the dongeul-i organizes it with advance notice, so it runs smoothly without much hassle.

Are there any activities to help members improve their golf skills?

As the group has existed for a short time, we don’t have any activities other than regular meetings. Still, if we can, we would like to organize golf lessons so members can get personalized advice and guidance.

What should I look out for when playing screen golf?

Knowing your surroundings, handling your equipment properly, and prioritizing safety is important. Ensure no people or objects are around you before you hit the ball, and don’t injure yourself with poor posture and movement. You’ll always have an enjoyable experience if you follow the etiquette above.

“Golf is an exciting sport anyone can play, regardless of age, gender, or experience. We are a special place of fun and challenge for all ages, welcoming people of all backgrounds and experiences and open to anyone looking for fun and growth through golf. We welcome your interest and participation. We hope you will join us and experience the charm and joy of golf.”

What is the appeal of screen golf?

It’s exhilarating when you get a good hit, and the ball goes flying. There’s something about being in the moment. I love that I get to play with people, have fun, and practice.

How do you rate your golf game, and has the dongle improved it through your activities?

My skills are average, and I don’t usually practice, so I’m trying to ensure my skills don’t decrease. (sad)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the dongeuli for activities with coworkers?

I enjoy working out with my coworkers for hours and talking about stuff.

Club members usually get delivery food togethers, but what’s the best thing you’ve had at Screen Golf?

I like simple, quick meals like jjajangmyeon, ramen, and fried rice.

If you have a favorite golfer, who is it and why?

I love the cool swing of American professional golfer Nelly Coda. I like her because she’s tall and has long legs, which makes her swing look cooler, and her form is beautiful.

Is there anything you’d like to do with ‘Baekdol and Baeksoon-i’ in the future?

I’m happy enough to be a member and enjoy participating.

“The Dongeuli has been active, and the president and secretary are having a hard time. Every time the number of participants changes, golf course bookings change, and other commitments come up, it’s hard to keep up with the regular meetings. Thank you both for a job well done in 2023.”