Hyundai Glovis won the 2023 Global Standard Management Awards for Environment and Safety

Hyundai Glovis continuously strives to create a corporate culture that prioritizes the environment and safety. As a result of its efforts, it was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Green Management Award at the 2023 Global Standard Management Awards and won the Safety Management Award for the fifth consecutive year. Let’s take a look back at Hyundai Glovis’ activities in leading eco-friendly logistics and safety and security.

Members of the Safety & Environment Center participated in the award ceremony. From left: Kim Jun-young, Safety Policy Team; Ra Tae-gyun, Safety Policy Team; Director Moon Byung-seop, Safety & Environment Center; Baek Song-yi, Environment Business Team; and Yoon Ji-hyun, Environment Business Team.

Hyundai Glovis was inducted into the Hall of Fame by winning the Green Management Award for the sixth consecutive year and the Safety Management Award for the fifth consecutive year at the Global Standard Green and Safety Management Awards ceremony held at Dragon City Hotel in Yongsan on November 22. The Global Standard Management Awards is an award program sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, which selects outstanding companies in 10 categories including green management, safety management, ESG management, and social responsibility management.

Hyundai Glovis got the Green Management Award for the sixth consecutive year at the Global Standard Management Awards.

The award ceremony was attended by Moon Byung-seob, Director of the Safety & Environment Center, Yoon Ji-hyun, Team leader of the Environment Business Team, Baek Song-yi, Manager of the Environment Business Team, Kim Jun-young, Team leader of the Safety Policy Team and Na Tae-kyun, Manager of the Safety Policy Team. “As a global logistics and distribution company representing Korea, Hyundai Glovis recognizes environment and safety as the top priority of its management and strives to fulfill its environmental and social responsibilities. We are very proud that our efforts have led to our induction into the Environment Management Award Hall of Fame and the Safety Management Award for five consecutive years, and we have renewed our commitment to provide better environmental and social value to our customers and stakeholders.”

This year, Hyundai Glovis won the Grand Prize in the Environment Management/Safety Management category because it has been recognized for its continuous promotion of Environment and safety management. Hyundai Glovis is actively responding to climate change-related issues such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2045, and Hyundai Glovis is continuously expanding the introduction of new technologies so that eco-friendly logistics can spread throughout the domestic logistics industry.

“Hyundai Glovis has signed agreements with government ministries and companies to develop the hydrogen distribution industry and are participating in the establishment of the hydrogen value chain, utilizing ‘used battery transportation facilities’ that reduce energy by improving transportation loading efficiency, expanding eco-driving of cargo vehicles, and in the ship sector, installing energy efficiency improvement devices and applying low-friction/fuel- saving paints. Hyundai Glovis will continue to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand our eco-friendly business to implement an advanced eco-friendly logistics operation system across SCM.”

Director Moon Byung-seop said that for safety management, Hyundai Glovis aims to be a ‘global safety and health leader’ and is promoting the internalization of safety leadership and the establishment of a self-discipline prevention system for employees in order to achieve ‘zero major accidents’. The company also conducts safety inspections and evaluations at domestic and overseas worksites, and strives to create a safe workplace throughout the company by detecting risk factors at industrial sites early and deriving improvement measures.

Director Moon Byung-seop answers questions

Congratulations on your sixth consecutive award and Hall of Fame induction.

As social interest in the environment increases, environmental laws and regulations are being strengthened both internally and externally, and customer expectations are also rising. Hyundai Glovis’ continuous innovation efforts in green management amidst the challenging market environment have led to the meaningful award of being inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’. Since receiving the Green Management Award for the first time in 2018, we have been striving to strengthen our environmental management activities and raise the level of management. I’m deeply grateful to the relevant departments and employees for their efforts, as the Hall of Fame is continuously promoted at every award ceremony. I will continue to strive to realize Hyundai Glovis’ green management performance worthy of the name ‘Hall of Fame’.

Hyundai Glovis Environment Management Governance

What is Hyundai Glovis’ green management policy?

Hyundai Glovis is making comprehensive efforts to positively impact the environment at its domestic and overseas business sites, stakeholders, suppliers, and SMEs and contribute to building a sustainable business value chain. First, we systematically disclose our environmental management performance and strive to reduce negative environmental impacts that may lead to risks for our customers through continuous improvement. For suppliers, we evaluate environmental impacts once a year, provide bidding incentives for leading companies, and provide environmental education to personnel in charge to encourage the establishment of an environmental management culture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain. In addition, we participate in the SME Win-Win Cooperation Project and actively share our environmental management know-how with suppliers so that eco-friendly logistics can spread throughout the domestic logistics industry.

What kind of year is 2023 for green management?

In October 2023, Hyundai Glovis declared ‘Carbon Neutrality by 2045′. In order to establish
a roadmap for carbon neutrality and eco-friendly transportation, Hyundai Glovis set carbon reduction measures and annual reduction targets with each business unit. It is significant that the entire company participated in the mid- to long-term carbon neutrality plan and set a common goal, and in this regard, we believe that Hyundai Glovis’ 2045 carbon neutrality is a more authentic challenge, even though it is not an easy goal.

How do you evaluate green management in addition to the Global Standard Management Award?

Thanks to the strengthening of its green management system, Hyundai Glovis earned an A+ rating in the Environment (E) category of the 2023 Korea ESG Standard (KCGS) ESG Assessment. Despite the fact that the revision of the assessment questions in 2023 made it difficult for companies to respond to the assessment, we were able to achieve an A+ rating, a step up from the previous year, which ultimately contributed to the overall ESG rating of A+. We will strive to establish and uphold Glovis’ own environmental policy that enables us to provide valuable services without forgetting our corporate environmental responsibilities.

Please tell us about any policies or activities to promote environmental awareness among employees.

The Environment Business Team publishes environmental webzines (G-Climate), environmental news by overseas subsidiaries (G-Climate International), and Emission Trading System Information sheets (ETS-Information) once a month, categorized by type and need. In particular, in the case of the environmental webzine and environmental news by overseas subsidiary region, we have been providing translated versions since this year so that even local managers of overseas subsidiaries can understand the relevant environmental impacts, raise their awareness level, and effectively utilize them in their work, in order to inspire employees’ interest in environmental issues and enhance the capabilities of domestic and overseas managers to achieve carbon neutrality.

How would you rate the improvement of the company’s image due to green management?

Hyundai Glovis is preemptively responding to the new climate system and changes in internal and external environmental policies with the goal of becoming a global eco-friendly logistics leader. It is true that the level of green management has increased significantly as many companies, not only Hyundai Glovis, have begun to recognize ‘environment’ as an essential management value. At the same time, laws have been revised and implemented to prevent greenwashing in the promotion of a company’s environmental policies or products. It is now past the era of ‘claiming’ authenticity and into the era of ‘proving’ the authenticity of the direction and process of the business. We will pursue more substantial environment management so that people can recognize the process even if we don’t claim it ourselves.

What are your future plans for environment management?

In order to minimize negative environmental impacts and set integrated environmental management operating policies and goals, Hyundai Glovis plans to pursue integrated environmental management system certification for 10 overseas subsidiaries in 2024. In terms of carbon neutrality, we have formed the ‘Carbon Neutrality Data Improvement CWT’ comprising 211 representatives from all business departments at home and abroad, and are conducting interviews to identify emission sources and management data for each business. From next year, we will start working in earnest to establish a management system for these data, and in the future, we will reflect carbon neutrality requirements in line with the reorganization of each transportation system so that unit-level emission calculations for each transportation mode can be implemented.

As an environmental policy officer, what do you want to tell your members?

It is all thanks to our employees that Hyundai Glovis’ ‘environmental policy’ has led to actual environmental impact reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, and eco-friendly business performance, and has been inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ of the Environment Management Awards. I believe that no matter how good a policy is, it is meaningless without the process of actually realizing it. In the future, I hope that Hyundai Glovis environment management will move away from the ‘regulatory’ aspect of complying with laws and regulations and move closer and closer to the ‘autonomous’ aspect of striving to fulfill our environmental responsibilities while running our business. We would like to support you in the direction of realizing the environmental value of our company along with the growth of our business, so we ask for interest and communication.

You have won the Safety Management Award for the fifth consecutive year, what are your thoughts on the award?

We are pleased to see that our efforts to create a safe workplace for everyone at Hyundai Glovis have been externally recognized. In 2023, the members of the safety organization made a lot of efforts to make the workplace a little safer, and reviewing the certificates gave us time to summarize our work this year. We will continue to work hard to make our workplace safer in 2024 than in 2023, with the goal of being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

What is Hyundai Glovis’ safety management policy and competitiveness?

Possessing excellent safety human resources by strengthening the capabilities of safety officers and supervisors at each workplace is a source of competitiveness that differentiates us from other companies. Since the actual implementation of safety and health goals and priorities is carried out by safety managers and supervisors at each business site, it is necessary to enhance the competence of safety managers to improve the level of our safety management. To this end, we aim to gain competitive advantages in the safety sector compared to other companies by designing training programs for safety managers, training materials, and elaborating safety-related work evaluations.

Please tell us about the safety management activities and achievements that you focused on in 2023.

In 2023, Hyundai Glovis conducted workshops for safety managers and supervisors in the first and second half of the year. In the first half of the workshop, we organized training programs on risk assessment, accident investigation training, and how to register for the PTW system, focusing on lectures applicable to our work in the safety organization. In the second half of the year, we held a safety golden bell training program to check the contents of safety- related knowledge of those in charge, rather than simply delivering knowledge.

In addition to training programs, we distributed safety work guides and risk assessment guides to help actual safety managers in their safety work, which included example photos to help them avoid difficulties in their actual work. Furthermore, in our case, it was a year in which we actively carried out safety management to raise the level of safety management not only for us but also for our suppliers by providing safety consulting support to our suppliers called ‘Glo (Vis will come to) you’ as a work structure to work together with our suppliers.

How would you rate the implementation of the Health and Safety Management System (HGSMS)?

The benefits of implementing our HGSMS were evident during the ISO audit. First of all, by uploading the legal documents required by ISO or required to be in our possession to HGSMS, we were able to reduce the time required to search and locate them. Also, itemizing the required documents in HGSMS helped us to organize them without missing any of them. However, some functions need to be improved in terms of user-friendliness, and the limited access to safety personnel in overseas subsidiaries indicates the need for continuous improvement and development.

What has been the response and effectiveness of workplace inspection activities and campaigns?

Workplace inspections have been improved so that the manual record management part can be managed by linking with the system through QR codes. It is significant that the workplace safety inspection is now a mandatory task that is linked to the safety evaluation of the safety officer, but it has been naturally regularized as a mandatory task. In addition, the 27th of every month is designated as ‘Safety Day’ and linked to the campaign to raise awareness of the importance of safety to all employees working at Hyundai Glovis. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the workplace safety officer who has been very helpful in conducting not only the workplace safety inspection but also the monthly safety day campaign.

What are your future plans for safety management?

Hyundai Glovis’ safety and health management plan for 2024 is to “internalize safety leadership where employees themselves lead safety awareness” and “establish a self- discipline prevention system and respond to the risk of major accidents.” I hope that these safety and health management activities will not only minimize legal risks by responding to the risk of major accidents and meeting legal requirements, but also create a happy workplace where all employees become safety self-leaders and create a safe workplace by themselves. To be a little more greedy, Dupont is considered the ‘safety bible’, and I hope that all employees at Hyundai Glovis will internalize safety leadership and make Hyundai Glovis the company that immediately comes to mind when you think of ‘safety’ in Korea.

Is there anything you would like to say to our members in general?

This year, the Safety Policy Team was newly organized, and there were many difficulties in the process of working with new tasks and new members. Whenever there were difficulties, we gathered together to discuss and come up with solutions, and I think we were able to not only solve them well, but also lead our work in a better direction. I didn’t express it well because I was shy, but I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the team members.

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