Meet the leaders nurturing Glovis’s culture of communication

The pandemic has forced some drastic changes in the work environment, and we’re just not able to mingle in the same ways anymore. But don’t worry! Hyundai Glovis has opened its official Yammer channel where everyone is welcome to join and interact. On a related note, there are two among us who have been particularly involved in community activities to bring us closer together. Here’s what they had to say about the importance of communication within the workplace and what they have done to keep us all connected.

Join Yammer! Mix and mingle,
and form clubs with likeminded people!

Manager Kim Hyun-bin, Bulk Operation Team

Being new to Glovis, I still have a lot to do and learn, but as I’ve been working alone from home due to COVID, I understand the frustrations that we all share. If we were all in the office, I could just approach someone directly if I had a question, but at home I find myself wasting time looking through webpages for answers. What I miss the most, however, is being able to take a coffee break with co-workers—just sharing the same space and interacting.

It seems that I wasn’t alone in feeling that way, seeing how the official Hyundai Glovis Yammer platform is now open. It’s a Microsoft sibling to Teams, which we use mostly for work communication. Yammer, on the other hand, is designed for social communication among teams. Sounds good to me! Now I can take a break from work and go onto our Yammer to leave a post and see what others are saying. It adds a really nice touch to working from home.

When I first joined Hyundai Glovis, one of the things that got me the most excited was the access to different employee clubs here. Yammer has a function that lets you create clubs and invite people. Since acting is a passion of mine, I’d love to get together with some likeminded people and form a club where we can rehearse and film some short pieces. Ping me in chat if you’re interested!

Bond and share a laugh on Yammer,
and start loving work again!

Manager Choi Sung-woo, Safety & Health Team

I remember when I had just started at Hyundai Glovis. I hit a snag with a task I was handling, but wanted to sort it out on my own without asking for help. In the end I gave up and asked a colleague, and I was surprised at how easily it was resolved. I realized then the importance of communication—and I don’t mean just work talk. Small talk that gets the friendly vibe going is also important. For someone like me who spends pretty much the whole day at the office, the community aspect of work is like an oasis in a desert. That’s why I take the initiative in organizing social events and sharing good news with everyone at work.

We work at a really big company, with so many people you could get to know. Wouldn’t it be a shame to just let those friendship opportunities pass you by? I think it’s great that Hyundai Glovis has opened a Yammer community. For many of us it can be that little special something that gets you through each day at work. We all know how monotonous work can be at times.

I think we should create a sub-group on Yammer dedicated to building up a knowledge base that new staff members can reference for work. Yes, I think that’s a great idea. The pandemic has kept us all apart for too long. I was sorely missing our family vibes. Yammer should be able to bring us back together again. See you all on Yammer!

A story of two dreamers who want to be great communicators in Hyundai Glovis

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Interview Manager Kim Hyun-bin, Bulk Operation Team,
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