Want to try something different?
Go plogging!

While plogging is gaining momentum as a popular activity, it is still unfamiliar to many of us. Here are the things you need to go plogging along with some useful tips including the in-depth plogging experience of three Hyundai Glovis staff members, showing you all the aspects of plogging.

Plogging – What is it?

Plogging, which was first practiced in Sweden in 2016, is an environmental activity and exercise where you jog and pick up trash at the same time. The word “plogging” was created by merging the two Swedish words for “pick up” (plocaka upp) and “jogging” (jogginh). The activity became highly popular for green hipsters, since you are working for your health and the environment at the same time. One of the biggest advantages of plogging is that there are no restrictions on time and place. If you want to try a light and easy environmental activity, try plogging.

How to start plogging

Plogging for the first time? We recommend that you try it on a sunny day. Instead of focusing on jogging and picking up trash at the same time, try starting as if you’re just taking a stroll, while feeling the sunlight and the refreshing natural environment. When you come across an area just right for jogging, make it a habit to run as fast as you can. It’s twice as refreshing when you run enough to break a sweat. As for the trash picking, largest amounts of trash are where there are more people, and near trash cans and restrooms. Plastics that need to be sorted for recycling are a priority. When you’ve arrived at your destination after picking up trash, put the items into their respective recycling bins. If there are no recycling bins in the area, simply bring them home with you for sorting and recycling.

Things you’ll need for plogging

Plogging for green hipsters

Plogging as experienced by Hyundai Glovis staffers

At 1 in the afternoon on a day in May, three Hyundai Glovis staff members arrived at Seoul Forest with gloves, tongs, and trash bags. Manager Kim Chan-soo of the Business Analysis Team, Manager Choi Sung-woo of the Safety & Health Team, and Manager Na Young-joon of the Transportation Operation Team were the three who teamed up for plogging. Manager Kim Chan-soo, a plogging veteran, led the group. Here we outline their two hours of plogging which was a meaningful time spent for both their health and the environment.

“I started plogging because I wanted to spend my time in a meaningful way.”

Manager Kim Chan-soo, Business Analysis Team

I was the only one among the three of us who tried plogging before. I first started plogging so I could spend my free time in a more meaningful way. There were several groups that showed up when I searched for “plogging” in the KakaoTalk open chat rooms. I joined a nearby small group and started enjoying picking up trash as a pastime.

When I have time, I go plogging close to home. Instead of picking a certain destination, I just go where I see trash, and this brings about a different but fun experience. When I don’t feel the drive to go plogging by myself, I go out with my plogging group. Going out as a group gives me a fresh attitude and will to care for the environment.

At first, I had doubts as to whether the amount of trash I picked up would have a meaningful impact on the environment. But after I started plogging, I found myself making small changes in my own life, such as avoiding the use of disposable products and purchasing eco-friendly products, which made me realize just how meaningful this experience is for me.

“I don’t like to work out but plogging is certainly worth it.”

Manager Choi Sung-woo, Safety & Health Team

I knew about plogging but had never thought to try it out since I don’t like exercising. I always immediately relax after getting off work, which made me physically unfit. That’s why I wanted to start working out and ended up trying plogging with my coworkers.

I thought plogging would be tiring since you have to do some running, but when I first tried it, I only had to lightly jog like I was going for a stroll. I walked and jogged while picking up trash in Seoul Forest for two hours, and felt great with the sunlight shining on me while enjoying nature for the first time in a while.

Surprisingly, there wasn’t a lot of trash in Seoul Forest. There are people who manage the park, and people don’t seem to litter as much since they tend to be more environmentally conscious there. Nonetheless, we did find some tissues, flyers, and plastic bottles littered here and there.

As this was my first time plogging with my coworkers this was an extremely meaningful time for me. The experience gave me the chance to look back on how inattentive I had been about the environment. I’m thinking of plogging regularly from now as I take leisurely strolls and enjoy nature.

“I should go check how much trash there is at the park near my house.”

Manager Na Young-joon, Transportation Operation Team

I went on an environmental volunteer trip to Indonesia while I was in college. There isn’t a lot of recycling done in Southeast Asia, and general trash, plastic, and food waste are all thrown out together. I worked to improve the awareness of recycling in Indonesia, and that was when I learned how much the environment is harmed by the trash that we don’t think twice about throwing away. That’s why I wanted to take this opportunity to join in trying out plogging.

My body and mind felt lighter as I ran through Seoul Forest for the first time in a while and picked up trash. I wanted to fill up the entire trash bag I’d brought along, but was a bit disappointed that I could only fill half of it. But this also means that people who visit Seoul Forest mostly do well with disposing of their trash, so it turns out to be a good thing.

After trying plogging, I learned that you can do this activity anytime you like, as long as you have the will to pick up trash. You don’t need a full set of supplies or a strong will to start. I’ll be taking this opportunity to go around the park near my house to check how much trash there is. I’ll be working out and protecting the environment at the same time with a lighthearted mind and attitude. If you want to try a light activity for the environment, I highly recommend that you start with plogging.

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